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Jan 29, 2020

Karishma heals her wounds and runs to victory!

Girls unite to run the Mumbai marathon!
Girls unite to run the Mumbai marathon!

This grassroots project works on the frontline with girls and women who have experienced severe trauma or been at serious risk of domestic slavery or sex trafficking. In addition to providing a place of safety, we offer long-term practical and psychological support is given to enable girls to feel empowered, make their own decisions and take control of their own destinies. It's a great privilege to share Karishma's story with you. 


Karishma’s* story

Karishma spent most of her childhood in child rescue institutions. She didn’t have any role models in her family as her mother was rarely at home given her involvement in sex work and her grandfather would burn Karishma with cigarettes if she refused to listen to him. On top of these hardships, Karishma was repeatedly sexually abused by a man her mother was involved with.

As Karishma was growing up, she eventually got very curious about sexual relationships, but developed a pattern of having sex with any man who showed interest. This continued after her marriage too. Due to the various related issues she faced at her husband’s house after marriage, Karishma finally came to our project, where our counsellors noticed severe Borderline Personality issues. Her patterns of having multiple toxic relationships was hard to break.

However, after intensive counselling along with her own efforts, Karishma found enough stability to start working. We are proud to say that Karishma now pays for her own housing in the community and is undergoing physical fitness training. She aspires to become a physical fitness trainer and remain financially independent.

Karishma participated in 2 marathons, one of which was TATA Mumbai Marathon, one of the biggest races in the country where people from across the world participate.

*All identifying factors have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Thank you for support- your ongoing donations into 2020 would help us reach 150 young women like Karishma.

Jan 24, 2020

Computer literacy: the key to Pandita's future

Pandita at her evening job
Pandita at her evening job

Pandita lives in Ramabai nagar which is one of the biggest slums in Amravati, India. Most of the young people don’t continue their education  and instead start work on daily wages in undignified work.

However, Pandita is aiming for life beyond daily labour and has turned to this project for support. Pandita’s family situation is very poor. She lives with her parents and 2 younger brothers. Her father is able to sell fruit on a small scale while her mother is too sick to work. As a female, Pandita’s education has not been a priority; her marriage and her broethers’ education has been the focus. Nevertheless, Pandita is determined to get a job that enables her to be independent before she thinks of marriage. Some basic barriers Pandita has faced include the space to study, text books and exam fees. 

This project is inspired by Pandita’s determination, confidence and courage! We are helping Pandita achieve computer literacy, which enables her to work in the evenings as a computer operator. This helps Pandita feel more in control of her future; she is not dependent on her familiy’s small income to further her education. 

With time and vision, Pandita is on track to achieve her goal of economic independence and to continue her education. The positive impact for her future is huge and wouldn’t be possible without your support- thank you for helping Pandita see a future beyond the slums and achieve her dreams! 

Jan 20, 2020

From strength to strength- goals for the future!

Staff celebrate their goals that build on success!
Staff celebrate their goals that build on success!
The Bhalobasha project in West Bengal has gone from strength to strength in the last 4 years and is now ready to enter a new phase.
The project was originally supporting 10 families - and over the last 4 years this has now grown to over more than 60 families each year! There is a long waiting list for the project which is heavily over subscribed.
I recently spent a week leading the project through a strategic planning process for the next 4 years. and the team created their goals for the future.
Developments over the next 4 years will include -
  • Increased levels of mainstreaming children into school
  • more support for fathers to care for their children
  • more integration into the local community for children and their families
  • greater levels of support for families to access financial and practical entitlements
The team were very enthusiastic about the planning process and were both grateful for the support Karuna has given the project over recent years, and extremely optimistic about the future.
Thank you for your support of this project; regular donations help projects like Bhalobasha bring an exciting child-centered future into being. Thank you! 
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