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May 10, 2018

A home for a Mother

Maitrighar- A home for widows
Maitrighar- A home for widows

Dear Maitri Friend, 

 Thank you for your continued support to Maitri Ghar, the old age home for widows in Vrindavan.  Through your act of kindness, we are able to ensure care and support for the abandoned, ageing and destitute widow mothers with shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare.With Mother’s Day around the corner, we celebrate the widow mothers who have found a better way of living life in Maitri Ghar. We hope that with your support, these widow mothers will continue to rekindle their integrity, dignity and respect.

The seasonal change from harsh winters to warm spring has brought respite to our Maiyyas who are welcoming this change and enjoying the cool spring breeze. Their daily routine continues to be the same more or less but a welcome change is the sewing course in Radha Kund, which has four enthusiastic participants. The Maiyyas go for bhajans every morning and evening. This space gives them a chance to devote their energies to their spiritual and religious development and center the peace within. These spaces are also a place for them to interact and befriend like-minded individuals. This is the time where their yearning for devotional activities is fulfilled. The widows are being provided lunch as well as dinner by our food partners namely, Akshay Patra Foundation at Vrindavan & Radha Kund. There is adequate supply of milk and fruits every day.


Total number of meals provided to the widows was 8890 and total number of fruits served to them was 4749 in the month of April. Widows at Vrindavan went for medical checkups on every Friday and on every Saturday at Radha
Kund. In total 7 medical checkups have been conducted at both the places, which includes doctor’s visits to the hospital. Also, 112 widows were taken to the hospital for checkup. Across Maitri Ghar in Vrindavan and Radha Kund,
158kg rice and 120kg sugar was also distributed to 243 widows. In Maitri Ghar at Vrindavan and Radha Kund 326 sarees were distributed to all the widows. Also, 120 oil bottles and 60 towels were distributed to all the widows in Maitri Ghar Vrindavan. Two widows also got their Adhaar card and two of them got their pension.

 Success story:

She was born in from North 24 Pargana district in West Bengal. She is 70 years old and had 3 daughters and 2 sons. In a devastating flood 30 years ago in the region, she lost her own mother, as well as a daughter and both her sons. However, she still had two of her daughters. After coming to Maitri Ghar, she was diagnosed with Diabetes for which she began her treatment. After a series of counseling sessions for psychological distress, She regained her faith in her individuality and is currently living a content life with her daughters. We invite Maitri supporters and well-wishers of widow mothers to visit the mothers in Vrindavan and spend time. They crave love and affection and of course, someone to talk to. The mothers have immense motherhood in them and the desire of express this unconditional love is very strong. A listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and a warm hug will last them a long time till the next one.

In addition to all of these, the widows celebrated Holi with all its glory and pride. Maitri celebrates Holi every year with widows of Vrindavan and Radha kund to add colors to their lives, dismissing traditions that forbid them. The celebrations are unique because Maitri widow mothers play Holi with petals and flowers. They decorate the Home, making rangoli  (designs made on floor with colors and flowers) and welcome everyone with a special “tilak” on the forehead.

We would like to express our sincere thankyou for every supporter who helped us built a home for her. With your partnership, we are enabling about 250 widow mothers to live with dignity and respect. You have helped us built a home for her.

Your contribution ensures that the widow mothers live in healthy and hygienic environment. They have clean rooms, clean beds, and maintain personal hygiene, which is necessary for a healthy life. Do share the project link with your friends and family and tell them why this project has your heart and what it means to you. Help us spread the word and share our mission with like-minded and passionate people. Thank you for being our pillar of strength! We wish you lots of love and laughter with your loved ones.

Regular Medical Check up
Regular Medical Check up
Nutritious meals
Nutritious meals
Celebration of Holi
Celebration of Holi
Apr 24, 2018

Progress and Outcomes !!

Dear friends,

Everyday large numbers of people migrate from rural to urban areas causing unplanned and explosive growth of cities in India. A vast majority of these migrant workers get absorbed into various unorganized sectors. A significant number of migrant workers take up cycle rickshaw pulling to support their families back in their villages. With your support Maitri has been able to strive for identity ,respect and dignity for rickshaw pullers.

