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Jan 22, 2018

Thank you for helping Thevi!

Robam Chuoan Por at our school
Robam Chuoan Por at our school

Dear friends and supporters of our school,

Thank you so much for your incredible support and kindness in supporting Thevi.

Thevi's problems have been very challenging and varied and I will try and raccount the voyage she has undertaken towards healing.

As you will remember from her history, Thevi's mother died when she and her sister were very small and her father left them with their aunt. He went the other side of Cambodia to Battambang Province. A few years later her father then returned and took her and sold her to a couple. She therefore became a slave. The couple abused her physically and for three years from the age of eight onwards, she was forced to work for them and to endure neglect and violence. It took her aunt and remaining relatives three years to save enough money to "buy" her back from the couple. A sum of $100 with interest. 

It was not long after this that Thevi came to our school. Both she and her younger sister were in an extreme state of emotional and physical distress and needed immediate medical care to help them recover. They were severely malnourished and their hair was so full of lice, that the lice could not be removed properly and their hair had to be cut short and their old clothes thrown away.

In time of course Thevi, (which to protect her identity is not her real name) developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and psychosis. She needed urgent psychological help and treatment to assist her in overcoming her disorder. This treatment she continues to have.

When I wrote our appeal last month, Thevi had been diagnosed with a tooth absess which if left untreated could have created inflammation of her brain. Before we managed to return to the dentist however, Thevi collapsed with what appeared to be an epileptic fit. With the funds raised from your wonderful donations, we have been able to assist Thevi in the following way:-

° We took Thevi to Kunthea Bopha Hospital in Phnom Penh, 137 km away for a brain scan.

The doctors diagnosed epilepsy (her younger sister also has epilepsy). However because Thevi is now fifteen, the doctors could not give her the medical care she needed and sent her together with her housemother to the Russian Hospital in Phnom Penh to receive the correct medical treatment and prescription for further treatment.

° Thevi received an explorative x-ray for her tooth affected by the absess to check on the feasibility of the operation. (This was done in Kampot)

° We then took her to Phnom Penh for her operation and treatment by the dentist. This went well

° The dentist in Phnom Penh showed us that her teeth were very uneven and that this could create serious problems in the future. He very kindly offered to treat her for free and has fitted her with a brace. How wonderfully kind of him. She has regular check-ups and treatment in Phnom Penh.

Thevi has now gained some much needed weight, because with all her health problems, especially with epilepsy, she was quite thin. She is blooming and feels much better and much happier.

Just think how you have all helped her and improved the quality of her life. A Belgian NGO also gave us a donation and this helped us too, as we have to care for her younger sister who has very severe epilepsy and must travel to Phnom Penh each month for treatment at the Kunthea Bopha Hospital.

The project to help Thevi was completely funded by you all. For this we are profoundly grateful. You have helped make a huge difference.

Thank You!

A time for reflection
A time for reflection


Dec 8, 2017

Join us for our End of Year Campaign

Our Mohori teacher teaching the Khim instrument
Our Mohori teacher teaching the Khim instrument

Dear friends and supporters of our school,

Thank you so much for having supported us all through this last year. Your generosity has helped keep our school open and running. Thanks to your help we have reached out to many children from local villages, who come daily to our school for their music and performing arts lessons. 

We have been teaching Pin Peat and Mohori music, Yike theatre and shadow puppet theatre. This year our Mohori teacher has had health problems. He was held prisoner by the Khmer Rouge and miraculously survived, but this and the years of deprivation took a toll on his health. We wish him good health and strength for the New Year!

Cambodia is often assessed as doing quite well economically in comparison to ten years ago. However those who make these kinds of assessments are looking only at the capital city Phnom Penh and the rise of urban development there. Yet the majority of Cambodians live in rural areas. Their lives have not improved and many live without clean water, electricity, toilets, or proper health centres. Although schools are supposed to be free, the reality is that rural children have to bring gifts of money or rice to ensure that they can get the schooling that they need. When someone in a family gets sick, family members have to sell livestock, even their houses to get medical treatment for their loved ones. Even then many people die of preventable diseases, because of lack of expertise in medical doctors and poor hygiene in hospitals.

