Dec 22, 2020


In a constantly changing environment, the girls having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life.Girls and young women growing up in Kangemi, an informal settlement in Nairobi, face vastly many challenges. The Teenage pregnancies has been a key concern during this pandemic period, with an estimated one in five teenaged girls between the ages of 15 and 19 being pregnant or having already given birth (KDHS). Girls in the informal settlement are more vulnerable now than ever before. Ngao's focus in the last three months has been to enhance practical skills for the girls not only to be busy but significanly engaged their thought process, using the activies to learn about ways of problem solving, building self confidence. 

Before COVID-19, girls depended on school-based programs to meet their basic needs, such as food, sanitation, sanitary towels and more importantly the socialization.When schools closed in March this year due to the pandemic, they lost access to this support, placing them in an increasingly precarious position. At Ngao,  we provided an avenue for girls and young women to creatively make several things using locally available materials, waste paper, magazines and old clothes to make creative items now a source of income for them to navigate through the above challenges.

In the last three months, we have served more than 332 girls aged 9 to 17, equipping them to fight for their rights and to handle the challenges they face daily. Through direct mentoring we focused to support girls on WHO AM I? WHERE AM I GOING and HOW DO I GET THERE. This facilitated them to unearth their potential, abilities and capabilities to navigate real life challenges of managing stress and frustrations. Discover their values and leadership capabilities and build confidence. They were also enabled to make informed choices when it comes to their bodies, life choices and personal focus.

Psychosocial support 

The ability for most households in Kangemi informal settlement to access basic services got negatively affected by the COVID – 19 pandemics. Regarding access to health services, the girls and women reported avoiding going to hospitals due to the risk of getting affected

43 women lost their income generation opportunities either loss of jobs, closure of business or slowed down business performance

188 mothers having school-aged children, were not able to access remote education provided by the Government of through the social media platform. The main barrier being the lack of equipment (TV, laptop, smart phone etc.) and/or limited utilities (like internet connection).

The above encounters created stress, frustrations, tensions and heathy problems both to the girls, women and the entire household. Ngao provided psychosocial support to all the girls with regular counseling, home visits, food hampers for families, sanitary towels, income opportunities, job connections and necessary referrals.


Oct 27, 2020

Family Food Relief and Children Support

With children now at home and schooling in the hands of parents; the community faces multiple challenges in ensuring that the children are safe and have enough food. Schools play a very significant role in keeping the children all time busy and engaged. Covid-19 meant that children remain home till the time the Government is able to ensure the safety of its children. As parents, guardians and caregivers try to make the ends meet, children cannot wait to eat, play and get busy in every activity they know better. 

It is on this backdrop that we are supported to provide food and keep the children engaged in farming activities. In the past few months, we have been providing food to children every Saturday and Sunday and engaging them into farming activities. Children enjoy learning agribusiness and farming activities, they get busy and involved in activities that excite their minds, curiosity and challenge them in thinking through positive ways in making something happen. 

Children and families enjoy sharing food together, work and stories about the challenges/experiences they go through in the community. Children coming daily at our Centre from the community are engaged by our trained peer mentors’ team in varsity life skills and topics. This has reduced significantly abuse cases in the community.

Sharing food with families and children is away to support families that lost their jobs during the pandemic and the children that have no food at home. One a daily basis we serve between 250 to 320 children with cooked food. 

We have engaged 56 children on rotational basis to learning vertical gardening, urban gardening and diverse agricultural activities weekly. This has enabled children to plan different kinds of vegetables that supplement the food we cook for them. The knowledge gained is shared with the children families where 23 families have already set up vertical gardening in front of their houses. 

We are supporting 28 families with dry food on weekly basis. These are mostly single headed families that have a mother as the bread winner. The 28 families have come together and currently we are helping them located a land for a greenhouse. This will be a boost to them both as a business and more so supplement their individual families.


Aug 25, 2020

Final Report on women and girls programme

Dear Friend,

As the Ngao family, we would like to extend our gratitude for your continued support and prayers. Despite the Global  Covid-19 pandemic, you have shown us love in various other projects that supports our community. 

As earlier indicated, we achieve the impacts of our projects through your donations. Whatever, the size of your donation, the impact to the community that benefits from it is great. As from April of this year 2020, our priorities changed due to the pandemic. We are now focusing on relief support for the families and children that has been affected by the pandemic, where we have supported over 800 families. 

However, We have trained 12 girls aged between 13 and 18 as peer mentors. This is due to the fact that teenage pregnancies have drastically increased beacuse schools are closed indefinately. Girls have more time at home and due to challenges that there families face, they obligue to engage in transactional sex with boys and older men. We are therefore focusing to engage the trained girls to reach 300 other girls before December.

To fully focus on other priority projects due to the effects of covid-19, we are requesting for your continued support in terms of donations, referals and prayers.

We wish you a safe and a happy time with your family.




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