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Buds of Christ's vision is to "empower children and enable wellbeing" With the vision our mission is "to love, listen, learn and lead orphans and vulnerable children to live life positively and with dignity and be children of hope and courage to their peers and to their community"
Sep 21, 2015

Never Never Never Give Up

Getting top grades is every parent desire of a child and this desire is not differentiated by the economic status of the family. The families, who are poor, want to send their children to schools where fees are beyond their means for the sake of boys. But in the case of Soundharya her life journey takes a different turn after some challenging events.

Soundharya, 16 years is the second child of a widowed mother who is affected by chronic health condition. Their family was happy, a family of three girls until her father became bed ridden and passed away when she was six years old.

After her father's death, they had to move to their mother's hometown and schooling was changed. Having enjoyed the education in private English medium school, Soundharya and her siblings found it very difficult to adjust back to the government school. Everyday was a struggle as Soundharya's mother could not find a good job and had to support her siblings and her grandmother (father's mother). In addition to the financial stress, Soundharya's mother widowed status and the illness was further caused their relatives to force and get her and her older sister married early. Her mother was strong against the decision that caused a strained relationship among their relatives. Later her mother also took another courageous step to place all the three girls in the private English medium school which caused greater resistance from her own mother too.

The courageous step taken by her mother encouraged Soundharya to put hard efforts in her studies and bring a good name for her among their relatives.

Though learnt in Tamil medium school till 7th standard, within a span of two years, Soundharya was able to learn all the subjects in English medium and also stand among the top rankers. In the recently published 10th public results she has been able to score 481/500. On asking what had motivated her, she expressed "My mother's sacrifice!"

Soundharya is equally committed to serve other children like her at Buds of Christ. At Buds N Colors summer camp, she is an active volunteer and taught younger orphan children in craft and drawings.

We thank all the donors at Global Giving and well-wishers of Buds of Christ who are making sacrificial contributions for education of children in shaping their future.




Banner designed by Soundarya
Banner designed by Soundarya


Sep 3, 2015

Empowering Children through Spoken English Sessions

Orphan Children at Buds of Christ have opportunities for education and with support from well-wishers of Buds of Christ the burden of educational needs on care takers have been greatly reduced through supply of note books, bags and uniforms. Though the knowledge part has been fulfilled through the formal education, the skill area is limited, especially when it comes to speaking in English.

Children at Buds of Christ  have very limited opportunities to avail, one due to their location in villages and second quality training institutes are limited and expensive. In addition girls are not encouraged in few families to go out, especially if they are orphans or semi-orphans. In order to combat this situation. Buds of Christ has started the English speaking course in its Vocational Skill Development Project. The course is arranged in 16 module sections and is handled at the center during weekends.

The first session was started on 13th of june 2014 and the interest among the young people was very positive. The sessions are more participative and usage of the vocal method has made it more appealing. As the learning is in group it also helps young people to interact with each other and close monitoring is made through mentors.

“It has always been a dream for me to interact in english and I am happy I am able to speak out, where people do not tease me about my language”. - expressed an orphan village girl

"I am in college 2nd year and in my class there are three girls who speak well in English and even though they are freindly, I hesitate to go and interact with them. Now being part of this course it has helped me to come out of my fears and I am sure, I would be able to start my conversations with them."

For Buds of Christ, the response has been encouraging from the young people and care takers. As most of the young people are the first generation graduates this opportunity has been seen as a great boon. This programme has been included as part of the Project on vocational skills for young people and we thank Global Giving Foundation for supporting our children.

Aug 25, 2015

"We getting together builds HOPE in our lives" - Support Group Meetings

The support group meeting for adolescents living with HIV is organised every first saturday at Government Hospital. The center not only caters to young people from the district but serves as a point of care for adoelscents from the neighbouring districts. Understanding the need for adolescent focussed intervention Buds of Christ with the support from the ART center has been organising support groups to help young people live healthy and productive lives.

It has been a greater challenge to bring the adolescents together, as the ART center was seen only as a center to access medicines. The young people had no opportunity to interact with each other and the stigma of HIV and restrictions of the care takers(mostly grand-parents) had not allowed them to talk about it. With the support group being initiated, the young people have started showing active involvement through the participatory exercises. This month the exercise was on boosting their self esteem. In the pre-assessment it was noted that most of them had a low self image about themselves, due to side effects of ARV and low immunity status. But through the exercise, the positive qualities of each one was shared by the peers and was reinstated with the thought that each one is unique and have special qualities.

"I have always felt I was short and weak and unworthy, but here when the friends in the group appreciated me, I felt very good" - expressed an adolescent boy

Following this, the young people were taken through an exercise of setting personal goals in health and education and how as a support group they can support one another through a team building game, making the paper tower. The four points that was reinforced for the participants were planning, sharing their plan and finding support from one another, implementing and evaluating .This helped the participants to set their health goals and education goals.

Recent case study

Ms. Anita (name changed),17 years old, was born living with HIV, Her parents died when she was very young and has been cares by her grandmother. She came to know about her HIV status only when she was in her 11th standard i.e.16 years old. Though she has been on medication earlier, her grand-mother could not express the health status nor the medication properly and that has caused resistance. Now she is on second line medication. She is attending the meeting for the last two month and have found inspiration from the peer leader, Shalini from Buds of Christ who supports in the monthly support group meeting.


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