People who are in their late thirties and upwards suffer from trauma linked to the decades long war and the Khmer Rouge genocide. This has resulted in severe affectivity problems, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, having a knock-on effect on the younger generation of Cambodians. There is now a sharp increase in drug-use, glue sniffing and alcoholism amongst the young. Many very poor people in the middle-age bracket, to alleviate their suffering take to gambling and alcohol with cheap rice spirits, devestating to their health. The government is mired in corruption and Buddhist religious institutes are no longer the bulwarks or role models they were ten or twenty years ago. This means there is no symbolic figure or meaning in people's lives to focus on and help them look up to a better future or better ideals.

Teaching young children and youth who face difficulties in their families, or who come from a life of poverty, helps them to look to new horizons. It helps them train as professional musicians. The very act of learning music and concentrating on something that is in itself so harmonious and positive, brings wonderful pyschological and emotional benefits. It also disciplines the mind and increases concentration levels. Because traditional Cambodian culture is in danger of dying out, it is extremely important to give high quality tuition by real masters to pass their knowledge and skills onto the next generation of Cambodians.

If you would like to really help these children who come during the day, as well as our orphaned and blind children who are resident at our school, then please join our End of Year Campaign 2017.

The End of Year Campaign has been running since November 29th and will end at 23.59.59 on December 31st 2017. Global Giving will give prizes to those NGOs who raise the most funds and the most donors. Please tell your friends and relatives to join in too.

You can donate to this project here. Donations can be made using Paypal, Credit/Debit cards, Gift cards and transfer.

The End of Year Campaign is of vital importance to our school, because it helps us raise significant funds to keep our school going. Cambodia no longer receives the attention or aid it used to, this has an effect on projects working with children and youth, like our school. If you help support our school, not only do you ensure tuition is given to local village children, you also help those of our children resident at our school who have no parents and who have nowhere else to go.

Our school does not have any expatriate overheads or administrative costs, so that each donation goes straight to the heart of our programs and to the children we assist.

Thank You for Your Help!

Taking a peek behind the scenes
Taking a peek behind the scenes


Nov 21, 2017

Join Giving Tuesday and our Year End Campaign

Learning the Tro
Learning the Tro

Hello dear friends,

We would like to invite you all to participate in our two most important fundraising events. These are #Giving Tuesday on the 28th November and our Year End Campaign from 29th November to 31st December 2017.

It is because of your wonderful help each year, (indeed there are some of you who help each month), that our school is able to keep on running. 

Your precious help enables us to provide food, medical care, clothing, schooling, Braille for our blind students and traditional arts education to all our children resident at our school and to children from local villages too. Today special care centres are no longer considered by international NGOs as a priority and so children who have lost their parents, or who have been abused by their extended family are left by the wayside. Cambodian society is not ready to take care of children properly by fostering them. Blind children are completely forgotten both by the state and society and the traditional arts need help to survive more than ever.  Taking loving care of children in a small family-like centre like our school is for now the only solution. So please keep on helping us.

We would like you to know that Global Giving has visited our school twice now and that we have acquired Superstar status and Top-ranked organisation for the last two years running.

What is #Giving Tuesday?

This begins at 00:00:01 EST (Washington DC time) on 28th November 2017 and lasts nearly 24 hours until 23.59.59 (EST)

Firstlly and importantly, Your Donations will be matched by Global Giving, but also if we can raise more than twenty donors and $5,000 we will also be able to win a prize as well.  Because the campagin on Giving Tuesday is so short, only payments using Paypal and Credit/Debit card wil be accepted.

What is The End of Year Campaign?

This Campaign begins on the 29th November and lasts all the way until 31st December 2017 at 23.59:59 (EST). By raising more than forty donors we will be eligible for a prize too. In this campaign we aim for $10,000. You can participate in both campaigns, your donation will be considered seperately.

Donations for this latter campaign, can be made using Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, Gift Cards, Transfer and Cheque (Cheques are best in before 20th December).

Please kindly donate for both Campaigns on this Project: Education/Arts Orphan, Disabled Children Cambodia - #16371


Because, though the funds raised will go to all our school activities and all our children, if we try to raise funds on too many different projects, we won't be able to gather enough donors and funds to one single project, in order to be eligible for a prize at the end.

Thank you dear friends for your kind understanding, your thoughtfulness and the time you have taken to read this, and of course for all your help.

One of our beautiful children in the garden
One of our beautiful children in the garden


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