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Feb 3, 2020

A Noon Meal is Essential

My name is Leontine.  I am 16 years old and am in my next to the last year of secondary school at the Lycee Moderne de l’Amitie (LMA).  I am specializing in math and science in my coursework.  I come from a village 8 km from the lycee.  My father is an assistant mason.  My mother raises a few chickens to sell.  I have five younger siblings: two brothers and three sisters.  They all go to school.  My sisters and I help our mother to manage the small amounts of money she gets from the sale of her chickens.  My father comes to the lycee from time to time to make sure that I am working hard and that I am getting good grades.

The LMA is the best secondary school in the region.  This is obvious from the positive test results.  The canteen plays a most important role for those of us who come from poor families.   Having something to eat midday helps us lot.   I hope to pass final lycee exams at the end of next year and to continue my studies in architecture. 

I sincerely thank Friends of Burkina Faso donors and encourage them to continue to support the canteen.  Long live Friends of Burkina Faso.

Nov 11, 2019

Mariam: Looking Out For All of Her Students


My name is Mariam.  I am 25 years old.  Thanks to Assn NEEED, as a young child I was able to enter primary school with the help of the Lambs Support Girls’ Education Project and my lambs supported my education through secondary school.  I graduated from secondary school in 2015 and was fortunate to receive a scholarship from Assn NEEED to primary school teacher training.  Today, I am a primary school teacher in a village.  My students are wonderful and love to learn.  We are like one big family.

Last year, I observed that a 9-year old student in my class could not focus on her studies and was mostly sleeping in class.  During recess one day, I talked with her and learned that her mother had died and her father married another woman who forced this young girl to do all of the domestic chores.  This kept her up late at night and got her up very early in the morning.  She was not able to complete school work nor learn her lessons.  I took the issue to my school director and we called her father in to meet with us and the president of the Parent Teachers Association.  Ultimately, the father understood that it is inappropriate to force his daughter to do all of the domestic chores, and he understood the importance of allowing his daughter time to study and to rest.  As a consequence, at the end of the year, this student scored 11th academically out of 96 students in my class.

These are the teachers your donations support:  young women who have been challenged themselves and who are serious about the education of the next generation of village children in Burkina Faso.

Mariam with her class
Mariam with her class
Nov 4, 2019

"It Takes a Village"


My name is Delphine.  I am 21 years old and in my last year of secondary school at the Lycee Modern de l’Amitie (LMA), with an academic emphasis on science.  My parents are subsistence farmers.  I have four brothers and five sisters.  I am the only in my family to go to school.  When I was young, a friend of my father’s who has a daughter my age took me to Ouahigouya (a larger town) and enrolled me in primary school.  I have been at the LMA since middle school and have always benefitted from the noon meal offered at this school.  It is a huge source of motivation for many students and it contributes to the greater academic achievement of students of the LMA compared with other middle/secondary schools in the region.

I was touched three years ago when I learned that the Coordinator of Assn NEEED volunteered to support the education of a fellow student who is an orphan (both father and mother).    The Coordinator is paying for all of her educational costs: school fees, school materials, noon meal and all of her personal needs.  When I saw this, it reminded me of when I left my parents to live with the friend of my father’s.  If it wasn’t for this man, I would not be in school.  I would have been forced to marry at a very young age like the other girls my age who stayed in the village.

With all that I have seen, following my studies I want to do humanitarian work, to help those who are less fortunate and bring a smile to those who are in distress.

I thank Assn NEEED and its partners (that’s you, GlobalGiving donors!) for all they/you have done, and do, to support us disadvantaged young women.

LMA students appreciate their noon meal
LMA students appreciate their noon meal
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