One Nonprofit’s Advice For An Exceptional GivingTuesday

ChildAid has been supporting children and families in Eastern Europe since 1973—and the organization has led many successful GivingTuesday campaigns to drive funding for its work. Tina Moira shares top takeaways from ChildAid’s GivingTuesday experience.

Tina Moira

Communication and Fundraising, ChildAid

Who She Is:

Tina has worked with ChildAid for five years. She leads all digital communication for ChildAid, sharing beneficiaries’ stories, fundraising, and managing the GlobalGiving platform.


Q: What was the most successful GivingTuesday campaign you’ve participated in?

A: In 2020, we raised $25,000 from 65 donors, making it our most successful campaign to date. These funds were used to provide food, hygiene products, clothing, heating, and shoes to families in crisis. The children had access to food, warm clothing, and were able to attend school (many children miss school due to lack of clothing and shoes).

Q: How did you set goals and track the progress of the campaign toward its goals?

A: Campaign goals are set based on our needs every year. For example, when the war started in Ukraine, there was an increasing need for more food, medicines, and accommodation.

We create objectives grounded in our understanding of our major and consistent supporters. We monitor the campaign’s progress by observing donation volumes, the frequency of social media post interactions, email engagement, and the achievement of our targets.

Q: What strategies did you use to engage donors, volunteers, or supporters successfully?

A: We utilize stories to illustrate to our supporters the transformative impact of their donations on the lives of our beneficiaries. We prepare videos, social media posts, and newsletters—distributed through email and mail—to showcase these changes. We present statistics to highlight the number of individuals assisted through their contributions. We also request continued support or assistance for emerging needs.

Q: Were there any unexpected challenges or setbacks during the campaign? If so, how did you and your team address them?

A: We had a few cases where supporters were unable to make a donation through the campaign link, either their cards were not accepted or they simply could not get access to the donation page. Supporters are very keen to take part in the matched funding campaigns and are disappointed when they are unable to get involved. We helped where we could and consoled them in a positive way, but we acknowledged that there was little that could be done during the campaign. Being open and honest enabled us to maintain strong connections with supporters.

Q: What impact did the campaign have on your organization and the community of supporters it engaged?

A: Throughout our years of service, we have witnessed many wonderful and inspiring stories. There was a woman we worked with who had tremendous love in her heart. She had lost her only child, and despite being poor and lacking a lot, she and her husband devoted their lives to helping orphans without a family. They opened their home and provided comfort and care to children who were in trouble or orphaned.

As a result of the war, they were forced to leave their home for a short period of time. As soon as they returned home, the house was empty, looters had stolen everything, and the windows were shattered from gunshots. Thanks to the funds we raised during the campaign, we helped this family re-equip the house with the basics and do some repairs. The couple continues to help these children and change their lives.

Q: Based on your experience, what advice would you offer to individuals or organizations planning their GivingTuesday campaigns?

A: Engage actively with your supporters, updating them prior to, throughout, and following the campaign. Utilize stories to showcase the difference made before and after the donations, helping your supporters comprehend the life-changing impact of their contributions.

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Featured Photo: Hope, Opportunity for 3,200 kids in Eastern Europe by ChildAid to Eastern Europe
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