May 29, 2019

Progress Report CFS from Feb - April, 2019

Learning is Fun
Learning is Fun



SAATH is a non-government organization registered as a Public Charitable Trust in Gujarat, India. In Gujarati the word SAATH means, “Together, Co-operation, a Collective or Support.” SAATH’s one-stop, integrated services reach over 4,00,000 individuals in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Since 1989, SAATH has facilitated participatory process that improves the quality of life for the urban and rural poor. SAATH caters to multiple needs of the poor by providing them with one-stop centres, through which they have access to services such as health, education, employment, micro finance and affordable housing. SAATH engages institutions, corporate and individuals throughout the world as partners and supporters for the integrated development of India.

  • Vision: Saath envisions inclusive and empowered communities and individuals. 
  • Mission: To make human settlements equitable living environments where all residents and vulnerable people have access to health, education, essential infrastructure services and livelihood options, irrespective of their economic and social status.


SAATH designed Child-Friendly Spaces- a unique, informal education course with an aim to later enroll the child labourers, children of construction labourers in formal education. With a steady influx of migrating families to urban settlements and poor quality of education, creating alternative education spaces for quality education has become important.


The main objective of this programme is to reach children of labourers and help them gain formal education eventually and there after making them skilled and self-sufficient. Children of labourers on construction sites require a strong base in education and access to quality education. Dropouts from school need to be continuously counselled and encouraged to go back to school. The education programs designed at Saath recognize this need and aims to bridge this gap.

 Art & Craft Workshops:

  • Origami workshop was held by Approach foundation. Where children of 10 years and above from our two centers attended. Children loved making different things. These kids were so excited to learn this craft that they requested teachers of their centers to make some more things and also taught younger children. They decorated their classrooms with various products they made from origami.
  • Students from GLS University came to celebrate birthday of their friend with our children. They bought cake and decorated the classroom with balloons and streamers.
  • Marriott Hotel, Ahmedabad took 15 children to Ahmedabad Zoo. Children had fun time there and enjoyed the lunch provided by Marriott
  • In association with approach Foundation, children experienced shopping experience. An exhibition was set up, where children were given fake money and they were asked to shop for them and their families in that budget.


 Health and Hygiene

  • Every quarter health check-ups are done and growth record is maintained. Their height and weight are measured and maintained on monthly basis.
  • A health check-up was conducted in March, 2019 for the children of construction workers. The malnourished children are given supplements to bring their health to normal level.
  • Hand washing is a practice that is stressed upon and followed daily. Teacher ensure that each and every child when enter the class and before eating wash his/her hands

 Interns and Volunteers

  • We had an interns from Nirma University. They came whole month of April. They taught children Alphabets in English and educate them on hygiene. They also distributed sweets and did lot of art and craft activities.


  • Mr. Shyam Singh celebrated his son’s birthday at Godrej Garden City center. He donated school kits to the children.
  • The developer of Makarba site celebrated his birthday with the children and cut the cake with them.
  • Employees of Marriott Hotel distributed lunch at CFS centers to celebrate their Associates Week.


 Festival Celebration

  • Volunteers celebrated festival of colours with the children of Bakeri City Center. Volunteers got different colours to play with and also told the story behind this festival.



Education spreads the smiles


Krishna (name changed) a 6 year old boy, came to our Bakeri Center in December last year. His mother works as a domestic maid and his father is a labourer at construction site. When he came to class he used to cry a lot and the teacher immediately noticed that he was very thin and was suffering from malnutrition.

The teachers first focused on his health. He only used to play with toys in the class and would immediately start crying when asked to study. With constant care and attention, the teachers improved his attention towards learning and her health started improving as well. Now, in a few months there has been a lot of change in him. His weight has increased and he is much healthier now. He now sings in the class, writes on his own slate, counts from 1 to 20, reads charts and takes part in all the other activities.

His teacher says, “The biggest change has been that he now helps other children as well in the class and is always happy to study”.

I love to read
I love to read
My School Bag
My School Bag
Krishna - Success Story
Krishna - Success Story
Doctor's Visit
Doctor's Visit

May 28, 2019

Progress Report from March - May, 2019

Beauty & Welness
Beauty & Welness

After All it’s The Experience That Matters The Most!


Yes, it was indeed a pleasure to learn that we were selected at Saath Charitable Trust for the internship under the Yes Bank Fellowship Programme. And it came to us no less than a pleasant surprise. The reason being it is so popular and enthusiastic organization that you’ll have a proud story and an extraordinary experience at the end of the internship, you can boast off!

