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Apr 8, 2019

Celebrating Prtnerships

It’s been an exciting first term and as we start our April holidays, we look back and celebrate the partnerships that have made this term successful and exciting.

All through the term, our partners Vitabu Vyetu have continued supporting our teachers by offering the children in Grade 1-3 extra literacy and numeracy classes. The presence of the volunteers in the school is something that the children look forward to every week. In January, they brought along more friends who gave each child exercise books and stationery to use during the term.

In February, our friends at Tin Roof Foundation supported us by offering our school leadership the opportunity to go through training in child protection and behaviour management. Child protection is a key element in our work because we believe that if the school represents a child friendly safe space, then our vision of seeing children develop holistically will be achieved.

This term also brought along new friendships as a team from an insurance company visited the school and gave each student a new sweater. This was a huge relief for many of the students because they’ll stay warm as the cold season approaches.

We cannot celebrate our partners and not celebrate you, thank you for supporting our work through the first term of this school year. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Mar 11, 2019

Play and Learn

Puzzle time...
Puzzle time...

I remember my kindergarten days filled with such fun times. I learnt in a class full of colour and light, every time I looked up on the walls I would see bits of my art work and get so excited when we worked on a new project because maybe this new piece would be put up too. Our classrooms moved from being a class, to an art gallery, to a music studio and to a playground in such a seamless way. I learnt and grew even during moments that I never knew were part of learning.

I don’t know about your experience but I suspect it was similar to mine or better and if it wasn’t I am sure you would want your children to be introduced to the academic world with experiences that inspires them to be creative, explore their strengths, be problem solvers and to have every one of their senses stimulated.

Unfortunately, due to a lot of factors that undermine the quality of education in informal settlements, a lot of children in these areas rarely get to have such experiences. Many kindergarten classes in Kibera are under resourced in terms of teaching materials, teachers, the size of classrooms are small and this leaves little room for children to even learn and be fully prepared to join primary school.

We envisioned that despite our environment we can give our students the kind of experience I had and even better and that is part of our plan this year. Our teachers are constantly creating fun learning experiences for the children and when you now walk into their classrooms their art work is up. In the corner of one of the classrooms there’s a carpet that has puzzles, flash cards and other items that children use to learn and sometimes, some pick puzzles over outdoor play, especially now that the temperatures are high.

We want to give these children an opportunity to develop holistically and we believe by having such experiences in their early years of learning they will grow being more confident in their abilities and flourish as individuals.

Thank you for supporting our work; you are part of life changing work.

Feb 7, 2019

Paying it forward

"I want to share my grandson's uniform with the students who can't afford their own"

Salima's grandson finished at the Fountains of Hope School last year, he was the school president for the year and always kept his uniform perfectly neat. He didn't need them any more and they were still in great condition, so she decided to bring them to our centre to be passed on to younger students who couldn't afford the uniform. 

Salima's grandson benefitted from our feeding programme which is a huge help to parents who are struggling to put 3 meals on the table.The programme provides 2 meals every day for the children in our primary school and our School Transition Programme where children are getting ready to join school. 

We were so touched by this generous act by a family who lives in Kibera and has many struggles of their own. The uniform was shared out between three new kids at our School Transition Programme. What a great way to pay it forward.

Thank you for your support for our feeding programme, be encouraged that your gift has inspired others to also give. 

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