22 Of The Best Photos From 2022

Take a moment to look back at a year GlobalGiving nonprofit partners filled with hope and perseverance. Here are 22 of the best photos of 2022.


1. Investing in children

A woman sits with a girl at a dest, working on a paper and smiling at each other - photos of 2022
Photo: Die Arche Kinderstiftung Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk

Die Arche’s motto, “Making children strong for life,” sums up their work. From support centers in inner cities across Germany, Die Arche provides socially disadvantaged children and young people with free lunch, homework help, and other after-school activities.

2. Empowering female entrepreneurs

Woman smiles off to the left of the camera and leans on her loom - photos of 2022
Photo: Highland Support Project

Estela is one of 250 women that the Highland Support Project mentors through its women’s circle program, which organizes mutual support groups in Guatemala. “I’m happy to have the opportunity to grow and learn because when we sell our weaves, we get an extra income for our families,” Estela said. Enterprise development is part of the empowerment programming that local social workers facilitate through the Highland Support Project.

3. Combating food insecurity in the Bolivian Andes

Two figures wearing red sweaters work in an Andean farm plot - photos of 2022
Photo: Aktion Sodis e.V.

The Aktion Sodis e.V. food security project in Micani, Bolivia works with families to build solar tents that protect vegetables from the increasingly extreme weather that is straining food resources and leading to a rural exodus. The project helps families expand their gardens and gain experience in sustainable agriculture.

4. Making positive social change through music

Large group of children and teachers dressed in festival colors and masks, and holding instruments, wave their hands and smile at the camera - photos of 2022
Photo: Fundacion Musica para la Vida, A.C.

Children in Mexico face many challenges every day—violence, drug trafficking, social alienation, and poverty are only a few of them. Without access to nurturing community programs, they are more likely to get involved in harmful activities. That’s why Fundacion Musica para la Vida, A.C. offers a safe space for youngsters where they can create a different path for themselves.

5. Forging better futures

Three women gather around test tubes in a classroom - photos of 2022
Photo: Colaborativopr

The pervasive racial and economic barriers in Puerto Rico’s Loiza municipality make it difficult for young people to enroll in higher education and complete their studies. To help students achieve the economic freedom that comes with a college degree, Colaborativopr provides stipends to cover academic costs like school supplies and tutoring.

6. Regenerating rainforests in Madagascar

A lemur stares out from behind leaves - photos of 2022
Photo: Health in Harmony

Health In Harmony partners with Indigenous peoples and local communities living in and around the Manombo Forest in southern Madagascar. Together, they implement community-designed solutions to halt deforestation and protect animals like this wide-eyed lemur.

7. Lifting young refugees through education

Two girls giggle together, holding school books - photos of 2022

For refugee youth living in Malaysia, the opportunity to pursue higher education is extremely limited. Less than 0.1% of young people who are refugees in the country are enrolled in universities. LIBERTY TO LEARN BERHAD is working to change that by providing scholarships to student hopefuls.

8. Creating space for arts to thrive in Tanzania

Boys share their artwork with goofy and joyful faces - photos of 2022
Photo: Nafasi Art Space

Nafasi Art Space is Tanzania’s most vibrant and vital independent art space. It provides artist studios and mentorship, training for curators and arts managers, and creates platforms for artists to reach the public.

9. Saving 500,000 acres of wilderness

Baby kangaroo peeks out of its mother's pouch in the twilight - photos of 2022
Photo: Forever Wild

Forever Wild’s goal is to protect 5 million acres of Australian wilderness by 2023 and preserve the land by working closely with Indigenous communities. Within the 500,000 acres protected in 2022 are incredible natural habitats and important sacred sites that date back 40,000 years.

10. Crossing paths for social impact

Four women walk a trail in between tall grasses, pushing a wheelbarrow - photos of 2022
Photo: LIN Center for Community Development

LIN Center for Community Development’s program, Narrow the Gap, works to distribute grants to local nonprofits whose initiatives align with the Sustainable Development Goals. By empowering these organizations, the program can address community needs throughout Vietnam.

