Dec 23, 2015

Building a Library Report

"Creating Library school Jesus of Nazareth, the Boquita - Carazo"

Over the years the Beauchamp Charity Foundation has managed and executed several projects. One of the most important project has been directed to a School named “Jesus of Nazareth“ located in a Fisherman Village in La Boquita, Carazo Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan´s Ministry of Education (MINED) with its budget has made great effort to improve the classrooms of the school Jesus of Nazareth nevertheless the School requires to create a space where children and adolescents may have additional reference material for further learning and recreation; this requires of an additional budget that not always the Ministry of Education has available.

The Beauchamp Charity Foundation at this point, has as a goal to support the MINED and contribute to one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which is “Achieve universal primary education” with the construction of a library provided with basic furniture (bookshelf, tables and chairs), which will allows to expand the opportunities of children to learn and develop their skills.

The implementation of a library also aims to provide an option for children and adolescents of school age learn to use their leisure time in activities that help them to increase their knowledge and get them away from the dangers they may encounter on the street.
To achieve this goal, the BCF foundation currently has developed a project that has a budget of US$ 4,641.44. This budget includes amount of money for the building materials, workmanship for the construction, the shelves to place books, tables and chairs). The project has been approved by Nicaraguan´s Ministry of Education. At this point the Foundation has raised a total of US $ 1.242.95 dollars with the support of 7 contributors from our community.

Sep 24, 2015

Our library is becoming a reality!

Land where library will be built
Land where library will be built

Where is our project now?  With hard work and dedication to our project, we have finally got the approval and permit to build the library at the local school.  We are very happy to say that it got approved. "Why is it so difficult to get such an amazing project approved"?   One of my donors asked. Well, politics and  bureaucracy in our government can ruin good things, I answered.  But now we are very happy to let our donors and future donors know that we have the green light. 

Our kids are very happy and looking forward to their library. The government is building new rooms for the kindergarten kids and our foundation is happy to make their dream come true with the library. It has been many years of struggle to make this happen and Beauchamp Charity Foundation is there to help. The kids from these communities have never had a library before. This library will be the first one ever. What a Joy!

Green Light to build, the permit!
Green Light to build, the permit!
May 27, 2015

I wish I had a book, to read and share

Jesus de Nazareth students
Jesus de Nazareth students

"I wish I had a book to read today," Andreina told me when I was in Nicaragua working on our "Homes with a Smile" project (building homes for the families who needed them most). "What about the books the school gives you?" I asked Andreina. She told me that they didn't have any books at the time. The only books the school had were the ones the teachers used to teach. I asked Andreina, a 7 year old girl from the community where the Beauchamp Foundation concentrates its efforts, "What do you read at home when you want to read?" Andreina couldn't answer the question, she just didn't have an answer. Education in Nicaraguan public schools, especially in these small communities, is very poor. This is a big problem for the country, and the fact that the people do not understand the importance of reading and education does not help the situation.

The more you read, the more you know and understand. Reading exercises our brains. Reading relaxes the body and mind. Reading teaches children about the world around them. Reading improves a child's vocabulary and leads to more highly developed language skills. Reading develops a child's imagination. Children who read do better at school and are more likely to succeed in the future.

This library is going to change the life of many kids in this community. The foundation is working together with the local school right now, doing the construction plans. We are planning to add a small structure to the already existing building, and get books for the kids. It sounds very simple, but to be able to finish this project we need YOU. We need you to please donate, tell your friends to take a look at this wonderful project and donate. We need the funds to build the library and buy the books. Thank you very much.


Photos attached to this report: 1- photos of kids who attend the local school  and 2-an award given to my mother, Monique Beauchamp for her hard work in the community

Thank You From the Community
Thank You From the Community


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