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Aug 21, 2019

Back to School: Celebrate & Support Rural Teachers

Some of Our Teachers and Their Students
Some of Our Teachers and Their Students


To Ensure No Child is Left Behind, We Need to Ensure No Teacher is Left Behind!


At Bridge to Türkiye we are committed to rural students and their teachers in rural classrooms and schools...   Many rural students in Turkey go to schools that are lacking adequate educational materials. Rural school teachers are in constant need of basic classroom supplies to better educate their students, and to improve student achievements required by today’s standards. Our 4Kids Projects support both rural teachers and students by investing in Better Education, and delivering happiness and hope in the classroom.

It has been a very busy year for our dedicated and talented Bridge to Türkiye team. Throughout the school year, they have connected our donors to teachers and students to fund essential classroom materials in rural Turkey. During the 2018–2019 school year, our teams have sent 33 classroom sets of elementary level story books,16 classroom sets of kindergarten level books, 24 classroom sets of educational toys, 1,800 English-Turkish / Turkish-English dictionaries to 1,800 students in 17 schools, 300 English Story Books to 300 students in elementary and secondary schools, 16 classroom sets of Science4Kids sets, 18 classroom sets of Arts4Kids, 14 classroom sets of Music4Kids, 998 school bags to 20 schools, 1,250 pairs of sneakers to 31 schools, as well as 2,000 boots and coats to 2,000 students…

Thank you so much for supporting Better Education with your gift. Your generosity will allow us to fund more students and teachers in rural Turkey to succeed in the upcoming school year. Together, we can support rural classrooms with the educational supplies they need, and help teachers create the bright minds of the future.

With your support and generosity, we are planning to enrich the lives of many children in the coming months with the following Bridge to Türkiye STEM/STEAM/STREAM programs:

  • Art4Kids
  • BackPacks4Kids
  • Books4Kids
  • Dictionaries4Kids
  • Edu-Toys4Kids
  • Math4Kids
  • Music4Kids
  • Science4Kids


May 29, 2019

BTF Giving Hope to Young Women in Turkey

A message from a student aspiring to be a teacher.
A message from a student aspiring to be a teacher.

Dear Friend:

Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) is excited to share our first report summarizing the accomplishments and progress made this year on the Empowerment Scholarship Program

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 Academic Year, we set a goal to provide scholarships to 1,000 students from underserved regions of Turkey. We knew that this was going to be a monumental task. However, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we are happy to report that we have exceeded our goal and provided 1068 scholarships in the amount of $402,938 funds, bringing our organization’s total impact to 3,515 in nearly 10 years. Compared to the scholarships provided two years ago, we have doubled our impact this year in investing in the future of female college students. 

This year, we collaborated with 12 well-respected NGO partners and foundations established by important universities, such as, Middle Eastern Technical University (ODTU), Hacettepe University, Bilkent University, and Bogaziçi University. Our most significant NGO partner is the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life [Çagdas Yasam Destekleme Dernegi (ÇYDD)] that has 103 branch offices throughout Turkey serving the needs of their local communities in the areas of education and health. BTF awarded scholarships to 839 students through 38 ÇYDD branch offices, enabling us to reach out to students from diverse, low-income rural communities, including areas that are predominantly of ethnic minorities.

Thomas Jefferson wrote 100 years ago, ”…that the children of the poor must be thus educated at common expense.” BTF strongly supports this belief and has made its core mission to serve promising students from low-income, rural communities of Turkish Society. These micro-scholarships are instrumental in empowering and opening doors for young women by providing necessary financial support and helping them overcome economic disadvantages. 

Each recipient is carefully screened and selected based on their academic performance, economic background as well as those who are most likely to complete their higher education and get into the work force so that they can contribute to the Turkish Society. Financial hardship and distance to schools coupled with lack of dormitories are the most common barriers faced by many of these female students. Young Turkish women, especially those struggling to pay for their education, often drop out of college to earn income for their families. Many of these women also come from large families where they are often competing with their brothers for limited educational funds available from their parents. In some of the Turkish families from rural areas, boys are often given priority over girls in terms of education. Thus, these much-needed annual scholarships provide funding to pay for their tuition, room and board, text books, transportation, and educational supplies. These scholarships ultimately help reduce financial burden for low-income families, college dropout rate, and provide educational opportunities for many young women who might otherwise be forced to leave school because of their inability to fund their education.