11. Taking charge of their journey

A group of women sit on a building's corner talking and smiling - photos of 2022
Photo: Imani Collective

Imani Collective believes that if people have access to training and dignified work, they become changemakers. In Kenya, the collective sets its artisans up for success by providing holistic support programs that include child care, daily meals, and in-house counseling.

12. Protecting precious wildlife

Three rhinos stand in a field with a rainbow in the background - photos of 2022
Photo: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is the largest rhino sanctuary in East and Central Africa and is home to the world’s last two northern white rhinos. They are committed to protecting the rhinos and the other wildlife that call Ol Pejeta home.

13. Nurturing literacy in Indonesia

Boy sits at his desk in a classroom, enjoying reading his book - photos of 2022
Photo: Yayasan Tunas Aksara

Half of Indonesian classrooms don’t have books for students to read aside from textbooks. Yayasan Tunas Aksara works to fill that gap with their “library in a box.” By providing at least five schools in each of Indonesia’s 34 provinces (170 schools in total) with reading books on various levels, they are creating a self-sustaining program that nurtures literacy.

14. Helping Haitian families rise with dignity

Woman smiles at the camera while washing something in a tub - photos of 2022
Photo: Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders’ family graduation program offers an 18-month initiative that equips families with the resources and skills they need to earn a living, send their children to school, and live with independence and dignity.

15. Helping homeless animals

Black lab dog licks a woman's face as she smiles with closed eyes - photos of 2022
Photo: Manali Strays

In the Himalayan town of Manali, India, Manali Strays is the only animal rescue and veterinary service. They treat medical problems, provide rabies shots, and sterilize strays to create a more harmonious relationship between local communities and animals.

16. Equipping students with confidence

A number of men form a line, following a man in the front like a conga line - photos of 2022
Photo: Ubuntu Partners Trust

The Ubuntu Partners Trust education fund works with towns and tribal communities marked by high unemployment and social discord. By providing education and mentorship, the fund equips students with the skills and confidence to become gainfully employed and bring stability to their communities.

17. Training rats for landmine response

African giant pouched rat equipped with two-way communication backpack - photos of 2022
Photo: APOPO vzw

APOPO trains African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and cases of tuberculosis using their incredible sense of smell. They also involve their HeroRATs in landmine response by training them to find people in collapsed buildings. Each rat has a backpack that enables communication with victims.

18. Providing warmth to Ukrainian refugees

Woman holds relief worker's hands - photos of 2022
Photo: Peace Winds Korea

At least 645,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled to shelters in Moldova, but they lack food and supplies to stay healthy. Peace Winds Korea has stepped in to support with meals, sanitation products, warm clothes, and other basics to keep evacuation centers comfortable during the winter months.

19. Bringing joy to English lessons

Woman holds stuffed lamb up to small child in another persons arms - photos of 2022
Photo: YouMeWe NPO

Nearly 45,000 children live in institutionalized care homes across Japan. JOEE by YouMeWe NPO provides creative English lessons to help these children succeed in school and access jobs in Japan or abroad when they leave the care home at the age of 18.

20. Securing safe water in Nepal

Two kids catch water from a faucet, smiling - photos of 2022
Photo: Nepal Water for Health

About 81% of Nepal’s population lacks access to safe water. Nepal Water for Health continues to strengthen its WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) services to achieve its mission of ensuring those 24 million people can use clean, safe water.

21. Providing fair trade and financial independence

Woman holds up her artisan craft, smiling at the camera
Photo: Women in Progress dba Global Mamas

Women in Progress dba Global Mamas is committed to providing fair compensation to women artisans by connecting them with a larger global marketplace. In turn, these women are able to better care for their families, pay off debts, and begin saving income.

22. Creating opportunities for single mothers

Woman working at recycling plant smiles at the camera

By building a recycling plant, FUNDACION AMPARO Y FORMACION PADRE JOSE KENTENICH dba FUNDACION NINOS DE MARIA is working to create employment opportunities for single mothers in the La Comuna neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador. These mothers have limited options to support their families, with most living off of $20 a month. The plant will employ 80 of these women.

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