Apr 11, 2016

BTA Continues to Help Beautiful Children



In a post recovery period of Ebola, we thank you for continued support for the provision of food through A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa (BTA) funding.

This has made a remarkable impact on the lives of our school going children in Upper Banta Mokelleh Chiefdom Sierra Leone.

In a community meeting with parents of the pupils, they were happy saying the Children of the Nation school Sierra Leone is the only school in this part of the country that is feeding children at school. That is the reason why their children are doing so well in learning with the support of the teaching staff. Quality education is standard in every COTN SL schools.

The number of the school enrolment has increased over the years and parents are coming with their children for new admission into the COTN SL schools. Food has been cooked well and nutritious for the children to eat at lunch time. The girl-child education and early child-hood education is improving at the community level.

Children’s Stories:

  • A seven year old boy who is in class 2 is doing well.  He says he is happy to be in school every morning because there is good food meal (the BTA) every lunch hour for him to eat. This makes him happy to learn more and think well in class.

He said he would like to study hard to pass his exams because when he was in the nursery, the Ebola Virus outbreak did not give him any chance of schooling for fear of the attack. Now that he is in school, he is eager to top his class in any examinations.

“My future dream is to become a Lawyer to help defend the poor people and children that do not get good support from their parents,” he said. At home he always asks his brothers to assist him with his school homework and he is highly curious to learn. He is thankful for the opportunity given to him in attending school at Ngolala.

  •  A seventeen year old girl in the Senior Secondary School Ngolala wants to become an accountant after completing her Secondary and University education.

She sat to the National Primary School Exams (NPSE) and got a good grade to go to the Junior Secondary School (JSS).  She continued to grow gradually in her academic work throughout the JSS and was then enrolled for the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE). She passed her BECE exams and got aggregate 22 which is a very good grade.

 “I have now got the courage to learn more in school. I am now in the Senior Secondary School (SSS) in grade eleven (11). In the SSS, I am currently studying very hard to complete and make sure I got good passing grades on all my class subjects. The BTA food has been really a good source of strength for me especially in the area of my hunger.”

 She continued. “The BTA food is more effective to me now that we have the one shift school system. It helps and keeps us full throughout the whole school day.”

  •  A ten year old girl in class 3A attending COTN SL School Ngolala lives at Jiminga Village about two miles from her school. She has five sisters of the same mother and father. The parents are farmers who lived on subsistence farming. Among these children, they have four of them that are attending COTN SL School at Ngolala.

She says she is very happy being in school because she wants to learn and finish up to become a nursing sister in her village.

When asked about the BTA food meal, she always tell her parents not to worry about lunch or school feeding because she eats the BTA every day when she is in school. “The food I eat in school is very delicious and healthy which makes me to grow more and stronger in both my academic and physical body fit” she said. In school, she is among the first five students in her class since she started school in the nursery. 

Jan 12, 2016

BTA Helps as Sierra Leone Get Thru Ebola Crisis

A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa Continues to Make a Difference – Helping Sierra Leone get through the Ebola Crisis

As of December 2015, the school you are supporting has completed two "new" terms of the academic year.  Recall that schools were closed weh the Ebola crisis was at its worst but in April, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology was firm in decision sure that schools in Sierra Leone could be re-opened. This great move was accepted by all educational institutions. Mallory Jansen Memorial School of Children of the Nations was one of the fortunate schools to re-open.

We send our thanks for this great opportunity given to our school especially for the help from our donors who are helping in their own little way by sending money. Our school-going children are able to eat beause of A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa (BTA) that benefits our children in their daily lunch at school.

This nutritious food is helping them in their holistic life. We continue to see that the quality of education is improving as teachers are fully teaching the students. As we went through the first term, the children that were fearing not to come to school because of the Ebola virus are now prepared to come to school every day. Provision of health security was made by the Ministry such as thermometers for temperature checking and hand washing stations which was done on a daily basis in school.

Children that are coming from distant communities are now regular in school because they hope to have a good learning environment and good food before they go home. The total enrollment in the school is 1,057 pupils with a total number of 40 teachers that are fully employed by Children of the Nations SL organization.

