Aug 12, 2019

Taking decisions in a new world

Is indredible how life changes in a second in this new world.

One day you dream at school what person you will become and another day you ask how you will survive.

At this moment someone is making a decision that will change its life forever. Sometimes this decision can take a second. Life is a precious gift that every human being has received. In what moment people choice to participate in traffic in persons. Those decisions are based in money, power, influence. The reasons maybe cant appear in the surface.

The true. Every act of a person has consequences in others, these can be damage collateral or direct. The criminals live their lives not expecting consequences. But when they comes usually cause a collateral damage. If they are children they will grow up in a criminal world starting a new chain of slavery. 

So, the criminals really know what they are? or they are living their life because couldn't take decisions. They don't had a good guide, a good parents or family worried about their environment.

The victims probably can take some decisions but these were affected for others called criminals. Somewhere  someone is taking the decision to travel illegally their acts are in a good way because is to improve a life conditions but in other place someone is waiting for this opportunity to take advantage of it.

The present is caused for a life a decisions. Some of them were mistakes necessaries to learn, to discover the essence of life.

Probably we have taken good decisions because we can, but we have to consciente than others couldn't. If we can take the change to correct many problems of our world, the moment is now.

We have the power to decide to help others and change the world in a second.

Jul 24, 2019


Hello, my name is Annelis; I’m nine years old, I’m a girl who wants to study hard to become a nurse and help to heal many people that can’t afford to pay a doctor. I have five wonderful sisters who I play with and we’re always taking care of each other.


Daddy works helping to organize events and parties, he is in charge of setting the chairs and tables and he makes that the people in the party are having a beautiful place where they can eat and have fun. He’s a great man and he helps my sisters and I in everything we are doing.


My mommy is the most beautiful woman in the world, but lately she has been sad, and I don’t know why; but every night she complains of having much pain in her throat, my daddy says that she will feel better soon, but I don’t think so, because she is very thin and is losing her hair.


I try to coddle my mommy every day, but she is not getting better, however, I want her to feel better; for that reason, I’m studying hard everyday at the Dreamer Center School in Asociación Nuestros Ahijados, to reach my dream of being a nurse. Now, I’m in third grade and I love to go to school.


I like to play with my sisters and also to help with the house duties, when I come back from school, I help to feed my mommy, she eats a very little food, almost nothing, but we prepare the most delicious food for her, so she can eat.


I feel happy to study at the Dreamer Center School, they feed me breakfast and lunch every day but what I like the most is my classroom, it’s always very neat and clean and there are a lot of green plants; it looks like a palace to me. I love it here because we can play hide and seek and it’s hard to find the children. I wake up everyday happy and anxious to get to school. I can be the happiest girl there!


I love to play with all the volunteers, they are always happy and they help me to study, besides that they support Asociación Nuestros Ahijados so I can keep receiving education. Thanks to them I can continue building my dreams.

Jul 24, 2019

Education without Violence

The girl entered the year 2018 to the second grade of primary school, Centro Soñador. She is originally from Jocotenango, Sacatepéquez, lives with her mother and uncles. The girl had been in a temporary home in 2017 due to a series of circumstances that led her to that instance. The father of a family is an alcoholic person with emotional problems, and the mother also had problems of alcoholism and neglected the girl and her two children. The father of the family is currently imprisoned for an attempted murder and robbery that he once was committing while intoxicated and was caught by the local authorities in the moment he was harming them. As for the mother, as a result of this situation, she had self-esteem problems that led her to physically mistreat the girl and her brothers; she took refuge in alcoholism and in friendships that would not lead her in a good way. On a certain day, some anonymous person of the neighbors denounced the authorities (PGN) the situation that was lived in the house, so they went to verify the situation and observed that the children were locked in the house, with padlock in the door, they were careless and poorly fed, so they decided to take them off temporarily to the mother. The mother managed the necessary procedures to recover the parental rights of her children; however, she was conditioned to receive all kinds of therapies, both psychological and alcoholism, to meet the requirements of recovering their children. After she recovered them, she wanted to enroll her daughter somewhere that would give her a good academic education, as well as seek help for herself. Thanks to a brother she knew about Nuestros Ahijados and the work done there, she looked for ways to register her daughter, for which she was accepted and helped with the benefits offered by the Association. Currently, the mother receives psychological and medical help monthly along with the girl and the little brothers. They also receive help with clothes, shoes, school supplies and receive help from Verduras on behalf of the Mothers Club program. She also receives help and advice from the Legal Department since the legal process continues, she is still monitored by the State authorities to verify that she is able to continue caring for her children.

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