Sep 4, 2019

Third Anniversary

Three years

On the 29th of August 2019 we celebrated the third anniversary of our foundation. Thanks to the support of many national and international kind hearted people, this year we contributed again to the wellbeing of people with intellectual disabilities in Juigalpa, Nicaragua.We are so grateful for that!

Our mission is to contribute to the rights of people with intellectual disabilities over 15 years old, to achieve a more humane society, joining forces in the community, working in networks and in coordination. Our work focusing is: prevention, stimulation, protection and education.

The event

On August 29th from 9AM until 11AM, we hosted the event at the community home to celebrate together and share the achievements of the foundation in its third year of existence. Along with musical performances by the members of the community home and the workshop. Also two pupils of a primary school called Academia Bilingue Amarisque were present to share their piano skills.

President of the board Ana Alicia Murillo shared the most important activities of July 2018-August 2019 being: the external evaluation, the elections of the new board of directors, expansion of the General Assembly with new members and advances in our plan to promote the foundation to the population. She also talked about our new project: an optics open to the public. With this new project we can provide a cheaper service to the population to get their glasses, and we can have a source of income for the self-sustainability of the foundation. External funds in the form of donations are sought for a total of USD $ 45,408.32 for the start of the optics.

The community home and workshop coordinator Astrid Delleman, shared the progress made in the house. One of them being the welcoming of Maria Elena and Manuel in December 2018. There are currently 6 people with intellectual disabilities over 15 years old living in the community home. With this, the house has reached its maximum capacity. The workshop functions Monday until Fridays from 2PM until 5PM, with rotating groups between 3 to 6 people.have a total of 11 personas asisting. 

She also expressed her gratitude for all received donations from abroad and from people in Juigalpa, emphasising that only together we can better the situation for the person with disabilities.

The event ended with a delicious snack.

The fotos give a little impresion of the celebration.

What can you do if you want to contribute to the Ruach Foundation?

+ Help expand our network of sponsors/ donors

+ Encourage students / volunteers to do their internship at the community home or the workshop.

+ Donate, on our site on the GG platform

+ Share our work with family, friends, colleagues. If more people knows us, more likely we will receive some kind of support

+ Connect us with companies who can potentially work with us

+ Help us find funds for the optics project

Contact us:

pupils of the ABA school playing
pupils of the ABA school playing
products made in the wworkshop for sell
products made in the wworkshop for sell


Aug 10, 2019

How we could help Loyda to go to the dentist

The majority of people with an intellectual disability, including our core members, have never seen a dentist. Nor are there many dentist who do feel themselves able to help them...

This is not because they have such excellent teeth, but simply because from early on in their lives they never received the same dental care as their family members, no doubt partly because they were not able to indicate when they suffered toothache. Moreover, there are very few dentists who feel capable of handling intellectually disabled persons. So we should count ourselves lucky that the teeth of Daniel, Miguel and Manuel look quite good. Unfortunately, the teeth of Maria Helena and Loyda look less strong, and at their relatively low ages they are already missing several molars and incisors.

Bleeding gums
For several days Loyda was suffering from bleeding gums. We asked her mother, doña Yolanda, to take her to the dentist in the hospital which treats patients free of charge. She came back quite indignant: the dentist had not even looked into Loyda’s mouth and had told her to use a spray to stop the bleeding and to return after one month.

Through a doctor couple, who happened to be on a visit to Juigalpa to get to know our Ruach Foundation, we got the address of a dentist relative of this couple with whom we were able to make an appointment for a check-up three days later. Private dentists have their own practice and their own prices, but dr. Baez, the owner of the Christian Dental Clinic Mana, offered us a reduced fee. So we went, including doña Yolanda. Of course it was difficult to get Loyda to open her mouth wide and long enough for the dentist to properly assess Loyda’s dental status. Loyda had an infection caused by a bad tooth and her teeth needed a thorough clean. Treatment would be easiest if it could be done under a general anaesthetic. So a plan of action was required, because treatment under a general anaesthetic requires the presence of two dentists and an anaethesist and a bottle of oxygen. We were not charged for this visit, and also we came home with a special toothbrush and a spray to alleviate Loyda’s pain to some extent.

Step 1 was to order a blood test for Loyda at the local lab through our doctor-friend. The blood test indicated it was safe for Loyda to have a general anaesthetic, so we could plan a date for the treatment. Step 2 was to deliver a bottle of oxygen from the doctor’s practice to the dental clinic. A female friend was happy to do the driving, but who would have thought an oxygen bottle could be so heavy (see picture above)? We were lucky enough to have manpower around at the right moment for loading and unloading…

So last Tuesday Loyda was back in the dentist’s chair, surrounded by two dentists, dr Baez’s wife, the anaethesist, doña Yolanda, and myself. Before starting the procedure, we got dr Baez on the phone. He was in the US for a week, but he made sure everyone and everything was in place for this procedure: his colleagues who agreed to work free of charge, and the oxygen bottle from another doctor also made it available to us for free. Dr Baez prayed on the phone and asked for a blessing for the operation. It was a special and moving moment which was followed by a one-hour operation.

