MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.

MADRE's mission is to advance women's human rights by meeting urgent needs in communities and building lasting solutions to the crises women face. MADRE works towards a world in which all people enjoy the fullest range of individual and collective human rights; in which resources are shared equitably and sustainably; in which women participate effectively in all aspects of society; and in which people have a meaningful say in policies that affect their lives. MADRE's vision is enacted with an understanding of the inter-relationships between the various issues we address and by a commitment to working in partnership with women at the local, regional and international levels who ...
$3000 Opens New Shelter For Girls Fleeing ISIS!
The extremist group ISIS is going door to door, abducting, enslaving and repeatedly raping girls and young women in Iraq. Those who manage to escape are often the sole survivors of their families, alone in unfamiliar towns. But MADRE and our local partners are there for them. We're opening a brand new shelter and rape crisis center for young girls who have escaped sexual slavery. Here, they will find safe haven, urgent care, and lasting support to rebuild their lives.
Shelters for Women in Iraq
In Iraq, MADRE helps women threatened by violence to escape to safety and begin rebuilding their lives. With allies and an escape route, survivors of violence move from seeing themselves only as victims of abuse. They come to know that they can create positive change. This project strengthens women's capacity to demand their rights to freedom from all forms of violence. project reportread updates from the field
Healing for Sexual Violence Survivors in Colombia
Colombia's war has been going on for so long, most people don't remember what peace was like. MADRE and Taller de Vida, our local sister organization, are there for former child soldiers caught up in this violence. And we're there for girls who've survived sexual violence in the war. Through counseling and human rights trainings, these young girls receive the support they need to heal. They are able to rebuild from the traumas they've endured, to seek justice and to demand an end to violence. project reportread updates from the field
Harvesting Hope for Indigenous Women in Nicaragua
On the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, Indigenous families confront extreme poverty and hunger. To combat these threats, MADRE and our longtime sister organization Wangki Tangni provide Indigenous women with the tools they need to survive, including training in organic farming and vegetable seeds. Women farmers are growing healthy foods to feed their families. And through MADRE-organized local farmers markets, women are selling surplus produce to earn much-needed income. project reportread updates from the field
Radios: A Lifeline to Safety for Nicaraguan Women
In remote communities on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, Indigenous women are in danger. They suffer from high rates of abuse at the hands of their partners. They need information on the services available to them, including safe housing. But often that information is out of reach-too far away, or written in a language they don't understand. That's why MADRE and our sister organization Wangki Tangni support women's right to a life free from violence through an innovative radio project. project reportread updates from the field
Help Women in Kenya Confront Climate Change
In Kenya, severe and frequent drought triggered by climate change is devastating rural families. People whose livelihoods depend on the land are left with nothing as their animals perish and their crops wither away. Families are going hungry. MADRE and the Indigenous Information Network are training Indigenous women to confront the impacts of climate change by conserving resources and adapting local ways of life. project reportread updates from the field
Deliver Aid to Earthquake Survivors in Nepal
The death toll continues to rise after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal, the worst earthquake to strike there in decades. Thousands more are injured, homeless and in desperate need of urgent aid, including women and the children in their care. MADRE and our on-the-ground partners are already mobilized to deliver emergency humanitarian aid to areas most in need. project reportread updates from the field
Ensure a Safe Birth for Mothers in the West Bank
Midwives for Peace, a grassroots group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives, works to provide essential pre-natal and maternal care and to ensure safe deliveries for women living in the West Bank. project reportread updates from the field
Sustainable Chicken Farm for Guatemalan Women
MADRE partners with Muixil, a community based organization of Indigenous Ixil women in Guatemala. Together, we founded Farming for the Future, a collective income-generating project that provides the Ixil women living in poverty with economic independence and food security and empowers them to demand their political rights. project reportread updates from the field
Supporting Girls Education in Rural Kenya
With our partner organization, the Indigenous Information Network, MADRE supports the Nanyori Shelter Network, a group of six shelters that feed and care for hundreds of girls who have escaped forced early marriage and FGM. Grateful Kenyan mothers have named these school shelters the "Nanyori" Network, which means "You Are Loved." The shelters also serve as boarding schools, providing girls from Indigenous communities in rural Kenya with a safe and protected environment to pursue their educati project reportread updates from the field

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