Meet 4 Nonprofits Dedicated To Defeating Drought

Get an inside look at innovative strategies GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners are using to combat drought and desertification and promote sustainability across the globe.

Around the world, drought and desertification impact the livelihoods of 900 million people. Although deserts have always been a part of our world, damaging human activities such as deforestation, improper irrigation practices, and overgrazing have worsened the desertification process over the last decade. Now, the farms that many people depend on for their daily meals are at risk.

The preservation of our climate and the livelihoods of farmers across the globe requires cooperation, dedication, and creativity. That’s why we’re proud to partner with these four organizations who are implementing out-of-the-box drought and desertification solutions.

1. An App For Scaling up Sustainable Farming

In remote regions, it’s often difficult for farmers to access information on environmentally friendly practices. To cross the technology divide, Rainforest Alliance offers courses via their innovative mobile app. The program helps rural farmers in more than 40 countries learn sustainable techniques, reducing deforestation and preserving fragile ecosystems. “We can reach millions of farmers with one simple tool. It is our hope that technology can help bridge the gap and enable smallholder farmers to leave a sustainable farm for future generations,” says Rainforest Alliance’s Robin Fostel. The app can be used offline and is mostly visual. This ensures that all users, regardless of location or literacy level, can access the tools they need to produce a bountiful and ecologically friendly harvest. Donate Today.

2. Gardening For Hope, Health, and Income In East Africa

Seed Programs International

Due to the effects of climate change, desertification is an ongoing problem in the Horn of Africa. In Kenya and Ethiopia, Seed Programs International is building resilience, fostering goodwill, and building drought solutions in eight vulnerable communities. By providing accessible, desertification-resistant technology such as ecological gardening practices, water storage, and shade nets to local women’s groups, the project not only fights drought but also helps to ensure the women’s safety and economic stability. Donate Today.

3. Feeding Students With Aquaponics In El Salvador

Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation

Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation is working to overcome food-production difficulties in El Salvador using aquaponics technology. This innovative system recycles waste from the organization’s tilapia hatchery to provide nutrients to a climate-controlled greenhouse. Students from the nearby Amun Shea School work in the greenhouse and hatchery, gaining hands-on experience, environmental knowledge, and fresh, nutritious meals. Arlet, a fourth-grade student at Amun Shea, perfectly describes how impactful this program is: “I am very interested in learning because we are losing part of our nature because of the damage we cause with pollution and I want to learn a lot so as not to damage the environment. When I eat the food that we grow, I feel good because I know that I am cultivating my health…in this way I not only help the Earth but also me and my companions.” Donate Today.

4. Transforming Deserts To Green Farms In Pakistan

Customs Health Care Society

One of the most heavily populated desert areas in the world, Thar is home to Pakistani farmers and herders who depend on fresh water to irrigate their fields. Customs Health Care Society is building solar-powered wells to overcome water scarcity. Through this environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology, the project will provide water to 25 green farms and people living in nearby villages. Even though this project was launched less than a year ago, produce is already being distributed to members of the community. Donate Today.


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Featured Banner Photo: Aquaponics Solution to Climate Change by Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation

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