Jun 29, 2021

Children and Covid-19 - So Much Achieved

Thank You

Hadleigh Castle Rotary, working with Kids Inspire, has raised over £8,700, an incredible amount of money, to help children in Essex suffering with mental health as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

You have helped pay for over 100 online and video-link therapy sessions with a qualified therapist. An initial programme of 3 sessions is often all it takes to help a young person, but some of the most complex cases will take up to 30 sessions. 

Some children and young people just need a friend to talk to, and these mentors also act a step-down service for those who have completed their therapy. The money raised includes $5,000 donated by GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. This was used to train 9 mentors to support children and young people in this difficult era of Covid.

"Our vital services continue thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We provide therapeutic and community support for the young people of Essex and beyond who are struggling to cope with the impact of the pandemic on top of their existing everyday concerns.” (Paula Ashfield, Head of Fundraising & Communications)

Joseph’s Journey

Thanks to your support, we have been able to support young people like Joseph, who received therapy after being referred to us by his school. Speaking on the radio recently he said:  

On my housing estate I’m a victim of bullying and I started having suicidal thoughts and was feeling very down in the dumps. I just was not feeling great and felt stressed and anxious, I was just feeling really down.” 

Joseph was helped by one of Kids Inspire’s creative therapists and then, as part of his step down from therapy, Joseph was given a mentor whom he met ‘virtually’ on a weekly basis throughout lockdown. Joseph has now become an ambassador for youth mental health, looking to help others struggling as he did.  

Royal Recognition

The work undertaken by Kids Inspire has been recognised by the Queen. Sue Bell, the director and founder of Kids Inspire, has been awarded an OBE for services to charity, mental health and education in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021. “Even through challenging times, Kids Inspire has not strayed from the path of empowering children, young people and families, and as long as we are needed there we shall remain. Thank you for being there too.” (Sue Bell)

Apr 5, 2021

Sensory Trolley Target Achieved

What You Have Achieved

We have done it! 

Working with GlobalGiving we received a financial bonus from the Little by Little campaign, and together with our fundraising partners outside GlobalGiving, we have reached our target to purchase a sensory trolley for Southend University Hospital.

The Rhino Sensory Trolley costs £3,060 and our campaign to purchase one, specifically for the radiology department of Southend University Hospital, began in February 2020. You all know what happened next. With the pandemic locking down communities fundraising all but ground to a halt. None the less, local Rotary clubs together raised over 2,000 Pounds leaving just 710 Pounds to go. With clubs’ coffers empty we asked generous supporters to donate to the campaign during GlobalGiving’s Little by Little campaign which guaranteed a matching grant of 50% on small donations, plus they also apply for Gift Aid on our behalf. Together with donations made during this period outside of the Little by Little campaign we have now reached our target.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone but your generosity means that for the sick children of South Essex life is a little bit better. Thank you.

Feedback From Users

“It’s a God send”

“We use the trolley constantly”

“It is an amazing resource”


This appeal is now closed, but why not support Hadleigh Castle Rotary’s other appeals on GlobalGiving? Or support Rotary’s wider reach across Essex and the world. Just search for Rotary on GlobalGiving.

Fundraising is just one of the many aspects to Rotary, it is a global organisation that fosters both friendship and community support. 


Mar 9, 2021

Mentoring - The Next Step

What happens after Counselling?

Mentoring services are provided by Kids Inspire as a step-down service for children who have completed a course of counselling but continue to need some support. It is also provided for children who don’t need professional psycho-therapist counselling services but need to talk to someone who is not family or school.

In an era of Covid lockdown the social lives of children and young people are severely curtailed. They may be confined to home, or restricted to their school ‘bubble’. Just having a chat with a mate’s dad is no longer an option for many children. Talking about personal ‘stuff’ with parents can be embarrassing or worrying. A child or young person may be living in a single parent household with no male role model, or female role model, to interact with; or perhaps their parents are going through a divorce. 


Mentors are usually volunteers with a keen interest in children’s physical and emotional health. A mentor may be a retired school teacher, or a part-time parent. They must, however, have the time to devote to a child in need. Prospective mentors are vetted for suitability and then receive comprehensive training. This training includes safeguarding and child protection as well as Disclosure and Barring Service checks

Mentors can then go on to help children for many years. Mentors are matched with a child or young person so that they have experiences or hobbies in common. A mentor may have responsibility for just a single child or young person or in rare cases up to three, but this all depends on the time a mentor can commit. There is currently a shortage of mentors.

What does a Mentor do?

Anything. A mentor is another set of ears. He or she can offer advice or just listen without complaining or judging or being ‘too busy just now’. Issues mentors deal with include bullying and school avoidance, loneliness, domestic violence; and in the era of Covid there is the fear of illness and death. As lockdown eases the opportunities to meet increase and children and their mentors will be in a position to do just normal stuff again – have a cup of coffee and a chat, or go fishing.

Young people are supported through difficult periods and life transitions. With mentoring, children and young people have increased confidence and self-esteem. They are motivated and more likely to engage with education and employment opportunities. They develop positive activities, communication skills and relationships. 

GlobalGiving Covid-19 Relief Fund 

The Covid-19 Relief Fund was generous enough to support the campaign to raise funds to help children whose emotional and mental wellbeing was being damaged by Covid-19. The project received a grant of $5,000, which is £3,614.54. It costs £408 to train a mentor and this grant will enable Kids Inspire to train 9 mentors to support children and young people in this difficult era of Covid.

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