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Mar 21, 2012

Group #2 Mum's Progress

Mums preparing the land for planting
Mums preparing the land for planting

The new group of mums who have moved onto the Turning Point farm are continuing to do well

 “The farm is very nice and we enjoy when we are working on it. It's very hard work but we just enjoy it.” Melab

 At the Turning Point Farm the new group of mums who moved there in December are adjusting well to rural life and throwing themselves into the farm work. They are being trained in farming skills and putting it all into practice on their own half acre plots. The mums are also living together in community, cooking their meals and eating together.

 “We mothers are farming and we are happy that our kids' lives are changing. Since we came to the farm, we don't sleep hungry or miss a cup of tea.” Nancy

The mums and kids are bonding together well as a community despite the natural struggles and tensions that come up as a group learns to live together. Samuel, the new Farm Manager, is very pleased by their progress.

“We thank Turning Point for what they've done. Since we came here in December we have been continuing with things on the farm, we are planting now. We are really happy and our kids are happy” Felista

 See the video of the mum's moving day in December and a progress report from the mums 2 months into their stay at the farm.


Jan 4, 2012

A new group of mamas

10 new mamas with their kids ready to leave Kibera
10 new mamas with their kids ready to leave Kibera

The first group of mums who moved onto their own land in August are continuing very well. There has been a lot of rain in Kinangop recently, a little too much for the potatoes, but otherwise the mums are managing their plots of land well. When we visited last week every mum's land was full of maize, beans, peas and potatoes. Wahu is also growing some coriander to add some extra flavour to her stew. Margaret has bought herself a cow which is a sure sign that she is doing well on her farm, she also rears rabbits and chickens.

On 6th December 2011 a new group of 10 mums moved from Kibera to the community farm in Kinangop to begin the process towards owning their own land. They are now embarking on 'Stage 1', living in community and learning how to farm. There was a real buzz of excitement on moving-day, the mums full of hope for the future and the kids totally loving the fields, football pitch and playground.


Jan 4, 2012

From Sylvester

I feel glad to say Education is the key and a integral factor in fighting poverty. Turning point therefore has been on the front page in Kibera fighting poverty. By God's love this organization was established in Kibera where those unable to acquire education dwell. I am part of them.

I was born in abject poverty where my parents could not cater for my O level education fees. But surprisingly now I am at the University of Nairobi pursuing my accounting course, it was my dream and I am very happy that it has come to pass. Referring to the book of Jeremiah 29:11,God has a good plan for me and furthermore a good plan for my future.

I am done now with the first semester, of which has been good despite a few challenges. The first semester is for establishing the foundations of one's studies and getting to know campus life.

In conclusion I say kudos and most sincere thanks to everyone who has supported my education, may God bless you.

Finally, I wish you a very blessed new year,

From Sylvester”


“When I visited Sylvester last semester he seemed to be thriving in the academic environment. He showed me his text books full of economic theories and baffling accounting formulas and talked me through some of what he has been learning. I was so impressed to hear how he has been making the most of having access to the library, he's been reading around many subjects that interest him beyond Commerce.

At the time he was preparing a paper on the drought in Turkana and we debated the best way to deal with drought and how the Kenyan government could ensure that drought did not lead to famine over a cup of tea prepared by his room-mate, another Commerce student.

Sylvester is really enjoying university life and making the most of the opportunity. He just studied three units last semester and had plenty of spare time left-over so he wants to double that to six units this new year, this way he will graduate sooner. To enable him to increase his work load we need to raise the fees to cover the extra units so please consider whether you could contribute.

With thanks,

From Emily”

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