Oct 24, 2012

soup kitchen in Ulaanbaatar

Calling in from the Soup Kitchen in Ulaanbaatar where we have experienced a decrease of beneficiaries over the past 3 months - from 80 to an average of 50 per day. This was partly because this period was the summer of Mongolia when the conditions are less extreme. However, we anticipate this number will increase in this next 3 month period with the onset of the extremely harsh Mongolian winter. The nomads are predicting that we are in for an unusually cold winter due to a wet summer! Following on from the advice of the Nutritionist from the US Embassy, we have been able to maintain serving a full bodied and considerably more healthy hot soup meal. We are thankful that some Mongolians continue to donate much needed ingredients from time to time and, more recently, kind donors from Singapore gave funds to a well known Mongolian bread company to donate 40 pieces of fresh bread two times per week for up to 4 months. This is being very well received. During this period we have received approximately USD1,500 from various donors and have distributed this towards the soup kitchen, free health clinic and children's development project. In August, a volunteer medical team from Malaysia comprising some 15 Doctors and Nurses visited Lamp of the Path and generously donated their expertise and basic medicines to the underprivileged people mainly in the Byanzurkh District, the location of the soup kitchen and medical clinic. LOP received approximately USD 3000 as a result of this activity. Our South East Asian brothers and sisters were very moved from this direct interaction with the poor in UB. The soup kitchen receives it's water from a well at the front of the property and late last winter due to some water pipe problems, the pipes froze and we had to carry the water quite some distance on foot. This resulted in having to spend the past month doing some major works to repair the pipes and instal a new thermostat. US Embassy staff have assisted us greatly with this work, providing advice, tools and skilled trades people and we are pleased to report this work was successfully completed last week ....... Just in time as the night temperatures are now dropping well below zero Celsius! The Embassy staff also uncovered some unsafe electrical wiring and installations in the soup kitchen and have offered to assist us in making these safe in the near future. Looking to the horizon, we aspire to fulfil a "meals on wheels" service taking hot meals to people in the poor ger districts of UB - for those not having the means to travel to the soup kitchen - there are many people young and old in need of this assistance. Heartfelt gratitude to all our past and present donors. Please keep the homeless of Ulaanbaatar in your heart and continue to support us in whatever way you are able to.

Oct 10, 2012

Building a Village Drinking Water System

Dear friends of Mohorigaun village

If you read the previous project report you know that earlier this year another organization has built in Mohorigaun village a drinking water system (DWS), without prior to their activities informing or enquiring with RIDS-Nepal what programs/projects are already running and what other projects, such as the DWS, are planned. If they would have they would have come to know that RIDS-Nepal has been planning to built a village DWS since 2011, and thus has started to raise the needed funds and, once funds have been raised, to built in partnership with the local community their village drinking water system. However, good as it would have been to have access to clean drinking water, it is also the unfortunate truth that the newly built drinking water system is not working as intended, even though their budget was significant higher than what RIDS-Nepal initially planned and try to raise through the GlobalGiving web site.

Thus, the Mohorigaun people have again addressed RIDS-Nepal to REPAIR WITH them their urgent needed DWS, so that they finally get the needed access to clean drinking water, as to have access to clean drinking water is ONE of the MAIN programs of RIDS-Nepal's "Family of 4" community development concept.

In the last few weeks we have been investigating what needs to be done in order to mitigate the present situation and to hopefully start, once we get the needed funding in (which is not at all yet the case...), to get this DWS project done properly as we initially have planned. Thus I hope you are still encouraged to continue to stand with us and the people from Mohorigaun village to raise the needed funds to get the DWS done so that water WILL flow from the 4 tap stands in the village and the ladies and young girls do not have to walk down to the river and fetch water, which is not clean, and carry it back to the village.

Jul 24, 2012

Monitoring and Evaluation Report # 1

The purpose of this project is to support the Lamp of the Path NGO Soup Kitchen to feed 80 homeless people in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. This report (attached) will give you an overall picture of the project’s progress. We have asked Lamp of the Path’s staff to answer several questions. Here is a summary of this report.

To this day, 70 people receive hot meals 5 days a week. Those people are poor, homeless or/and sick. Moreover, locals are involved in the maintenance of the Soup Kitchen

The community and local authorities are very supportive for the work of this NGO.

However, one of the results of this report is that the organization needs more funds to carry the project until the end of the year as the support of Friends of Humanity is projected to last only 5 months

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