Jan 10, 2019

Photos from a Dance Workshop

For decades, Colombia's armed conflict has pitted government and right-wing paramilitary groups against anti-government guerrillas. Armed groups have especially targeted girls and young women, turning their bodies into battlefields. For the dream of peace to be realized, those who were raped in the war will need healing, justice and an end to the stigma that mars their lives.

That’s why we partner with Taller de Vida, one of the few organizations working with rape survivors in war-affected communities. With your support, we assist local advocacy efforts to ensure that survivors have access to their human rights, like shelter. We also provide counseling, peer support and art therapy to enable girls to overcome their experiences of war and trauma. Through music, dance, theater classes and more, they break through silence and stigma. Young survivors come to know that they are not alone, and they gain the confidence to speak out against the abuses they’ve experienced.

The photos you see here are from a dance workshop that local girls participated in. Thank you for making art therapy workshops like this one possible!

Dec 11, 2018

Broadcasting women's rights

With your support, Indigenous women in rural communities have vital information to protect their rights, thanks to the radio station run by our local partner group, Wangki Tangni. It has thrived for two years now and remains the only women’s rights radio broadcasting on Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast.

Relayed in both Spanish and Miskito, the local Indigenous language, the programs inform women who have survived abuse about how to reach shelters, medical care and legal services. Your support has also helped provide over 200 solar-powered radios to Indigenous women, so that this life-saving information reaches even the most isolated communities without electricity.

To strengthen this project, MADRE sponsored a gathering of Indigenous radio producers and activists in Oaxaca, Mexico in September. There, Wangki Tangni’s team visited a local Indigenous community radio station and exchanged strategies to use the radio to organize their communities for progressive action. They also received training from a local activist on storytelling and on using radio as a tool to transmit Indigenous oral histories.

“What I liked the most about the trip to Oaxaca was learning new tools and strategies on how to continue strengthening our storytelling on the radio. After the capacity building, we want to incorporate more stories; radio programming is done better when we incorporate our own stories and those of our communities.” Larisa Escobar, Wangki Tangni’s Executive Director

Thank you for your support of this valuable program! In the photo above, you can see Vilma (left), who attended the training in Oaxaca, and Rose, Wangki Tangni’s leader at the radio station. While this program will no longer be featured on Global Giving, it continues to flourish. To learn more about the radio program, please visit www.madre.org for updates.

Nov 27, 2018

Water tanks delivered!

Indigenous women in Kenya receive water tanks
Indigenous women in Kenya receive water tanks

Indigenous women in Kenya are mobilizing to confront climate change in their communities. Facing years of deadly drought, our partners at the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) have built systems to protect local springs and store precious water supplies. On a recent trip, we delivered two water tanks to our partners’ communities. These water tanks will help women and their families access and preserve clean water, despite the drought.

And we’re working together to bring their voices to the international level, where they can share their expertise and demand just climate policies. In fact, in December, an IIN delegation will be going to a UN climate conference in Poland, bringing their locally-rooted knowledge to advocate for sustainable solutions to climate change. Thanks to your support, we’re able to support our partners as they create change locally and internationally.

Photo credit: Poppy Miyonga

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