Jan 3, 2020

Can I have a chance?

Did you ever felt that feeling of no having enough strength to continue? Did you ever wanted to give up?

Well, this is Gerlin's sotry.

Gerlin's mom was 19 years old when she got pregnant, she was young and she didn't have anybody beside her mom to help her. Gerlin's dad is sometimes in the picture, just when he wants the mom says. Gerlin was born with several respiratory problems that caused him not to be able to breath by himself and was hospitalized for 2 months.

He was intubated because only with that they could bring air to his lungs. He could not move for 2 months what caused sores on his head and back, it was like seeing through his skin.

Gerlin almost died of medical neglect.

His mother already debated and without hope decided to take him out of the hospital to spend his last moments his family and that was when the social worker intervened for the severe malnutrition that Gerlin presented. She located Casa Jackson with the wish that we could return the hope to Gerlin's mother and that Gerlin could see again a light of opportunity when nobody wanted to give it to him.

Gerlin was admitted to Casa Jackson for 4 months for medical and nutritional recovery and was one of the most shocking cases that could be seen at Casa Jackson.

Gerlin fully recovered and managed to return home to spend the holidays with his family. This really would not have been possible without the support of you who believe in us and who day by day support the recovery of these children who need us the most.

We were able to recover both of them and give them the opportunity they needed to move on so please consider continue helping us in this great work of change. 



Nov 25, 2019

Breaking the Chains of Bullying

In the field of research, bullying is a worldwide known phenomenon that has been studied since the 1970s in Europe and the United States of North America. With the process of the investigations, the consequences left by the bullying of the victims were found, because during childhood and adolescence, the personality is developing and this phenomenon leaves traces on the boy or girl that have an impact on their ability to relate socially and in their subsequent behavior patterns.

It is also important to mention that the tendency to adapt many victims makes them join the group of aggressors who harass them to attack others; likewise, another percentage of them, in the spirit of not being the only victims, lash out at those they consider weaker. This generates a chain of aggressor victim where the most affected is the weakest in the group. Therefore, it is important to detect who shows aggressive characteristics to implement direct intervention programs with them.

Finally, it must be remembered that it is a right for all children to be educated in a place with the right conditions to achieve integral development and phenomena such as bullying make it difficult. For that reason, the phenomenon investigation is increasing all over the world.

By definition, the phenomenon of bullying attempts against the proper development of future citizens; Consequences are known in the victims, in the aggressors and also in the witnesses who are not directly involved in the situation. In addition, academic repercussions are known for the group of students that, according to international research, undermine the goal of achieving educational quality.

There is no doubt about the need to inform and sensitize the general population about the relational dynamics within the school, especially when it endangers the integral development of future citizens.

In The God’s Child Project schools, we look forward to provide an environment where our kids can feel free and joyful about their life, we try to provide an area where they can be themselves and feel confident about everything that they do.

Thank you for believing in us and always look forward our mission!


Nov 22, 2019


Hello, I am 14 years old, I am the third of 5 sisters.

My story begins when my mother heard that in the God’s Child Project helped widowed and low-income mothers. They provided us the opportunity to study at the Dreamer Center and be able to learn.  My dad passed away when I was 8 years old and we were alone with my sisters and mom since I was 12; at that time we were only 4 sisters and we lived in our own house, rented, but it was ours.

My mother was always very hardworking and we hardly saw her since she worked day and night to pay for rent, our studies and food. When my older sister turned 18 she started working too, but she almost didn't help us, she was buying her stuff in order to remove that economic charge from my mom.

Years passed and I continued studying and winning my school years in the Dreamer Center; I always like to study and learn more and more like my younger sister. Years went by and we got used to being only 5 when suddenly my mom started dating again and it was a person that I really don’t like at all, he hits my mom and yelled at us a lot what can I do? She loves him apparentely.

My mother became pregnant with my younger sister in 2018 and it was when we realized that we could no longer study because neither he nor my mother had money to pay for the studies; without God's Child Project, I don't know where would we be.

My mom wasn’t able to pay for the rent anymore and we had to move to my paternal grandmother, I love her very much, but she doesn't like my mother so she doesn't treat her very well. My sister's father does not live with us and only helps my mother for my litle sister expenses, not ours; "We are not his daughters," he says.

The God’s Child Project helped us to continue studying, they were our support angel when we need it most. Now that my little sister is already one year old, my mother is a clothing and makeup catalog vendor and returns with Q50 quetzales sometimes that help our little family survive. 

I love animals and I want to become a great veterinary and help the little ones that need us. 

And for last I want to acknowledge that without you, the ones that believe in our future and in The God’s Child Project mission we definitely would’t be here.

Thank you for always helping us!


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