Dec 15, 2014

Caring for the homeless of Ulaanbaatar

Most Kind and Generous Donors,

Please rejoice in the fact that to date the soup kitchen has been serving 70 to 80 hot meals per day, five days a week to the homeless of Ulaanbaatar, not to mention the many medical outreach programs throughout the summer months.

The soup kitchen also becomes a special place of refuge for the people especially during the winter months in the coldest city of the world. Open since 2003 the beneficiaries still pour in for their one hot meal of the day.

As usual the running of the soup kitchen during the six months of the winter is always the most expensive for us as we need to spend a huge amount of money on the purchase of coal to heat the facility. Located in the poor district of Ulaanbaatar we still do not have access to the central heating system.

Besides the cost of utilities skyrocketing during the six months of the winter, we also add meat to the diet for a more hardy meal and provide traditional drinks made from a kind of treated dairy product that has a very nice warming effect on the body.

The new additional project we have taken on, as of November of 2014 is to provide day care to the children of the very underprivileged coming from single parent homes, children who are four to five year olds, so that their parent have the opportunity to make a living by freeing them up to look for a job. Having just started the project it remains to be seen how long we will be able to support this initiative. Right now we have sixteen children that we care for with with the provision of three meals a teacher and an assistant.

I hope to upload some long over due pictures and videos of the soup kitchen and the children's program as soon as I can rally the help and support for my limitations for such undertakings.

Thanking you always!

Sep 17, 2014

Caring for the Homeless of Ulaanbaatar

15th September 2014 Project Report for Global Giving

The Mongolian weather for 2014 has been a great blessing for the country and the people. The winter has been mild compared to 2013, when we went through one of the coldest winters.

The spring and summer brought an abundance of rain and temperate weather that fostered a lot of vegetation and boon for our little vegetable garden at the soup kitchen which saw some great harvests of vegetable that was completely relished by the beneficiaries.

To date, that is by mid-September, 2014 we have served over 23,000 hot meals. The meals served during the six months of spring and summer are vegetarian, except on those occasions when people have donated meat especially for the soup kitchen. During the six months of the winter we add a small amount of meat to the diet.

The meals at the soup kitchen are still being prepared by our kind and caring Mongolian lady cook and the meals that she serves makes that statement and in the voiced opinion of our beneficiaries as well.

We have had five major medical outreach programs with a team of doctors and nurses seeing 35-40 patients from amongst our beneficiaries and doing very thorough detailed checkups for them.

We have also gone through the heavy expense of digging up our pipes from the well to kitchen, as our water pipes froze during the winter months and we had carry our water from the well to the kitchen during the winter freeze. So this summer we have dug up the pipes, applied heating coil and re-enforced the insulation in preparation for the winter.

Also, coming up new for us from October 2014 onwards is the start of a day care center for four to five year olds from some of the poorest families. The purpose is to provide care, a loving environment and physical nourishment for the children and allow for the parents to be able to work as well.

Aug 21, 2014

Feed the homeless in the coldest city of the world

 Dear All,

Thank you very much for the generous spirit of all our patrons who have made it possible for us to continue with our services for the most vulnerable homeless people of Ulaanbataar for the last eleven years.

Although, material development has been remarkable for this century, through science and technology but basic human problems and needs still remain to this day to be resolved. This is true for all of us who have fallen off the track of life's success and hit the road of desperation and poverty.

In the city of Ulaanbataar the soup kitchen from the Lamp of the Path-NGO stands to make a difference in the lives of those of us who have fallen under hard times. Although the winter of 2013/2014 has not been as severe as the last one, yet the number of beneficiaries seeking the support of the soup kitchen has grown to number at least one hundred. The number of beneficiaries does increase during the winter months as there is far less work available.

Winter is the most expensive time frame for our budget as the cost of utilities skyrocket and the additional cost of providing winter clothing and boots take a toll on our budget. Moreover, this year we had the added misfortune of have frozen water pipes from the well to the kitchen that brought on the added task of carrying our water from the well to the kitchen in wheel barrow.

The soup kitchen is serviced by our warm and friendly Mongolian lady cook who really has her heart and soul in the service of the homeless, going the extra mile in the making of the food, reaching out to them and befriending them.

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