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Sep 13, 2019

Setting Students Up for Success

Yet another school year has begun, and with it, NuDay's students are back to the books!

Students this year face a jam-packed semester, filled with fundamental classes and NuDay's specially designed science labs and computer labs. Through these hands-on courses, students will gain a deeper understanding of the topics introduced, meaning that they will have more intimate knowledge of vitally important skills. 

NuDay's students are determined. Take Amina, a sixth grader who is determined to become a doctor when she grows up. The science lab is allowing Amina to deepen her knowledge of subjects such as biology and chemistry. The computer course is similarly preparing her, teaching her that she can conduct her own research insofar as she is aware of how to do so.

The Future Generation Initiative is doing this with your support. It is through your advocacy that NuDay is able to ensure that Syria's future has the ability to rebuild their lives through following their dreams. From Syria's students to you: thank you.

Jun 5, 2019

Another Semester in the Books

White Helmets Training at a Kid Friendly Zone
White Helmets Training at a Kid Friendly Zone

The past few months have been busy for students and teachers alike at NuDy's Future Generation Schools. 


Our students have been excelling inside and outside of the classroom. With access to formal education, students are beginning to feel like children once more.


For NuDay, schools are not just spaces of learning but of building community, That's why we host what we call "Kid Friendly Zones" events meant to bring families together and celebrate children. Events are held at our schools, in order to ensure a positive connection to our learning centers. During these celebrations, children play games together, receive prizes, and participate in trainings (such as first aid trainings held by the White Helmets), and just exist together.


Your donation is going towards supporting the needs of Syria's youth, one child at a time, be that through eriching their learning experiences, making new friends, or simply coming together in the name of fun.

Celebration at a NuDay School
Celebration at a NuDay School
Nothing like being a kid!
Nothing like being a kid!
Feb 7, 2019

Girls Can Do Science, Too!

What do you see?
What do you see?

Molecules, atoms - oh my!

This year with your support, NuDay started a new class for schools: a science lab! 

We know that the best way to learn anything is through hands-on learning - be that through writing notes, toying with a computer, or, now, mixing baking powder with vinegar to understand how chemical reactions work. Science classes are lead by our trained educational staff, who are just as excited as we are to be adding this unit to the studies of young children. 

For our young girls, the opportunity to take science classes is a rare one - and many are already planning to follow this up with pursuing their medical degrees! There's nothing more we at NuDay love more than a group of strong-minded, insightful girls, ready to contribute their knowledge to the world, all while helping with a good cause! 

Our GlobalGiving campaign is still seeking funds to cover the spring semester of the school year and has been expanded to include all of NuDay's three Future Generation Schools. Our schools are one of the few running educational institutions in northwest Syria that inspire independent and critical thinking, honoring the freedom of individuals as they choose their own futures. 

Thank you for your unwavering support as we rebuild Syria's minds together.

One Person at a Time, One Humanity Closer!


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