During the crisis, the children of Mallory Jansen School were getting gifts and dry rations. They were given radios, notebooks, pens, and other learning materials, thanks to A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa.

Once school reopened, the months were full of effective learning for our children. This helped them to do their assessment test and examinations to move to another level. Parents are very grateful whenever they visit the schools seeing their children healthy and doing well in school.

The BTA food meal has been extended to other branch schools such as Mokpangumba and Mosenesie schools. The children of these schools are very happy that they too are eating good meals like the Ngolala school.

Many prayers are being offered by children in their devotions for our donors in providing food for their livelihood and making them active when they are in school. They also pray for Aunty Sarah Armstrong for the efforts and assistance that she has made it possible for such a good feeding program in Sierra Leone.

Joseph BK Lamboi, National Education Supervisor provided the information for this report

Oct 5, 2015

Ebola...Floods...& Yet Hope Remains at a School

A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa

Fall 2015 Report

The sad, sad news is that the Ebola crisis continues in Sierra Leone.  They have yet to be declared Ebola free and ask all of you to please send positive thoughts and energy over to that beautiful country. 

Other sad news: the capital – Freetown – just experienced a terrible flood and, as a result, many people now have no homes.  The flood victims currently are currently living at the national stadium waiting for the Government's to relocate them to safe and permanent areas in the Western Rural District.  A

But ... our feeding programme’s continued success is our good news. The children are always in school and ready to work. The daily school feeding has made our children stronger, healthier and more energetic to work hard in school. I am also happy to report that there has been no major sickness among the pupils.

The BTA supply from Nursery through the Senior Secondary School continues to have a great impact on our children’s academic life because they are having a good nutritious meal when they are in school, thanks to people like you.

Our programme is feeding over 900 children from Nursery School to Junior Secondary School age. Here are some stories of our beautiful students:

  • One ten-year-old girl in Class 3:  She is the fourth child of ten children of her mother and father. She and her parents live at Condama Village.

Every day, she walks eight miles by foot to come to and from school. She usually comes to school with an empty stomach but she gets good food now at school every day and it has improved her life. She is now learning more at school, because she is able to concentrate better.

The serving of BTA to children, like this ten year old girl in Class 3, has been helpful, because she personally likes eating BTA and it sustains her until she gets home to have a daily meal with her family in the evening. She is proud to say that she never goes home with an empty stomach.

  • A 16 year old boy from a small village called Gmebagboh in Upper Banta Chiefdom: He is currently in Junior Secondary School. Each day, he comes from a far village to attend COTN School in Ngolala.

He told  a sad story about his life. He is one of four boys in his family. His mother and father are farmers. They hardly get enough food to eat because of the difficult life their parents are living.

One day, a friend in their village who was attending the school told him about the BTA food in school. He said to him that every day in Mallory Jansen School supplies them food to eat. He secretly told his mother to tell his father that he would like to attend school in Ngolala. The mother wondered how she was going to tell her husband about Eddie’s decision of wanting to attend school. Eddie could not wait on his request made to his mother. Instead, early in the morning, he followed his friend that was attending COTN School.

After searching for him in the village, his father came to the school during lunch time. He met them eating food that was served to his friend. From that day, his father decided to send him to school and registered him in COTN’s Mallory Jansen Memorial School in Ngolala.

Eddie’s story became an interesting one. He started eating good nourishing meals daily. His academics began to improve as time went on. His personal health also improved, and he was healthier than the time he was in his village not attending school.

According to him, the BTA food is very useful for every school child that is attending school in Ngolala. They are very grateful for the BTA programme and hope that it will continue as it has a great impact in their learning at school.

  • A nine-year-old girl in Class 4: She lives in Ngolala village with her widowed grandmother. Her father stays in another village called Jiminga, which is about eight miles from Mallory Jansen primary school.

She was admitted into Mallory Jansen, where she has done very well academically. She is currently in the primary school. When asked how she is coping with her schoolwork, she says one of the reasons she is able to learn and focus is because the help she is getting through the food that is provided each day in school.

She further went on to say that the BTA has nourished her body and makes her very strong and active in her class. In the morning, she walks for nearly half a mile to come to school with her friends. She is happy and says she wants to become a doctor after she completes Secondary School in the future.


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