Today, it’s almost three months and not even once we felt subdued here. I (Abhishek Arora) along with my fellow delegate, Udit Bengani consider ourselves bestowed that we got a chance to associate with this organization. And more than everything, we are glad that we got a learning of a lifetime while working with the super supportive and caring mentors.

Our day starts with typical morning briefing session with the mentors wherein we submit the report of the previous day, chalk out the strategy for the present day and start ticking off the pre-designated daily targets we have been assigned at the very beginning of the month.

Our module comprises of daily field visits which can be grueling and tiresome at times, but is very cliché and meagre when we compare it to the lives of those whom we tend to change for a better tomorrow. We work here as a team and constructively manage the social media handles of the organization such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and WordPress. We wish to spread out our success stories to masses.

We started with observing the activities which are conducted at the centre. We capture amazing stories and publish them in both digital and print formats. We interview the faculty and other associates along with the beneficiaries. We play with kids. This has inflicted a broad change to our mindsets and made us realize that our brains have been conditioned and stereotyped over the period of time and We are thankful to these kids brought us back to the real lives full of innocence, creativity and valor.

In the course of life, we come across people who are less fortunate. But still we strive hard to make their lives better instead of cribbing about their fortune.

Here at SAATH, our search continues for such beautiful stories and how we are contributing our part.

Success Story

 During our journey, we came across another such awe-inspiring story of Tasminaben (name changed). Oh! What a wonder-woman she is. Though her face speaks a thousand words of the ups and downs and struggle, she’s cheerful and tells her tale with a smile. So, here is what she has to say,

Like all of us, she was once a kid, who always dreamt of being married to a loving bridegroom. But she never knew, that her marriage will become a nightmare and she would be kicked out the house in the state of pregnancy after inhuman grueling. She had been another victim of the male chauvinism.

She came to Ahmedabad in 2002, in search of better job opportunities. And started a beauty parlour of her own along with her continuing graduation. Then one day, out of blues, she was pulled out of the school and was forcefully married to a conservative builder. And thereon, her life became a living hell. Day and night, she was abused both physical and mentally, she reached out for help, but was left for dead.

There we came in as a savior. We gave her a new life. Taught her skills to be a better beatypreneur. Fought for her rights. And above all, instilled faith in her. After getting trained for almost a year, now she earns sufficiently well to sustain herself and her kids. She has got her own house. And most importantly, she is fearless now. Today, she is optimistic about the future of her daughter and wants her to be a doctor.

This is how we rejuvenate lives. Contribute and be a part of this noble cause. Hence, restoring the faith in humanity. We are keenly looking forward to a helping hand, so that we can extend ours. Hence, we shout in unison, We are what we are, and we are proud of what we Are!

Training at SAATH’S Livelihood Program;

We follow a selective training process for the livelihood course enrollment, and usually we see that, the ladies are coming from lower social strata. We provide them various kinds of help such as emotional or financial. First of all, a the member undergoes training at the Salon-I , Followed by Beautipreneur, And at last she undergoes intensive training programme at homepreneur.

  1. Beauty and Wellness
  2. Livelihood Resourse Centre
  3. Nirman
  4. Udaan
  5. Women @ Work
  6. Youth Force
  7. Business Gym
  8. R-Weaves
  9. Urmila

OUR Experience and Learnings;

We understood the functioning of the whole livelihood setup at Saath. And it is to be noted that they are doing a commendable job, in this respective field of work. They are going out an extra mile for the benefit if the underprivileged women.

The ladies, who are usually unskilled at the time of admission, are trained intensively, have to attend various workshops, they are personally attended to and made to undergo professional course of learnings at our centres. All their basic demands and fulfilled, and all the required amenities are provided to them at the minimum cost. They are thoroughly given future guidance.  One batch comprises of 30 girls. And additional seminars such as on the topic of Spoken English are occasionally conducted. The loan is provided to them in two classifications being 1,500 and 7,500 INR. Also, additional help is provided to them for generating overheads and additional income.

 This is how Saath is committed to make a change and the change is now visible!

                                                                                                    Abhishek Arora

                                                                                                    Udit Bengani

Training at W@W
Training at W@W
Inters at Saath
Inters at Saath
Tasminaben (Name Changed)
Tasminaben (Name Changed)

Mar 11, 2019

Progress Report YEP from Dec,2018- Feb,2019

Female Electrician Batch
Female Electrician Batch

Employability Programme for Youth in Slums


Unemployment is one of the major problems faced by youth in India. Saath noticed that there are many youngsters in Gujarat who have dropped out of schools to earn livelihood. But they don’t have enough skills, so to get the solution for this issue Saath started employability programs, not only in Gujarat but also in Jharkhand and Bihar. 

