Dec 30, 2019

i am ready to overcome my unfortunate circumstance

bharani case study
bharani case study

Bharani (18) was from Nellore. Her father name was Subramanyam. Mother was Jyoti. She committed suicide setting on fire after realizing he had already got married by then and had three kids.

Bharani was three months old by that time. Bharani’s father’s first wife was Lalitha, a nurse. She used to be very kind with Bharani and cared more than her own children. As Bharani’s father started a small petty shop and asked her to stop working as a daily labor, she stopped attending her job for the fear of being doubted by her husband, she started working at fish culture packing industry.

Bharani’s father gradually, out of mental trauma about second wife’s death, he turned to be a drunkard. He used to beat first wife Lalitha often severely without any reason at nights. Lalitha who was very weak physically bore everything with patience as she loves her family very much. Bharani’s father had kidney and nerve issues. Lalitha used to be hopeless with all the issues. Later, when Bharani got matured, her mom took debts from different relatives. Previously, she was indebted to many due to the issues of her husband. Later, unable to bear financial and mental issues, she committed suicide after getting hit by the train at the railway track. The family members lately realized her death. All her children i.e one girl, two boys and Bharani loved their mom and were shocked at this sudden happening.

Later, Bharani was sheltered under Grandmother’s care. She used to work at frawns (Aqua) Company locally. Out of personal issues, her brothers poisoned her father a short period after her mother’s death. Later, they also tortured her with different reasons physically. Unable to spare, Bharani fled away with a neighboring guy who flirted her for long. He was nice to her till her first pregnancy. Later, he got some papers signed by Bharani that intended there would be no relation between him and her along with her kid. In this gap, some neighbors pitied her and sent her to kaikaluru for some period. Later, local heads alleged her of loving somebody and fleeing away. Her husband took away her kid creating negative impression on her in the eyes of villagers. Over a period of time, Bharani realized he was in love with some lady and she attempted suicide with frustration. Her husband left her and went away with her lover. There was no use even after local village heads probed him to stay with Bharani. With the suggestion of her grandmother, she left her native place.   She was 14 by that time.

While searching for jobs, she was lured by different brothel agents whom she believed innocently. She was cheated everywhere. Finally, when she was working at frawns (aqua) company, her relative who was brother in law by relation and had kids by then already has raped her and sent to brothel. In this period, she got close to a flirt namely Rajasekhar and he very cunningly sent her to a brothel in Markapur. She was caught in a police raid and taken to Markapur police station. Later she was sent to HELP Asha Sadan Rehabilitaton home in the month of July 2017 for counseling and rehabilitation services.

She had both physical and mental health problems, it took her a considerable period of time, to come back to normalcy. She had learnt “embroidery” & “Jute Bag makings in the ASHA SADAN rehabilitation home.

 “Many days of my life have already gone by,” says Bharani. “But now I want to do good work in the time that’s remaining.”  

 Bharani is motivated to succeed thanks to your compassionate gift. She is willing to overcome her unfortunate circumstances to provide a better life for her and her children. Thank you for changing her life.

Oct 7, 2019

now i am happy

Lakshmi is 15 years old. She is from Schedule Tribe (nomadic tribal) community and belongs to Raju Mantri colony in Ongole. Her family consists of 5 members including her mother, two brothers and one sister and one boy studies 3rd class in a school. Personal background: Lakshmi was neglected by her mother after she had given birth to latter but assigned her the responsibility of taking care of their younger kids. All children were sent to private convents. But, Lakshmi was used as a housemaid. Moreover, Lakshmi was later sent to collect hair from households. She used to earn almost one thousand rupees per day but she had hardly any money left with her. Her earnings were not utilized for her to feed herself three meals a day. Her mother used to take hold of all the money. Over a period of time, Lakshmi loved an auto driver and had sexual relation with him. Her mother realized this and made a mess to collect compensation of rs.50, 000/- from the auto driver through a grievance meeting in presence of village heads. After receiving the money, her mother didn’t use the money for Lakshmi marriage but, she used it for her children education. She again got close to the auto driver and he slowly got her habituated to commercial sex work. When he was sexually harassed and tortured her physically along with five more guys she ran away naked on sea shore of Chirala, the police got the information and rescued her. She was referred to Asha Sadan run by HELP for her protective care and rehabilitation. She get basic needs, trauma counseling and to learn skill training as part of rehabilitation services. She is trained in making jute bags in the Asha Sadan home. Now she could enjoy the joyful days she is being spent in shelter home and accelerating a step forward towards a bright light of her life because of your immense support. Lakshmi expressed her deep hearted gratitude and wish to remain so grateful to Global Giving with its donor who supported her for a great positive change in her life. We will let you know the further progress. Thanks a lot for your Support in Changing lives of victims of human trafficking. *Lakshmi’s identity has been changed to protect her and to keep her safe.

Jul 10, 2019

I am confident towards my bright future

Press clipping
Press clipping

“I delighted that, my mother along with five other traffickers have been penalized with 10 years imprisonment and no bounds to my joy indeed. I live a life of dignity with courage and confidence hereafter that made me to decide to work for the welfare and protection of rescued victims of trafficking with the motivation of HELP organisation. I cordially extend my gratitude and my hearty thanks to HELP” - Lakshmi

 12 Yrs old Lakshmi (name changed) was forced to enter in to prostitution and was sold to brothel house at Vijayawada by her own mother Deepika for Rs. 20,000/- in January 2016. Later after some time, she sold to a brothel house at Mangalagiri and again to a brothel house at Bodipalem in Chirala after 10 days. It is so pathetic to say that, she sold to a brothel house at Chilakaluripet immediately within 10 days from Chirala. The girl was escaped from an auto when she was shifting from Chirala (Prakasam Dist) to Chilakaluripet (Guntur Dist) on 24th Jun 2016. She reached Chirala railway station where an unknown person has observed the girl who looks so distressed and feeling some insecurity. He has taken to his house and got to know the issue. He informed to CHILDLINE 1098 who have bounded to his house and rescued the girl. They have produced her before Child Welfare Committee. After careful examination of the issue and recording the statement of the girl, a case has been booked in Chirala Police Station. The girl has been referred to HELP’s Asha Sadan Rehabilitation home for rehabilitation including basic needs, safe shelter, counseling and other care and protection services.

 During her stay at Asha Sadan, as part of counseling by home staff, the girl revealed entire story about how she has been pushed in to flesh trade that is too by her own biological mother. The information by the girl has been conveyed to the CWC who recorded the statement of the girl under Sec 164 Cr.PC through Mrs. Prema Kajal – DSP of Chirala before the Magistrate. As a result, the mother of the girl, two traffickers, two brothel owners along with two customers identified by the girl have been taken in to the custody of the police and arrested under POCSO, IPC and ITPA Acts.

 The girl was receiving trainings in preparing bakery items and Jute bags making and without caring the pressure from her family members has deposed her witness in Hon’ble court of law against her mother other traffickers and also customers. As a result, on 17th Jun 2019, the court has disposed the case with conviction to her mother along with two other traffickers with 10 year rigorous imprisonment and 7 years imprisonment to customers and brothel owners.

 The girl stated that, “I have deposed witness even against my mother along with other perpetrators involved in the crime as I was facilitated with enough care and protection through Asha Sadan since 3 years. I thank to HELP organisation & staff of Asha sadan people that protecting, inducing self confidence and moral support to innocent girls who fall prey to the traffickers and other such criminals and are losing their lives like me. Hence, I decided to work for the girls who are at risk of trafficking like me with the motivation of HELP hereafter”.

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