Despite the difficulties they face, these students have high hopes for a better future just as any young girl growing up in developed countries. We are encouraged to hear from many of our scholars who vow to “pay it forward” and provide the same opportunities given to them to others in need in the future. 

We greatly appreciate your support, generosity, and most importantly, your trust in BTF’s Empowerment Scholarships Program. Through your continued support, these young women will have a chance to live better lives and promote a Turkish society where women have a voice and role in their communities.

Enclosed are pictures of some of our scholarship recipients and a message from a young education major aspiring to be a teacher. We look forward to sharing more exciting news and hope to introduce some of our scholars in our future updates.

Best regards,

BTF Isparta Scholars
BTF Isparta Scholars
BTF Edirne Scholars
BTF Edirne Scholars
BTF Zonguldak Scholars
BTF Zonguldak Scholars
BTF Edirne Scholars Applying for Scholarships
BTF Edirne Scholars Applying for Scholarships
BTF Students
BTF Students
May 29, 2019

Let's color the life of rural children with Art4Kids Project


Recently we started sending Art Kits to classrooms in rural Turkish schools.  Thank you for your continued support...  Our newest project is called BTF Art4Kids... Every child in her/his inner world is a real artist. Unfortunately, children in rural areas do not have the opportunity to reveal the artistic talents due to socio-economicinadequacies. We wanted to launch a project and introduce the children in all the rural areas to art, and make the world a better place with art.

Global Giving donors support is very important making a difference and empowering the rural students by giving them hope through the power of art.

As BTF, we believe that the art / STEAM movement will have a positive effect on education, so we aimed to add the Elementary School Arts Set to the 4Kids projects for rural area schools. Experts advise that the highest level of recycling investments in education correspond to preschool and elementary school, so that visual arts education should start early on. The pre-school period is the period when children develop their mental, social, emotional, muscular, and nervous systems. Therefore, art education in this period allows the child to be stimulated more. This brings about a better development.

Technological developments in today’s world, STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) caused an increase in the number of projects. No matter what you do with in real life, you need creativity, a strong imagination, critical thinking, application of information, and good relationships with people. The most effective way to bring these talents to people is through good education. These achievements will not be provided with only STEM programs in education, but the tendency to be possible with the STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics) approach is increasing.


Art helps children develop fine motor skills:

Playing with materials like clay, using paintbrushes, cutting things with scissors, using stickers, etc. This helps improve the hand eye co-ordination of the children, along with their skills and fine motor development. This will help kids with their writing skills in the future.

Art contributes to social emotional and language development:

Children develop their language development through art, expressing themselves verbally using symbols and objects. Through group work, they improve communication with their friends, learn to cooperate, become leaders, and increase their confidence.


• To support the creativity of the students, to ensure aesthetic values and artistic sensitivity,

• Supporting children, all development areas through art,

• To ensure that children use their own senses effectively,

• To allow children to live their freedom of thought and movement through artistic activities,

• To create productive, self-confident participating, responsible individuals with what they put forward,

• Ensuring that children get an interesting field experience,

• Ensure that they are able to take responsibility, be sensitive to the protection and development of the environment,


Degirmenüstü Elementary School / Beseri-Batman

Recep Teacher’s Note:

“We opened the package with the students, and the first reaction of a student: My teacher, is this all ours? It was. The economic level of our students is generally lower than their peers living in the city. it is often very difficult to get good quality and enough material. I know that students know that the picture book is not to use the back-front of the page, so that the paint is not enough to use the pen to complete the paintings, using the materials in a common way with his brothers …With these materials, they are more free in these matters and they are more certain than the works they do and the happiness they face. Like art, the child is completely free and it is a great chance that she/he has enough and variety of materials in an area where the child can express her/himself. They were very surprised when we told our students that our friends were living in America. Even if they were too far away, it made them very happy to have someone who was thinking about themselves. And I’m sure that they know it and their self-confidence. I would like to thank this beautiful community for myself, my teacher friends, and all my students.”

