Feb 19, 2021

Rehabilitation of employees.

Hello my dear friend!


 Thanks to everyone who believed and believes in our project, we bring it to life thanks to hundreds of unique donors and GlobalGiving.


So, we want to express our deep gratitude to you for your support in a difficult time for the whole world.

Thanks to your care and concern for children with cerebral palsy, we have raised almost US $ 13,000.


          And now let's move on to what has been done in our three rehabilitation centers recently. Finally, we restored the work of the centers in an offline format, which was very pleased with the children, their parents and the staff of the centers. In our three rehabilitation centers, 531 children had rehabilitation in three months. We would like to share some of the successes of our children.


- learned to hold their heads - 17 children

- learned to sit - 16 children

- took their first steps - 11 children

- first words - 34 children

- learned to speak simple phrases - 11 children.


                     We also organized trainings for employees of all rehabilitation centers. Over the course of the week, certified emotional intelligence coaches developed competencies in staff emotion management, taught patient interactions, strengthened corporate spirit, and worked on prevent burnout.

The previous year was very difficult for everyone, including our employees: many of them and their loved ones suffered from COVID, some lost their relatives. For some time, the activities of rehabilitation centers were suspended due to the epidemic, which led to the inevitability of financial difficulties for employees. These and other problems affected the emotional background and mood of the collectives, and in order to treat children, especially children with severe disabilities, a positive attitude and a friendly atmosphere are needed. Therefore, interactive courses on emotional intelligence, leadership and team building were organized.

Although, it would seem, why does a doctor need emotional intelligence, especially if he has excellent professional knowledge? After all, almost every employee of our centers is regularly trained, has European certificates confirming the possession of rehabilitation methods and techniques. However, even the smartest doctor, if he does not know how to find an approach to a little patient, win over his parents, openly communicate and cooperate with colleagues, he will not be a good doctor. This is exactly what the coaches worked on, organizing the analysis of situations, correctional contests, creative tasks replaced physical exercises.


After the training, the specialists noted that these were important courses, no less important than professional ones, and assured that now they will help children with even greater persistence in achieving goals. This means that the courses were successful: a great desire to help the patient is the highest manifestation of the emotional intelligence of a doctor.

Concluding the report, we would like to once again thank GlobalGiving for good intentions, and our loyal donors for their invaluable contribution to the health of babies with disobedient bodies.


Thank  you.

Take care of yourself.


Respectfully yours, the team of  "Kasietti Zhol".


Oct 23, 2020

Getting online. Being on line.

Dear friend! Glad to be here once more and have an opportunity to share with you our new experiences and hope you are safe and sound. 

After two months of quarantine, in June three of our centers began to work. Moreover, the Balapan center for young children mainly worked offline, since the number of children and the schedule of classes allows it to comply with epidemiological requirements. 5 people are invited to attend classes at the center at the same time every hour and a half. The other two centers are online. Why did we decide to conduct online rehabilitation? For two reasons. The first reason: these are parental calls by phone, they sent messages to the direct about the need for rehabilitation. Cerebral palsy is not in quarantine, children need regular help. And the second reason, our employees of three centers, who were on an allowance of 42 thousand tenge for 2 months, needed work.
Having made the decision to conduct online rehabilitation, we had to recruit online arrivals for 50 children. I confess that it was not easy. The parents did not believe in the success of such rehabilitation. With the staff, we discussed for a long time how best to conduct classes: online or to record classes. There were pros and cons for both options. One center conducted classes asynchronously, the other in live time.
We would like to introduce you to the first results of online rehabilitation today. Material from the questionnaires of parents and specialists is in the presentation, which we sent to the general chat.
78 parents, whose children underwent online rehabilitation and 72 specialists of the RC, took part in the survey. The questionnaires were anonymous, compiled in Google Form.
The overwhelming majority of parents, 84-90%, considered online rehabilitation to be the right decision; they would have signed up for another similar course and would recommend it to other parents. The main difficulties that parents faced during remote rehabilitation are that their children did not perceive them as a coach, teacher, did not take the lesson seriously and did not obey.
This difficulty was indicated by 30% of the respondents. Parents complained about the lack of time (26%), the lack of assistive devices, 23%. Since the beginning of the school year, parents have begun to abandon online rehabilitation more often, attributing this to the fact that other schoolchildren have started online classes in the family, and the family has only one gadget. Parents also work remotely. In general, there is not enough communication means.
In general, the majority of parents rated online rehabilitation quite high: 59% as “excellent”, 33% as “good”. The remaining 8% rated them as “satisfactory” and “bad”. These estimates are confirmed by the results: in the motor sphere, the percentage of children who began to hold their heads, sit, stand and walk is approximately the same as during offline rehabilitation.
And the results for speech development even exceed. We associate this with the fact that children are in a familiar environment, parents have the opportunity to practice their teaching skills not only during the lesson, but throughout the day, and this does not require special adaptations and conditions.
Now, still having issues to overcome and working hard to better the help we can afford considering new reality we truly believe in you, in us and in every child struggling everyday harder than before. In the name of those children and their parents we ask you: When social distancing is no longer the thing, please make sure that it's really no longer the thing. We are sure that you, the one who knows, who sees and supports, can and will be with us in our long journey to better the world for those who are in need. Thank you! Wishing you and all your loved ones be safe, sound, seen and heard. 
Sincerely yours,
Kasietti Zhol team
Jun 26, 2020

Covid consequences overcoming

Dear Friend!

Hope this report finds you and your loved ones in good health. This time our report is going to be shorter than the last one. Because our work has been influenced as everybody’s all over the globe. Our help and the effectiveness of it straightly and mostly depends on physical contact with children having palsy. But we got adapted into situation and launched new ways of getting into contact with parents. And now we have our assistants almost in every house, who got maximum of knowledge and skills considering the circumstances. Let us a take a glance!

So, before the lockdown stroked our parents and children had an opportunity to be trained in every rehabilitation centre we have. And after that we launched and had lots of online classes, such as:

- Principles of proper feeding of a child with cerebral palsy

- Passive articulation gymnastics

- How to help a child with cerebral palsy get out of bed

- Simple exercises to improve walking

- Games that help children with palsy better their skills

- Exercises to improve fine motor skills

- Logorhythmics for children with cerebral palsy etc. 

Along with that our staff also:

- attended the “Happy Family” project and volunteered in delivery of products and needs. Among those who received help, there are many families, raising children who come for rehabilitation to our centers and are wards of our fund.

- launched an online challenge “We do sports at home”. As a support to our partner “Samruk Kazyna Trust” foundation.

- worked on fundraising together with the Beeline company, a new tab was added on the website for fundraising.

- developed a visual for advertising

- launched a new advertising campaign in social media platforms

- repairedthe basement of rehabilitation center in Shymkent, which is now gives us opportunity to widen our range of free services

- conducted internal conferences on the physical rehabilitation

- conducted online conferences for parents of children “While everyone is at home”

- as volunteers, distributed products for low-income families, delivered medical masks, etc as a part of Nur Otan party project.

 And now, working hard on not getting infected, which is not only about saving our lives and loved ones, but also to save the opportunity for helping one of the most vulnerable and little members of our community. We know how hard all the consequences of pandemic hit almost every each of you, and that makes your support and interest in our job so precious to us. Thank you for being all time long and being near. Hope we all overcome hard days and will be able to help others. Stay safe and sound.

Sincerely, Kasietti Zhol team


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