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Jun 30, 2020

Toggether against the pandemic!

Hello! Dear donor:


We live in difficult times; the world is going through an unprecedented event that has taken the lives of thousands of people around the world. Mexico's condition is also delicate; People in vulnerable situations are those who are most exposed to the ravages of the crisis caused by COVID-19. However, united with love and effort we can move forward.


The situation of the institutions that serve people in vulnerable conditions has been complicated; Many of our friends have suspended or reduced their donations, their financial situation has been affected by the pandemic. But various organizations have helped us, with financial or in-kind support.



Thanks to your support we have been able to follow all the recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19:



  • Constant hand washing
  • Use of antibacterial gel
  • Sanitization of spaces
  • Use of face masks
  • Application of sanitizing liquid at the entrance of the institution
  • Use of sanitizing mat
  • Distribution of masks and masks to collaborators.


On behalf of the entire IAP Community Promotion and Action team, we want you and your family to be very well, today more than ever we must be united, so that solidarity and empathy for others allow us to continue helping the most vulnerable.

We attach a file with detailed information on the actions we have taken to prevent COVID-19 infections. Please help us share, we include an English version and a Spanish version.


A cordial greeting,



Mar 3, 2020



In PACO I.A.P. through the program "Integral Attention For At-Risk Mexican Children" our main objective is to provide a safe home to children and adolescents, actually all of our children and adolescents are studying from preschool to undergraduate level, we have a 8.0 grade point average, with our best grade point average Raúl García with 9 and Agustín Toxqui at secondary level with 8.

In the training workshops we have a total of:

  • 6 children in bakery
  • 8 children studying blacksmithing
  • 6 children in the craft workshop
  • 10 children in carpentry
  • 45 children in computing

At the primary level, teachers consider that they have made progressive progress, there is greater concentration and interest in the completion of homework and school activities, their use in school has improved. You need to work more on reading, comprehension and writing.

First-grade children have acquired a higher level of linguistic skills in terms of their communication, they can now write their name and bisyllabic words, distinguish sounds and morphology from syllables. They also already perform mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction and distinguish geometric figures.

 As part of its comprehensive training we currently have 6 children in psychological therapy between 12 and 20 years old and 14 children in psychiatric treatment with an age range between 4 and 14 years.

Dec 5, 2019

Thank you!

In PACO I.A.P. through the program "Integral Attention For At-Risk Mexican Children" our main objective is to provide a safe home to children and adolescents, where they have access to a better quality of life and better opportunities that contribute to their integral development and in the future to their social reintegration.

Through the training workshops we seek to empower young people to have the necessary and long-term tools, so they can develop professionally and have better opportunities that guarantee them a decent life.

During the period from August to December we had a significant academic advance, both in the increase of pedagogical tools so in qualifications:

1) We increase the level of achievement of a 7.2 of the last quarter of the 2018-2019 school year to a quarterly average of the 2019-2020 school year of 8.3

2) It is bought in books and teaching material that served to develop the reading skills of children who have a lag when reading.

3) Children in 1st grade of primary school advanced significantly in word formation and reading.

4) In high school, some of the young people appeared in the honor roll for having an advantage above 9.

Currently one of our young people is a fellow in an energy infrastructure company, in addition to continuing his studies at the Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. Being an example of overcoming and commitment to others.

Thanks to the support of our donors through our programs, children and adolescents have been able to develop their competences at academic, social and cultural levels. We are delighted to share with you that at the end of December two of our children will successfully reintegrate into their families.

All our children and adolescents are constantly assisted by the medical area and receive, if they deserve it, psychological and psychiatric care. In an integral way we seek to give them the necessary tools to achieve their physical and emotional well-being.

In PACO I.A.P., we know that food is a fundamental part of their development, thanks to your donations we can guarantee our kids a healthy, nutritious and sufficient food every day. In 2019, more than 98,000 servings of food were served.

All this could not be achieved without the support of all the people who trust and believe in our work. Rather than being an institution we seek to be a home for our children and adolescents, where they can dream again and have the opportunity to live a life with the same opportunities as any of us. Thank you for helping us build a future free of violence for children in vulnerable situations.

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