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Oct 9, 2018

Healthcare in Rural Haiti Update #1

Summer was a busy time in the Central Plateau. Between over 5,000 patient visits at our health clinics, more than 50 births between our two maternity centers, and mobile clinic attendance upwards of 40,000, our staff doctors, nurses and community health agents worked hard to provide the best care possible to our patients. Patient visits range from preventative to diagnostic, as for many in this rural area, we remain the only source of healthcare.

Your support of our rural healthcare mission allows us to treat patients like nine-month old Cameciara. While under the care of a family member, Cameciara fell into a boiling pot of soup. When her mother, Rosemene, arrived home, she was shocked to see her daughter's badly burned face and body.

Rosemene immediately grabbed her baby and frantically walked 30 minutes to our clinic in Marmont, where she also previously received prenatal care and gave birth to Cameciara. Under the close supervision of Project Medishare's pediatrician, Cameciara is receiving the wound care and medication she needs to heal. We saw her a few weeks after her first visit to the Marmont clinic, and are thrilled to report she is happy, smiling and healing well.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for your continued support of our mission. On behalf of Cameciara, Rosemene, and the rest of our patients, we sincerely thank you. 

Sep 5, 2018

Baby Box Pilot Program - Report 2

Over the last three months, the staff at Project Medishare’s two maternity centers in rural Haiti have been working diligently to promote the baby box and newborn welcome kit among their patients. Posters and flyers have been placed in both maternity centers, creating visual images of the baby box and its contents, and outlining eligibility requirements. This awareness helps our team educate expecting moms on the importance of continued prenatal care, safe delivery services and postnatal care.

Additionally, we’ve finalized which items will be in the baby box, including washcloths, a swaddle blanket, baby wipes, thermometer and much more. The boxes and accompanying materials will be purchased in the fall and shipped to Haiti before the end of the year. The first boxes are expected to be distributed in January or February 2019.

Between our two maternity centers in Marmont and Lahoye, there are currently 152 expecting mothers eligible to receive a baby box. (A total of 80 baby boxes will be distributed as part of this pilot initiative.) The moms-to-be are excited about the possibility of receiving a baby box, which aside from providing newborn babies a safe place to sleep, will also include essential health and baby care items -- many of which are considered luxuries in a rural setting such as the Central Plateau.

One of the eligible mothers that we’ve had the opportunity to meet recently is Masius. Masius is 18 years old and expecting her first child. She’s eight weeks into her first trimester and lives with her husband in Hinche, a nearby town about 20 minutes away by motor vehicle. She travels to our maternity center in Marmont via motorcycle taxi. Masius considers herself fortunate, because she was able to complete both primary school and her first year of high school. She works in "commerce", which is a common occupation for women in Haiti, selling food or small household items as a street vendor or from a small store.

Masius and her husband hope to welcome their first baby at the maternity center in Marmont. They know they have other delivery options in their community, but her husband has heard good things about the quality of care provided by Project Medishare’s team of nurses and midwives. She would like to participate in the baby box program; we’ve encouraged her to come to all of her visits and complete required laboratory tests so that she will be eligible to receive the box for her new baby.

Thank you for your support of this program, which is helping to make childbirth and pregnancy safer for moms in rural Haiti. Because of you, expecting mom like Masius will welcome healthy babies into the world.

Jun 8, 2018

Maternal Health in Rural Haiti

Maudeline at Marmont Maternity Center
Maudeline at Marmont Maternity Center

Over the last few months, Project Medishare (PM) has been making efforts to improve the quality of maternal health services provided to women in Haiti’s Central Plateau. In addition to preparing to launch the baby box pilot program, PM opened its second maternity center. Located in Lahoye, a remote village near the border with the Dominican Republic, the center will provide women in the area with prenatal and postnatal care, labor and delivery services and family planning counseling. PM also operates a maternity center in Marmont.  

Eighty expecting moms at both clinics will be eligible to receive a baby box and essential infant care items, provided they attend at least one prenatal checkup during each trimester, complete all required lab tests and deliver at a PM maternity center.* One of those moms is Maudeline.

Maudeline is 13 weeks pregnant with her first child. She recently visited PM’s maternity center in Marmont for the first time during her pregnancy. During her exam, Maudeline learned the importance of receiving prenatal care throughout her pregnancy and she was provided with information about the baby box pilot program. She also received nutrition tips and a prescription for prenatal vitamins, which she received from our pharmacy.

As a young mom-to-be, Maudeline isn’t sure how she is going to take care of a baby. She only has a seventh grade education and is not employed. She left her parents’ home due to family conflict, and now lives with a cousin. Her boyfriend is a moto taxi driver, and barely earns enough to support himself, let alone Maudeline and a baby. Receiving a baby box would help lift a financial burden, and ensure her baby receives a healthy start in life.

Now that she’s aware of what she needs to do to make sure she has a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and knows that she can receive items her baby needs, Maudeline is committed to returning to PM’s maternity center for continued prenatal care. She also plans to deliver at the Marmont maternity center. She’s hoping for a girl.

Thank you for helping expecting moms like Maudeline! This project wouldn't be possible without you.



*Based on feedback from maternity center staff, the eligibility requirements were slightly changed from two visits each in the second and third trimester to at least one visit in each trimester. Tracking of eligible mothers started June 1, with the first distribution of baby boxes scheduled for early 2019.

Maudeline at Prenatal Exam
Maudeline at Prenatal Exam
Maudeline on boyfriend
Maudeline on boyfriend's motorbike


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