Sarbugday Elementary School / Hamur-Agri

ZelihaTeacher’s Note:

“There is sufficient amount of everything in our Art Set. It fits the children’s level of development. Each material is handy and in sufficient quantities. We, as Sarbugday Elementary School, send you lots of love and thanks. Whether you’re miles away, you’re heart-touching the children’s little hearts. We are grateful to you. Thanks again for everything.”

Sehit Er Inan Akçam Elementary & Middle School / Bagdesen—Ardahan

Busra Teacher’s Note:

“First of all, I would like to thank you among myself and my children. The materials you sent came on top of what my class needed. The excess and variety of materials is very useful for the efficiency of our activities. I’m grateful to think of us in this beautiful project.”


Papatya Kindergarten/ Beseri- Batman

Selma Teacher’s Note:

“You know, that kids know they can live happiness even with the smallest things Your touches have brought great happiness to both children and us. The set that you have sent, many of the materials we felt lacked made our work very easy. Thanks to the rich content they provide to children, they were able to address them directly. When they opened our gifts, they were eagerly waiting to see what they would come up with. We tell them about you. We say that your sisters / brothers who have been living in the distance sent you these gifts. The beads in the set were not used by the children. It makes them very excited to make new events. Children are more willing to participate in the event. I thank everyone for everything. May the happiness of children’s eyes reach you.”

Maz Elementary School / Ürgüp Nevsehir


 Hatice Teacher’s Note:

“Sometimes people can’t find the right words to describe the happiness of children. Thank you very much, you have brought great happiness for my children. We have a lot of activity materials. I am very pleased with the amount of materials sent. Obviously I couldn’t find anything missing, all of them good quality and very useful. I’ve had all my deficiencies in supplies solved for art activities. Thank you very much again. I feel very lucky for myself and my children for finding you.”

Ballca Elementary School / Akhisar-Manisa


 Gözde Teacher’s Note:

“I thank you very much for supporting the education of small children from far away.”

Turan Elementary School / Dülkadiroglu—Kahraman Maras

Ömer Teacher’s Note:

“Thank you very much for the help you have made in Turan Elementary School. Our school is located in a poor neighborhood, so students have trouble getting school supplies. Incoming materials helped us to do our job easily and comfortably. The materials are of good quality and very useful. Thank you again.”

Çandarl Mehmet Dilsiz Middle School / Dikili—Izmir

Meliha Teacher’s Note:

“We received the Art Kit, the happiness of the little children was seen in their eyes. It was a good case study to teach them how important it was to help them. We told the children that the materials were sent to you from far away, and they all thought about you. They were all very happy. We send the smiles and kisses to all of your volunteers. Your work should be exemplary and there should be a light to other people. The teaching profession starts by touching the hearts. I thank you on behalf of all my colleagues for your help. We are ready to do whatever we can to develop a society that attaches importance to art and science.”

Ekinciler Elementary School / Mardin

Hüseyin Teacher’s Note:

“We started to use the materials of the art set you sent. We have very nice activities. It was a rich art set that we never used before. Our children’s hand skills, small muscle development and creative thinking skills will make a great contribution. I would like to thank each one of you for your contributions to our children’s development and our happiness.”


                                     Art4Kids—one set $250

No matter how talented a person is, artists can not show her/his talent and artworks without art supplies. To support artists of the future from this day, $250 will be enough to cover the art material needs of a classroom. 

You can choose the schools you like to help from our map:

Bridge To Turkiye Fund—Map4Good
 Be the change, Support a student, Give hope, Build a

 We like to thank you in advance for your support and generosity. We are planning on reaching more rural children and delivering happiness the lives of as many kids as possible in the coming months.


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