Objectives of the Programme:


  • To train disadvantaged youth, aged 18-30 years, between 180 - 300 hours and ensure they are placed and try to support of them in relevant jobs with assurance of minimum wages and opportunity for career advancement


  • To introduce minimum three innovations that would directly impact retention, skill enhancement, and program sustainability


Report Duration: December, 2018 – February, 2019

Introduction about Programs:


The sector has been divided into formal and non-formal trainings:


1)      Formal training program:  Udaan

2)      Informal training program:  Nirman

3)      Informal training program for Women: Women at Work


Udaan program provides livelihood training to youth from vulnerable backgrounds and give them an equal opportunity to employability. The courses selected for the programs are also a result of market research and need assessment program from the community itself. The courses that are currently offered in this program are as follows:

  • Beauty Parlour
  • Retail Management
  • Career and Workplace Skills


The entire above mentioned program is for entry level jobs. Placement assistance is also provided to the trainees.


Nirman program addresses the training needs of people in the informal sector. Practical and theoretical training is provided which enhance their skills and capabilities to get better incomes. The courses that are currently offered in this program are as follows:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Masonry
  • Welding

SAATH has collaborated with American India Foundation and Ambuja Cement Foundation as they both are well known for their qualitative and effective work. They use their expertise in providing opportunity to impart training about safety standards.

Women @ Work:


Saath started new skill development and enhancement program to empower young women and focus on non-traditional job options which will have an inclusion of micro-entrepreneurship, life skills and technology components to aid them in setting up their own businesses if they choose. In the case of adolescent girls below 18 years, there will be a STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) and Life-skills Module, through which they recreate interest in science stream also this programme, will help them in re-enrolling back to school.

  • Electrician
  • Mobile Repairing
  • STEM


Activities during the month:

1)      Counselling of students: Counselling of students was done at Udaan programme’s vocational training centres of Isanpur and Ghodasar. Main aim of this exercise is to know students preferences pertaining to the available jobs also to counsel them to join job. Around 20 students participated in the process.


2)      Workplace Readiness Session:  A session on how to appear for the interview and moc session was conducted in Ghodasar by Volunteer from Canada Ms. Barbara and Monitoring Manager, Mr. Kunal. A total of 25 students participated in the session.


3)      Lifeskills Session:  Life skill session on Human rights was taken by our Life skill trainer Ms. Hansaben.  A total of 24 students participated.


4)      Teachers training workshop: Under Women@Work programme, two days STEM teacher’s training were organized at Saath Head office on 18th and 19th January with an aim to enhance and build the capacity of newly joined staff so that they can easily implement new STEM project and workbook activity with the adolescent girls.

5)      Area awareness programme:  Area awareness programmes were organised at Meghaninagar, Isanpur and Kalol areas. Mobilizers of the Nirman programme gave information about the skill enhancement Nirman programme and its overall benefits.


Success Stories


Name of the trainee: Mayank Jagdishbhai Dixit

Age: 20

Education: 12th commerce pass

Address: 820/7, Shriji Nagar, Ghodasar, Ahmedabad

Personal background: Basic personal history

Mayank has belong from middle class family and there are three members in his family, his father passes away so total responsibility on his mother. His mother doing labor work in others home, his elder sister doing study and total house hold income was 10,000 per month.

Mayank has come to know about the HSBC (Tally ) course through our mobilization member name Kanji Chauhan by door to door admission and he is interested in doing this course, his sister support was very good doing the admission process and mayank wants to learn Tally with GST so he can do a job and support her family.

After taking admission in Tally mayank learn life skill, Tally with GST with basic computer at Ghodasar center.

He is very positive and quick learning student. There are lots of changes in mayank like decision making ability, how to communicate with others, stage fear and how to ready for work, how make effective Resume, how to crack interviews and etc.

He likes the training methodology of our center where activities and role plays and chart making, life skill session in different topics, exposure visits are done so he learn practically

After the complication of course Mayank started a job in Sweta Industries,22 Sarjan Estate,Vatva,GIDC, Ahmedabad as a Junioe Accountant with the stating salary of 7000/- per month and now he is very happy to earning and supporting hir family.


Quote – View regarding the training,

  “Mayank really liked the training and enjoyed the personal training sessions. He is now better able to support his family and He thank Saath for starting this type of training projects.”

Aspiration Tree
Aspiration Tree
Retail Management Practicals
Retail Management Practicals
Retail Management Theory
Retail Management Theory
Success Story of Mayank (name changed)
Success Story of Mayank (name changed)

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