Mar 29, 2021

Simple joys of life, because of you!

Pavitra enjoying her daily outing
Pavitra enjoying her daily outing

Dear friends,

Greetings from Bangalore Baptist Hospital.

Thank you for your continued support to better the lives of people with disabilities. It's nice indeed what we can achieve together even with our boundaries and distances. 

A few people with disabilities living in Bangalore Rural villages are now living new lives—full of promise and possibilities—because of your generosity and caring support. Your donation infused hope, renewed dignity, and provided freedom. Thank you. 

For example, your gift relieved Kiran from carrying his older sister, Pavitra, to get fresh air and strengthened Kumari to take a bold step to run a small shop to take care of her daughter after her husband's death. These two stories are a record of just some of the many beautiful stories made possible through partnership. 

Simple joys of life

For Pavitra, born with polio defects and her brother Kiran, their aspirations are not televisions or refrigerators but simple joys in life. And when that joy comes in any form, it sits within you and affects how you perceive, interpret and experience the world. Pavitra, who had no option but to remain inside her house, a stroll on her wheelchair brought in simple joy. Kiran watched in awe when the breeze gently touched his sister's face. "My sister enjoyed sitting under the tree. When the leaves flutter for the breeze, I could see a glint in her eyes. Thank you for the wheelchair and the modified toilet. Now, I can bring her every day out. Simple joy, such as being out, is all that Pavitra can have in her life. And the modified toilet makes her rough life smooth," said a teary-eyed Kiran. 

Pavitra and Kiran lost their mother recently. Kiran, her brother, is her close companion now. Oblivious to anything in her life, even her mother's death doesn't seem to disturb Pavitra. "I can't bear anyone being cross with Pavitra. As long as she lives, she should be happy, and that's the reason why I am not even keen to get married," signs off the loving brother. 

The gift of a lifetime

A widow in a small village in Rural Bangalore confidently smiles. She is thinking about the future of her 9-year-old daughter. She wants her daughter to have opportunities that she didn't have. Thanks to you, she has ventured to run the small convenience stall that her husband owned. Disabled by an unfortunate accident, Kumari has difficulty in walking and sitting. Gentle steps with the support of a walking stick are all she could do. She was troubled and worried after the death of her husband about her daughter. When we offered a loan to restart the shop, she welcomed the idea. Now, with the income she generates, she's confident that she could educate her daughter. "I hope one day, my daughter will earn her degree. Thank you for opening this possibility," she gratefully says.

Please share our report with your friends and family members who may get inspired to bring smiles to people like Pavitra, Kiran and Kumari.



Carolin George

Pavitra with her brother, Kiran
Pavitra with her brother, Kiran


Feb 17, 2021

Your love makes all the difference

A patient receives e-consultation
A patient receives e-consultation

Dear donors,

Thank you for your continued support. Amidst all the chaos created by COVID, your love and care spread many miles and touched lives.

E-mobile clinics

In rural areas of Bangalore, there's no such thing as a quick trip to the doctor. That's a luxury most cannot afford, and distance to a healthcare centre is another barrier. COVID has made it even more difficult. 

Before the spread of COVID-19, our Smile on Wheels, along with a team of doctors and nurses travelled to villages to provide preventive medical services. However, after COVOD-19, we feared that if a team of doctors and nurses travel from the hospital, it would risk the community. Therefore, to ensure the community stays safe from COVID and also continue to provide basic healthcare,  we began our e-consultations. In the case of any emergency or complications that we cannot solve over e-consultations, our team would travel to the villages, or we will bring the patients to our hospital.

We conduct e-mobile clinics monthly in each village. Our healthcare workers visit each village, identifying people who have ailments or the community leaders connect people who need our support. For those with diabetes and blood pressure, our healthcare workers take the reading and connect them to our doctors. Similarly, for any other ailments too, they can get connected through our e-consultations. Thus, the community save money, time and travel cost involved in reaching any healthcare centres or hospitals.

So, you brought the doctors to them through 601 e-consultation, making it possible for people to receive medical care, for the past three months along with the necessary medicines at a concessional rate.

A fresh start to life

40-year old Manjunath from a rural village in Bangalore can't stop thanking the "kampooter doctor sir” (an online doctor) for asking him about his health, prescribing the right medicine and also checking on his diet, which brought down his blood pressure and diabetes.

"I need a monthly check-up and you visiting our village and connecting me to a doctor is like magic. And now we can see and talk to the doctor," he says with an amused smile, to our healthcare worker, Madhu.

With assured healthcare at his doorstep, Manjunath works confidently in his field, yielding happiness, good health, and a bountiful harvest.

Thank you for helping us hold e-consultations in the villages. 

Living with hope

"Life is difficult," whispered the 84-year old Narasamma, gazing at the ground. Raja, our healthcare worker, had to lean forward to hear her feeble voice. "I wasn't expecting anyone to come and help me. Seeing you makes me live with hope," says the teary-eyed Narasamma.

"Narasamma is a widow, living alone. She recently lost her only son. Her struggles mirror her weathered skin, wrinkles and puffed eyes. You gave Narasamma hope through our e-consultation. She need not travel ten kilometres to reach a healthcare centre. Instead, she speaks to our doctors from her home, clears all her doubts, and the pharmacist present during the e-consultation in villages immediately distributes the medicines.

Raja's visits rejoice her heart, and Narasamma lives with hope.

Together, we have reached many exciting milestones in the past. Could we kindly ask you to continue and share work with your family and friends who may be keen to support? Thank you for your support and for being there for us and helping us carry out this amazing work and transform lives.


With gratitude,

Dr Carolin George

A vibrant and healthy Manjunath with his harvest
A vibrant and healthy Manjunath with his harvest
Narasamma is relieved to get her medicines
Narasamma is relieved to get her medicines
Nov 30, 2020

Comfort and dignity to people with disability

Anjinamma now takes care of her hens
Anjinamma now takes care of her hens

Dear donors,

Greetings from Bangalore Baptist Hospital.

Thank you for your continued support. 

We continue to assess the needs of people with disability, distributing assistive devices, building modified toilets and supporting children with learning disabilities. We are touched that through our ongoing programmes, we can reach out to our community amidst the pandemic. The experience of working through this pandemic fueled a passion within us to push our mission even further to create lasting changes for people with disability.  

Anjinamma is one of them. 

42-year old Anjinamma was devastated when she lost one of her legs in a car accident. From then onwards, it has been an uphill task for Anjinamma. "We had an Indian toilet, and I just couldn't use it," she recalled. Rationing her intake of water or food when her husband was at work seemed the only solution for her.  "Seeing my plight, my husband modified a chair as a commode. It wasn't hygienic, "but we were helpless," she said.  

Seeing the dire need of people such as Anjinamma, we helped her to build a modified toilet at a highly subsidised price.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the finished toilet,” said Anjinamma.

From August to October 2020, we constructed one modified toilet and supported two commode chairs providing access to improved sanitation to people with disability. . “This new toilet has really made a difference in our lives and is a real source of joy,” said Anjinamma. This year, of all years, we've seen first-hand the importance of safe sanitation. Echoing our thoughts, Anjinamma says, “Many people are now waiting their turn to build a toilet."

Additionally, we also provided prosthesis, AFO and cockup splint to two persons.

Alongside supporting adults, we provided special education, speech, language and behaviour therapy to children.

We want to thank you for your generosity, your resiliency, your determination to make the lives of people with a disability meaningful. 

We hope you will continue to support and share our work with your friends and family.

With gratitude,


Carolin George




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