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The GOD'S CHILD Project's mission is "to break the bitter chains of poverty through education and formation." While GOD'S CHILD is rooted in education and health-care, we aim to support the communities we serve at every level of development. Through our wide range of programs, we help children and families living in extreme poverty to meet their basic needs and find a restored sense of hope, self-worth and human dignity. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for any program services.
Aug 21, 2013

The Story of Carlos Antonio Carias Monroy

Carlos Antonio Carias Monroy

This family is originally native from Jalapa, they decided to come to Antigua in order to improve their life quality. Unfortunately, once they were already settled, they realized this was not what they were aiming for; the father became an alcoholic and mistreated both physically and verbally his whole family. As a consequence to this situation, they split and the mother decided to go back to Jalapa.

A little after the mother went back and started working, she got a rare disease that leads her to death. All of this was so sudden that nobody realized she was so sick and by the time she got to the hospital could only spend two more days there before she passed away.

All of this caused problems with the family one more time. Relatives from Jalapa were trying the father would bring them to Antigua in order to provide economical support, but he had already raised a whole new family with a different woman and wants to know nothing about his older children who were brought to Jocotenango in order to start a debate and delegate custody. The children are taken to the childhood and youth court located in Chimaltenango.

Two of the kids Nelson and Jennifer are given to an uncle (mother’s brother) while Jorge Mario and Carlos Antonio are given to their grandma (mother’s mother) But after a while, grandma got all of them because the uncle couldn’t support them.

Three of the children start to study at the Scheel Center, One of the programs of Asociación Nuestros Ahijados de Guatemala. During the past summer, they had the last debate were Nelson and Jenifer were separated from their siblings and taken back to Jalapa and grandma got to keep just two of them. Currently just Carlos who is now 11 years old is currently in fifth grade continues to study at the Scheel Center.

Carlos is very happy because he has found at the Scheel Center not only psychological and academic help but has also gotten clothing and shoes, all of this because he dreams to become a professional lawyer in order to help his family and other children that may have the same problem he and his siblings went through. Even when he says he doesn’t lack of love and his grandma constantly shows this to him, he misses his siblings. He is also very conscious and grateful for the help he gets because he knows how much this represents to his grandma.

Henio Wilfredo Pérez

Departamento de Guías.

Jul 3, 2013

Pulex Bucu Family

The Pulex Bucu family is one of many families that suffer from the poverty that exists in Guatemala. Marcelina is a middle aged woman that has had to work since she was a young girl. She is the mother of eight children whom she has had to support through arduous work in the fields and by offering cleaning services. With much sacrifice and effort she has kept her family going for many years. Of Macelina´s children, the only one that stills lives with her is Romelia , a mother of five children. Neither of these ladies was able to go to school due to a lack of resources; for this reason, they are not able to read or write. Three of the five of Romelia´s children were conceived with a man that soon after abandoned them. The other two children have a different father that rarely ever goes to visit them and does not contribute to their wellbeing monetarily.

Marcelina has been the one that has worried for the wellbeing of her five grandchildren since her daughter, their mother, does not have the resources to support them. Romelia, the mother of the children,   has not been able to find a decent job since she never attended school.  The only income that Romelia´s families counted with when they were young were the small wages that the oldest daughters earned cutting coffee. Blanca and Esperanza, daughters of Marcelina, worked at Finca Castellano in Escuintla while Luis Alberto worked at Finca El Valle exposing himself to high temperatures, sunburns and stings or bites from the surrounding animals. The income that the three earned was not enough to cover all the expenses the family had, and many times they went without. Due to the large amount of family members that made up the family, the family was usually only able to prepare one meal a day.

The conditions of the home in which the Pulex family lived were very poor. The home consisted of walls made of cane, a roof made of old metal sheets, and dirt as the floor. Rain often entered the room where the family slept and turned the dirt to mud. During winter, the family was not able to sleep since they did not have enough blankets to protect them from the cold. Marcelina often cried because she did not have a safe place for her or her grandchild to live. At the end the year 2010, the God´s Child Project was introduced to this special case and helped the family with the construction of a new home. Since the family did not have water or electricity, a service team donated a solar panel for the family to have a light source at night. This solar panel helped keep the family warm at night and allowed the children to do their homework at night, Additionally, the family received clothes, shoes and blankets from the project.

Months later Luis was integrated into the ITEMP program as a result of exploitation at work and being exposed to inhumane conditions at the young age of 8 years old. The program quickly began to support Luis by providing him with a scholarship to attend school, food for him and his family, and providing basic medical care for the entire family among other things. Through the ITEMP program,  it became obvious that Luis was not the only one in his family that needed help. The sisters were also exposed to disease and sexual abuse where they labored and for this reason they too, along with their mother, were extended the help from the program. The women enjoyed the benefits of the Atkinson Family Clinics, the mother´s club, and some technical courses that would aid them in finding a new job.

Currently, Luis is in first grade at the Scheel Center. He is a smart child with dreams of overcoming all obstacles in life. Among the services that have been provided for Luis is money for transportation to school every day. Luis hopes to one day become a teacher in order to be able to educate his community and help them rise out of poverty.  He is very happy because he no longer has to put his life in danger in order to work and receives help with food and education from the project. Marcelina and Romelia now work making different items to sell and maintain the home. The entire family is happy because they now have a secure place to live . Additionally, the family has seen great improvement in the development of Luis as a student and hope to one day see him as a teacher. The family is confident that with God´s help and assistance from the God´s Child Project Luis will accomplish his goals. 

May 31, 2013

A Girl Named Kimberly


Here at Asociación Nuestros Ahijados we are aware that many things can be either easy to do or delicate to accomplish, but there are no impossible tasks for us this is the reason why we hold our breath every time we know one of our kid’s health is in danger. We know we must do our best, since parents and family are trusting us to help them save the child. This was the case of Kimberly.

It took a long road and a lot of talking for Sirian Magaly Ruiz to decide to bring Kimberly to Casa Jackson and it was even harder to convince her to leave her daughter with us. She just couldn’t understand how delicate she was or how much she could harm the baby’s health if Kimberly wasn’t given immediate attention. The day Kimberly was brought to Casa Jackson we were all a little scared for three reasons: she was very tiny, she was sick, and the worst of all she was not taking any food; it was impossible to get her to eat. There was a point when we even thought she might die and as a matter of fact, if her parents would have taken two more days to bring her in, she wouldn’t have made it.

Did we give up? Absolutely not! The baby was intubated in order to be administered with a special nutritional substance that would start her recovery process. She was fed through tubes for three days before we could give her a bottle. At a year and nine months and a weight of 14.45, we could only hope for the best.  

Our staff’s effort started paying off immediately; Kimberly started gaining weight and developing skills much faster than we had all hoped. She is now characterized as being the only baby who doesn’t like to be fed by anybody but herself. She’s very playful and caring with volunteers, staff members and even other babies.

Kimberly currently weights almost 20 pounds and her parents are really grateful for what Casa Jackson was able to do for her. As we said at the beginning of this story, there might be hard situations for us but we never say no to a task.


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