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The GOD'S CHILD Project's mission is "to break the bitter chains of poverty through education and formation." While GOD'S CHILD is rooted in education and health-care, we aim to support the communities we serve at every level of development. Through our wide range of programs, we help children and families living in extreme poverty to meet their basic needs and find a restored sense of hope, self-worth and human dignity. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for any program services.
Nov 10, 2014

A house for the poor

This family has very limited resources. Their house is made of sheets of metal that are in very poor condition and has a dirt floor. One of the beds is also in poor condition. The family is very large and includes the parents, six children and one grandson. The father is the breadwinner for the family and often there isn´t enough money and they only get to eat two meals a day. The oldest daughter is 16 and has a 6 month old baby and her boyfriend left her without giving any reason. Now her family is helping her since it is hard for her to find work due to the fact that she needs to take care of the baby, is a minor and doesn´t have an education. The only work that she could aspire to do is making tortillas, housekeeping or doing farm work.


The father does farm work on nearby plantations. Sometimes the work runs out at one plantation and he has to go to other plantations to find work. The mother doesn´t work because she takes care of all of the children. She says that none of her children have ever gone to school because the family can´t afford it. The parents also never studied because their parents only taught them farm work and housework.


The family is very excited about the idea of improving their home. The construction will start on Friday October 31, 2014 and the family is very appreciative of the support that the God´s Child Project is going to give them.


Nov 7, 2014

As a girl she was sold by her mother

She is a young woman that has had a life that no one would ever want. She came to the ITEMP program because she was sexually abused as a child. She says that when she was 7 years old her mother sold her to a 52 year old man because they didn´t have enough money. Her mother told her to go with the man and that she would go get her later. Years later her mother sold her again and the man abused her in exchange for money. Unfortunately the problem didn´t end there since, later, one of her step-brothers tried to abuse her.

At her young age she had already suffered a lot. She decided to leave home at the age of 14 because she found a young man who asked her to live with him when she was most vulnerable and in need of love. The only issue was that he already had three children but she didn´t care. All she wanted to do was forget what had happened to her.

She has now lived with that young man for three years. Everything was going well until the middle of 2012 when the young man, who worked as a taxi driver, was shot three times with a firearm. He was left unconscious for several days and unable to move his right arm. After being released from the hospital he was no longer able to work as a taxi driver.

In September of 2012 she entered as the 27th member of the ITEMP program. Upon entering the program she received psychological help, medical exams, shoes and clothes, and also economic help to help cover some costs and she was encouraged to continue her studies. She is very happy living with the young man since he has treated her the way a woman deserves to be treated and she plans to marry him and form a family.

Oct 7, 2014

Her mother sold her for drugs

She comes from a disintegrated family.  Her father abandoned her when she was born and her mother is an alcoholic and drug addict.  Neither of them pay her any attention.


She has been part of Asociación Nuestros Ahijados for two years.  She used to have a normal life, attending school every day and her mother was taking care of her.  She was living with her mother but at the beginning of 2014 the mother started to drink again, at first it was not much, but little by little this situation got worse and she lost her job.


Since then, her mother started to work in the streets and consuming drugs.  Because of that she wasn’t taking care of the little girl, because of her addiction and lack of money.  She was spending everything she had on her addiction.  She even tried to sell her daughter, so she could have some more money to purchase the drugs.  The government’s child support system had to step in and prevent this from going further.  We also stepped in with our lawyer to keep the child safe. 


Since then, Asociación Nuestros Ahijados is committed to taking care of the little girl.   We won the case in court to have her live with her aunt and always under the care of the Asociación.  Now she is one of the best students in the class and she would like to be a doctor when she grows up.  We plan to help her reach this dream. 

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