Maitri initially identified 16 garages depending upon the number of RPs in the garage and understanding the need of the RPs in the garage, which varies from garage to garage for living condition improvement intervention. the interventions have helped :

  • Change in RPs living condition. They are now managing their surroundings well by trying to keep it clean.
  • The interventions have given impetus to need and subsequently demand generation on part of the RPs to avail services and products to lead a better way of life and they are willing to be able to fulfil this need by themselves only and through government schemes. They are becoming aware.
  • Change in garage owners' perception in looking towards the well-being of RPs.
  • RPs, with the help of garage owners, are trying to maintain the items given in the garage.
  • Change in habit is seen among some RPs. Intensive BCC at the field is also helping in multiplying the effect.
  • The RPs are happy with the result of the intervention and are glad that the bio toilets are as effective as they were told. They are using the toilets without any reluctance anymore and are eventually getting used to the habit to the extent that they are keen to get toilet constructed in their home for the usage of their families. Even the garage owners are demanding for construction of bio toilets in their garages.
  • Beds, plastic sheets etc. comfort them from the harshness of extreme climatic and seasonal variations; protect them from insects, crawlers etc.; also, in sickness, RPs get to rest properly on a bed rather than on a bare floor or on the rickshaw; they are even motivated to use mosquito nets.
  • With enrolment of the RPs under the PDS and UWIN, Maitri is trying to assist them in availing the benefits of government housing scheme.

As depicted through the graph,the change in base line (2031 RPs) from Phase 1 until evaluation phase. It reflects that the numbers of ID proof owners (RPs) have increased from 2015 to 2018. Now again, Maitri has selected 15 more garages for next phase intervention.

Sucess Story 

The benefeciary is a local rickshaw puller who hails from Ranchi only. His family includes wife and four children. With the money earned from this vocation, he is able to send his children to school. He has been in the vocation of rickshaw pulling from past 7 years.Before entering this vocation, He worked in a dairy factory in Ranchi. On being asked why he left that job and switched to rickshaw puling he said, “I worked there for years but one thing that I missed there and do not miss now is daily earning and independence. The pay was not instant. My wage was decided at INR 300/- per day but I was paid weekly or monthly. I did struggle that time to meet the needs of my family on a daily basis. It was completely unlike the vocation I chose after that and it changed my life for good.”

Thank you for sharing our vision to uplift and empower Rickshaw Pullers in Ranchi. We couldn’t do it without your support. Thank you friend!

intervention through garages
intervention through garages
Apr 13, 2018

No More: Fighting against Gender Based Violence

“If we are to fight discrimination and injustice against women we must start from the home for if a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere.”- Aysha Taryam

Through Project Samvedana, meaning compassion, Maitri envisions a world in which violence against women is prevented and ultimately ends. Seemingly an ambitious goal, domestic violence must be prioritized in order to promote gender equality and empower women to stand on their own two feet.

Maitri’s initiatives include:

(1) Engaging in a dialogue on domestic violence;

(2) Including more males in discussions and conversations

(3) Creating awareness;

(4) Creating women leaders that are empowered to take this movement forward.

In collaboration with Maitrigram, another organizational initiative, Project Samvedana has also been working to impart skills and instill confidence in women and children through English-speaking and sewing classes.  In addition to language skills building classes, both for Hindi and English, women of several local bastis (slums) have been able to take part in stitching and tailoring classes in the hopes of gaining confidence to secure employment or obtain loans to establish their own tailoring units. During the month of January, Maitri conducted an art workshop where community children were engaged. The workshops involved discussion on aspirations of children. Using art as a medium, Maitri initiated a dialogue on gender and the roles one aspires for.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, to eliminate Gender based violence, Maitri India organized a staff training programme with men from the main office headquarters in Delhi. Some Objectives of the training were to sensitize about the gender issues, and create awareness through a campaign “No More”.

Thank you for supporting Maitri's efforts to prevent domestic violence against women in India thus far. Your contribution has been key in helping us make a difference and we look forward to your sustained partnership to ensure that we can translate Maitri's commitments into meaningful change.  

Art Workshop
Art Workshop
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