I had not thought of the transport to get Loyda back home, so I had to arrange this on the spot. But again, ‘good befell us’: Jorge collected her in his car. And because he is also a doctor, he stayed to give Loyda her injections (anti-biotic and pain killer) which we had bought in the local pharmacy. Jorge came back the next day to repeat the injections, saving us the trouble and cost of finding a nurse to do this.

What’s next?
Loyda is still recovering. Three molars were pulled out and her mouth was cleaned quite thoroughly. She slept the first night sitting upright to avoid the risk of choking. For days she only wanted to drink, was tired and weak. Gradually she starts taking solid food again, but she is not yet back to her ‘old self’.

We had to collect money for buying the pills she needed, because doctors are good in prescription of several pills for recovering...We were lucky that, as icing on the cake, the owner of the pharmacy accepted our written request to donate to us the gel that promotes Loyda’s recovery; just another example of together making a difference and t life being full of surprises.

How you can help to support in the needs of Loyda and the others of the community home


Eric writes:

'Since almost the start of the work in Nicaragua I do what I can to support the Ruach Foundation in Nicaragua.   Astrid Delleman, the coordinator of Ruach’s community home and activities centre, is a friend since student days. My plan is, once again, to do a 50 km sponsored run in my home town in the Netherlands on 14th September,  to raise money for Ruach and be a visible amassador of the good work they do. Please sponsor me, donating on the GlobalGiving Ruach page.

When: using the GlobalGiving’s Little-by-Little matching campaign fund.

What is the best time to donate? Monday August 12,  2019, from 2 pm in England, from 3 pm in the Netherlands. In the US  from 09:00:00 ET on Monday, August 12, 2019.

Any donation any time will of course be gratefully received, but a donation on the dot of 2 pm Monday 12 August, or shortly after, will give Ruach a good chance of a TOP-UP of 60% from GlobalGiving’s Little-by-Little matching campaign fund.

This month the Ruach Foundation is ranked 381 out of 5246 members, which means Ruach is a GG Superstar! GlobalGiving will match any donation to their Superstars up to $50 (or roughly £40) by 60%. However, the matching funds are restricted to $60,000, and they will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
Get the point? Your timely donation of £5.00 will become £8.00 due to the GG bonus, or £10 if you are an English tax payer and can claim 25% Gift Aid by ticking the appropriate box on the donation page!

My contact details:; 01935 592185; or mobile 07 4484 95085'.

loyda with the dentist team
loyda with the dentist team


Jul 17, 2019

Together we make a difference in the lives of Loyda and Daniel

Siblings Daniel and Loyda have been with us from the beginning of the community home, and have since then done well. Before they joined us, they were malnourished, were used to sitting on the floor trapped in their own world, and gobbling up their food.

Since they joined us we have been intensively working with them to make contact with others. They now respond to the adapted and simple stimuli we provide; they are toilet-trained, barring the odd accident. Loyda has stopped putting most of her ring finger up her nose and does not lick her arms anymore the way a cat licks its paws.

At first Loyda found it difficult to get from the curb onto the road, but now she can even get up and down the stairs using the banister. Her stamina is improving by the week, and she has no trouble anymore getting in and out of a car. Her responses to others are still minimal, but she will look at people she knows if they appear in her field of vision.

Daniel has made more progress in communicating with his house mates. He can walk up to us and give someone a caress, clumsy as it may be, or put his arm around someone. It does not happen often, but he is definitely more focused than his sister on what is happening around him. All core members, including Daniel and Loyda, can fetch their plate of food from the kitchen and take the empty plate back. That’s a huge achievement, because it makes it easier for us to involve them in other activites as well.

Where is the limit?

The results come, but slowly, especially with Daniel and Loyda who have had no stimulation from anywhere for many years. They do not express themselves verbally. We have to closely watch them to know what they need and to respond to that. Working with them requires a lot of creativity to try out various methods and techniques to find out which ones work best. We hope of course to get to the point that Loyda and Daniel will be able to use a minimal vocabulary. But whether that is feasible? Who knows where the limits lie. Our philosophy is that it’s always wrong not to have tried.

Unfortunately, we are still dependent on generous donors!

On Thursday, July 18th, GlobalGiving is promoting the July Bonus Daycampaign! And we use the campaign to raise funds for our Ruach Foundation in Nicaragua:

  • $ 100,- covers the cost of the meals of one resident of our home for an entire month
  • For $ 75,- we can buy disposable diapers for Daniel en Loyda during the night as they are not fully toilet-trained for an entire monthTogether we can make a difference
  • $ 25,- covers the transport costs to enable Manuel and Miguel to attend sessions at the activities centre for a whole month

GlobalGiving has committed itself to match donations starting at $100 and up to $1,000. The higher the donation, the higher the match. Make your gift count! Through the bonus you make your gift bigger than just what you give! Donating is easy, by pushing the ‘donate’ button on the page: projects/ fundacionruach

               Together we can make a difference! We showed it.

We ask you to make a donation on the 18th of July, between 9:00 a.m. ET to 11:59 p.m. ET (US East Coast time), or between 2 pm on the 18th until 4 am on the 19th of July in the United Kingdom

Thank you for feeling yourself part of our work!


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