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Jan 31, 2020

Friends - GlobalGiving Jan 2020 Report

4Q 2019 Report & Preview of 2019 Results

In 2019 we met Jessuany (picture above) and her smile and fighting spirit against cancer gave us the strenght to have a strong end of the year. She is our hero, like many other children, doctors and caregivers close to "Friends".

The 4Q was very important as we were able to allocate our funds and resources to purchase, at a very reduced cost, critical items such as formulas, nutritional supplements and others though International Aid. We also focused on categories that needed an extra push or we just took advantage of very important donations of multivitamins from Europe.

This means a good start of 2020 in very critical categories for our children in Venezuela and for our donors, the opportunity to once again see the way we maximize their monetary contributions. For instance, instead of buying a 8-oz bottle of pediasure at market value ($2), we were able to buy a very large quantity at $0.23 per bottle! This nutritional supplement is critical for both malnourished children and our little patients fighting cancer.

As you know, we are fighting malnourishment, food scarcity, and so much more, reason why these types of purchases and the funds needed can be a major break point in terms of the number of children we can assist and the quality of our care for each child. The number of shipments, their volume, and the quantity of the items we were able to ship in the last quarter and along the year are unprecedented!

Closing 2019, it was clear we tripled the number of shipments and most likely 5X more volume than in 2018. As donations and our operations, logistics and inventory grew, both in Miami and Venezuela, we had to be more efficient and effective in our communications, procedures, controls, reports, deliveries, and overall on the way we worked. As we accomplished all this, we were also able to collect and ship toys and special treats for Christmas! What a end of the year!

As we are about to finish and share our 2019 Annual Report, we are glad to announce that, despite the challenges we all faced, 11,948 children (+83%) benefited from the Pediatric Hospital Jorge Lizarraga and 1,810 children & teachers (2X vs 2018) under Alimentando Futuros received our daily meal program as an incentive to return and/or stay at school.

Here is a summary of the shipments and supplies received by our team at the Jorge Lizarraga Pediatric Hospital in Venezuela, by the end of 2019 (in Volume):

  • +40,000 units of Surgical & Medical from +170 different items.
  • +25,000 diapers
  • +17,000 nutritional supplements
  • +2,200 different types of formulas
  • +2,000 compotes
  • +2,300 vitamins
  • +80 different types of medicines, representing +3,800 units from general conditions to specific treatments...


Nov 4, 2019

Friends - GlobalGiving Nov 2019 Report

Third Quarter Highlights - 2019

Thanks to Sortly, our real-time Inventory Management System that allows us to control stock levels in Miami and Venezuela together with the inventory on transit, we were able to focus on Vitamins and Nutritional & Clinical Supplements this last 3Q, both contributing with 79% of total units shipped. This is +15,000 units of these 2 categories.

Medicines and Surgical & Medical categories added 20%, with +3,500 units. As we monitor our inventories, we ensure no category is left behind whether through donations or purchases. Today, our children and staff at Jorge Lizarraga Pediatric Hospital have been fortunate to receive +37,000 units of surgical & medical supplies, +22,000 units of diapers, +16,000 supplements, 3,000 units of medicines, and thousands more of other items.


YTD Third Quarter Highlights - 2019

In our previous report from 1st Semester, we highlighted the great support we had from so many individual donors, media, companies, and other organizations that allowed us to build good inventory levels, and as consequence, ensure large monthly shipments of several in-kind donations and items we were able to buy with individual monetary donations and grants.

Today, we can still see the impact of such a strong start of the year. Our work on operations, inventory management and constant communication with our teams in Venezuela also paid off and we have been able to respond to most critical categories. Of course, the crisis and needs still surpasses our resources and it remains a major challenge, for instance, to raise funds for very specialized, expensive items under Surgical & Medical Equipment that could not be accesible unless we have large monetary donations or grants.

Unfortunately, in general, it is still not enough no matter what we do, because Venezuela is still sbmerged in a “complex humanitarian emergency” as defined by United Nations.

Here is a summary of the shipments and supplies received in Venezuela until end of Sept (in Volume):

23 Shipments
+37,000 units of Surgical & Medical from +170 different items.
+22,000 diapers
+16,000 supplements
+3,000 medicines, from +80 different types of medicines (general conditions and specific treatments)
+1,900 formulas
+1,800 botteles of vitamins
+1,400 compotes
+1,000 canned/packed food.
      and many more other items


Sep 3, 2019

Friends - GlobalGiving August 2019 Report


Venezuela is still under a Complex Humanitarian Emergency situation. More than 4 miillion people have left Venezuela and everyday thousands continue fleeing the country. Many more, without the resources to leave, have to struggle almost alone to survive.

The combination of severe medicine and food shortages within Venezuela, together with the spread of disease across the country’s borders, amounts to this complex humanitarian emergency that requires a full-scale response by the UN and others.


Children and those living in underprivileged areas are the most vulnerable. Many children have been left behind too. The economy continues worsening, with inflation of 1,800,000% (projected to 10,000,000% for 2019) and currency devaluation of 45% that not only make Venezuelans' daily struggles even harder but also have drained Alimentando Futuros' funds for its school meal program, thus jeopardizing the school year for many.

This crisis is also deeply felt at any hospital. They receive the very minimum or no supplies and lack even the most basic items to provide a basic medical attention. Needless to say that newborns and children continue dying for malnutrition and the lack of medicines, medical supplies, etc.

FRIIENDS' 1st Half Results

Thanks to you and the support from our partners, we continue saving lives and providing the opportunities for a better future, including education! Many might take for granted a diaper or wipe, or even a meal in the day or at the school. But for our children in Venezuela, this means a whole world.

As of July , FRIENDS have managed to send 24 shipments, 18 of them by sea. Some air shipments responded to the need for urgent supplies such as medicines for specific treatments.

  • +34,000 units of Surgical & Medical from +170 different items.
  • +22,000 diapers.
  • +2,700 supplements.
  • +1,700 formulas.
  • +1,400 compotes.
  • +280 bottles of vitamins.
  • + 80 different types of medicines, representing +2,100 units from general conditions to specific treatments...

We thank YOU, every single donor, families, children, local schools, employees from corporations such as Bank of America, Pharmaceuticals such as New Pharma Inc. and Victus, and organizations such as Abraham Foundation, among many others, for playing a major role this 1st half of the year that have ensured nutritional meals, supplies, and medical attention to thousands of newborns and children in Venezuela. 

Our children in Venezuela thank you very much!


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