The GOD'S CHILD Project

The GOD'S CHILD Project's mission is "to break the bitter chains of poverty through education and formation." While GOD'S CHILD is rooted in education and health-care, we aim to support the communities we serve at every level of development. Through our wide range of programs, we help children and families living in extreme poverty to meet their basic needs and find a restored sense of hope, self-worth and human dignity. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for any program services.
Jul 16, 2015

A Home for Dora and Her Family

Dora, the mother of the family, has had to work extra hard due to her husband’s alcohol problem. When they got married he did not have a drinking problem. He was responsible and took care of the needs of the home. He didn’t start to have problems until his children were born. He works as a carpenter and earns a salary of Q1,600 per month most of which he spends on alcohol. He only gives Dora Q600 per month to provide food, clothes and an education for their children.

Dora is happy with her family because even though her husband drinks he has never hit her or her children and he has been somewhat responsible with the expenses of the home. Dora does not work outside of the home but dedicates herself to taking care of the children.

The house that they lived in was made out of old sheets of metal and a dirt floor. They even used sheets of plastic to cover parts where water was coming in. They also had to share the house with Dora’s mom. Because of this the family decided to ask Nuestros Ahijados to help build them a new home. The Project did a home visit and after verifying that the family truly did have a need the Project built a house for the family. Dora is very thankful that her children now have a safe place to live.

Jun 29, 2015

Education on Responsible Parenting

He was born in Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa in the department of Escuintla the 29th of September, 2015. His mother is a single mother. Her husband left her because he didn’t want to take responsibility for his family. He is an alcoholic and was very aggressive towards Vladimir’s mother. Because of this his mother no longer wanted to take care of him and stopped feeding him and taking care of him as she should.

The boy's grandmother helped her daughter and grandson after the separation. She realized that her daughter was not taking care of him, that she wasn’t feeding him and his health was no longer important to her. The grandmother made the decision to take Vladimir to the National Hospital in Escuintla where he stayed for a week. After he recovered he was referred to Casa Jackson where he was admitted with severe malnutrition and was in rehabilitation for 5 months at which time he had the ideal weight for his height and age.

His grandmother takes him to Casa Jackson once a month to evaluate him and make sure that he is still at the ideal weight. He also receives milk and medicine when he visits.His mother is receiving psychological care to recover from the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband. She is also receives talks on responsible parenting so that she can better take care of him.

Thanks to the help of the God´s Child Project and Casa Jackson the child’s family receives the support that they need to overcome the problems that they have faced and he will likely have a normal life and his mother will be able to take care of him and give him the love that he needs.

Jun 29, 2015

A new opportunity in life

She is from the department of Suchitepéquez, studies at the Scheel Center in 4th grade. She lives with her step-father, mother, and six siblings. Her father passed away a few years ago in a car accident while returning home.

Since then her mother maintains the family working as a day laborer or cleaning houses. They moved to the town of La Rinconada, Jocotenango where they are provided with housing  and the mother receives a salary to help on a plantation. Since moving her mother has dedicated herself to looking for help for her children so that they can study. Her siblings study in different schools but she was given the opportunity to study at the Scheel Center where she receives breakfast and lunch, medical and dental care among other things.

She has had psychological problems since the death of her father and she has not been able to overcome them so the project also helps her and the rest of her family with counseling regularly. Her mother also receives vegetables and her siblings sometimes receive clothes.

Thanks to the help of the God’s Child Project the life of the family is improving and she is overcoming the problems that affected her.

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