Sambhali Trust

Sambhali Trust's Goals We, being Sambhali Trust, a grassroots women's empowerment non-profit organization in Jodhpur who works almost exclusively with Dalit women and girls, are teaching our members how to become independent and self sustained. We do not offer pure handouts. This concept is what makes our organization and promotion of women's empowerment successful, which is shown through how Sambhali Trust was only created a few years ago and already is affecting the lives of over three hundred.
Educate 70 children in Rajasthan
Education will be the route to helping these children out of poverty in a poor overcrowded community of Jodhpur where the families are labourers and rag-pickers. Sambhali Trust will provide staff to teach Literacy, English and Maths, together with a focus on Health and Hygiene as well as encouraging the whole community of 300 children to attend school.
Sambhali Trust Empowering Women and Girls in India
Sambhali Trust consists presently of 12 projects, focused on empowering women and girls in Rajasthan and is helping over 450 women and girls at any one time, giving them the opportunity to develop a better life through providing them with access to education, vocational skills and workshops to increase their income-potential as well as developing a skill-set which helps them to express themselves and their opinions in a patriarchal society. project reportread updates from the field
Empower Underprivileged Women & Girls in India
Sambhali Trust provides over 350 underprivileged women and girls in Rajasthan state with educational, vocational, and social skills to help them to become confident and financially independent. project reportread updates from the field
Shelter for Women-Survivors of Domestic Violence
Sambhali Trust has been given an opportunity by the Department of Women and Child Development in Rajasthan to facilitate a new scheme that calls for a safe house to shelter women in difficult circumstances. In this upcoming project, innovative methods will be taken to ensure access to services: counselors, medical doctors, and legal advice. From women suffering domestic violence to mentally distressed women - all will be provided with emergency assistance and guidance. project reportread updates from the field
Empowerment Centers for Women and Girls in India
Sambhali Trust works to change the lives of Rajasthani women by providing them with access to formal education, training in traditional income-generating skills such as handicraft production, as well as arranging and monitoring women's self-help groups, helping them to save money, have access to loans and create small enterprises of their own. We teach women about their human rights and provide refuge and support in cases of domestic violence, and financial help with legal issues. project reportread updates from the field

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