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Jul 1, 2019

Thank you for your care and support.

We wish to thank GlobalGiving for the invaluable support being extended to our intervention for the children living with HIV/AIDS. We take this opportunity to thank the individual donors for their kind assistance towards helping the kids living with HIV here in utmost need.

To improve the quality of life of such children, support was extended to them. Records have mentioned that the weight of this child has increased. Where three meals a day was uncertain to this family, this support has brought remarkable change in the health status of this child.  

True Story:

Kumar (name changed) is studying 11th grade. The family lives in a small tiled house, his father is infected with HIV/AIDS and has been taking the Anti Retro Viral (ART) treatment for the last 13 years. He works as shepherd herding goats. Kumar and her mother too are infected with HIV and have undergoing ART. But the other child Kumar’s sister Priya (name changed) is not infected with HIV.

Kumar has been benefiting by the nutritional package provided by SPPD since the year 2012. His father says that only because of the nutrients that he gets from the nutritional kit, Kumar has been able to maintain the CD 4 count at a very good level. According to him his son enjoys to be able to relish the eggs, milk and the health drink , grams and date fruits from the nutritional kit.

He is so happy that Kumar has been able to concentrate on his studies and has reached 10th without any major opportunistic infections afflicting all these years, because of the nutritional supplements he receives all these years. He recalls the terrible struggle he had to undergo before the family started receiving the nutritional support from SPPD. The family of Kumar as a whole wants to be grateful for this help being extended.

Stephen (name changed) is studying 10th standard in the own village school. His father was working as a truck driver and he passed away in the year 2006 due to HIV/AIDS. After his death Stephen and his mother went in for screening tests and both were found to be infected with HIV/AIDS. She has been undergoing ART since then and Stephen has started the treatment only last month as his CD4 was more than 1000 initially and has started dropping only in the recent months.

Stephen’s mother has been a member of Red Ribbon unit functioning with the facilitation of SPPD since the year 2004. His mother’s health condition is worsening and yet she keeps going for work, as the entire family depends on her earnings. She says while her association with SPPD as a member of the Red Ribbon unit has gone a long way in making her aware of most of the vital information on HIV/ AIDS.

She further says that this helps her in the very difficult task of bringing up her two children both of whom are infected. His mother attributes the same solely to the regular intake of the nutrients. She along with the children thank Global Giving and the donors for the continued help.

May 28, 2019

Successive journy.......

We wish to thank the donors of Global Giving for extending a helping hand to the victims of the floods that had devastated Kerala last year. Indeed the response from the donors of Global Giving went a long way in giving the flood affected tribal communities who bore the brunt of the fury of the floods in this part of Kerala. Now the work on rehabilitation and especially the renovation of the damaged houses have been going on through the efforts of the government.

And on a thankful not we request you to close this campaign for fundraising for Kerala flood.

Thanking Global Giving all the donors again for the kind support for the cause.

May 28, 2019

Our Sincere thanks to the donors of the project.

We thank the donors of Global Giving for their kind support towards the members of the communities who were badly affected by the destruction caused by the cyclone “Gaja”. As you are aware, the relief work was carried out by our team through the National Mother and Child welfare Organization.

We wish to inform you that now rehabilitation work is being taken up in the cyclone hit region by the government. And hence while requesting you to close the campaign seeking donation for the Gaja cyclone hit victims, we again thank the donors of Global Giving for their timely support and solidarity with the cyclone hit communities.

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