Girl Child Network Worldwide

Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) emerged out of multiple personal experiences, collectively representing a proven track record that is acknowledged around the world, making it possible to move seamlessly from the African village to the global village. The Girl Child Empowerment Model (GCEM) was started in Zimbabwe in 1998 in a classroom in a poor high density suburb by Betty Makoni and her students. It has grown from being a discussion during class to global action and is now being replicated in other parts of Africa and all over the world. Abuse of young girls recognizes no borders, cultures, creed or color. It is all around us, representing massive loss of human potential as well as a...
Bread making project to start here
A3, Marondera, Zimbabwe
(-18.19335, 31.56022)
Chitsotso Girls Empowerment Village
Vengere Rd, Rusape, Zimbabwe
(-18.53756, 32.12231)
Event 2 with girls clubs
Chitungwiza Road, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
(-18.00525, 31.03758)
Girl Child Network Zimbabwe
Nyamaropa St, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
(-18.00366, 31.04399)
Girl Child Network Zimbabwe Headquarters
Chitungwiza Road, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
(-18.01400, 31.04324)
Girl will be rescued from rape in Gutu
Gutu, Zimbabwe
(-19.64157, 31.15471)
Girls Empowerment Clubs started here
Bo-Kenema Highway, Kenema, Sierra Leone
(7.84162, -11.18408)
Girls empowerment kits for girls in clubs
Gokoro Rd, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
(-17.99902, 31.04691)
Office space found for GCN Sierra Leone
Airport-Ferry Road, Kupr, Sierra Leone
(8.46151, -13.10669)
Official launch of Girl Child Network Sierra Leone
Magburaka Road, Sierra Leone
(8.80908, -11.98608)
Kasanje Road, Uganda
(.17097, 32.44263)
Speaking at girls schools
Kubvumbi Drive, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
(-18.00362, 31.04067)
Vocational Centre for Girl Child Network Uganda
Central Kolwa, Kisumu, Kenya
(-.13630, 34.77173)