Jan 2, 2018

hygiene Kits & construcation of Toilets for girls

Lack of good toilets and hygiene education is a big problem in rural communities in Pakistan. This project intent to construct ventilated toilets and provides hygiene education to the targeted communities especially girls and women to reduce diarrhea related illnesses by 25% to 50%. Joy Foundation proposes to construct 50 toilets that will serve over 300 individuals including 60% girls and women, for over 15 years. Through toilets and hygiene kits facility will ensure safety for girls and women.

Few months ago Joy Foundation post this project on Global giving to have some funds to help the poor girls for their hygiene problems and also for the toilet issues as in Pakistan girls when they go to the toilet in open areas have many problems. It’s really an important problem of our community and need some support of our friends and those who love to support the girls in the world. I hope some we have some funds for this project and able to help the poor girls in this case.

You small will make big change in the life of poor girls in our area.

I hope to have some positive response from all our brother and sisters.

Nov 2, 2017

Emergency appeal flood affected children in Pak

Title of Project: - Emergency appeal for flood affected children in Pak


 The heaviest rains in 50 years have triggered flash floods in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab province of Pakistan where approximately 1300 villages have been swallowed up by flood waters along with livestock and harvest. Many people have died and thousands have stranded since heavy monsoon rains showered across northern Pakistan overflowing Chenab, Jhelum and Sutlej rivers.

 Punjab government has declared emergency in 21 districts that are directly hit by the floods in the river Jhelum and especially in the Chenab. Health officials fear outbreak of gastroenteritis, fever and skin diseases in the flood-hit areas.

Assessment visits:-

 During the assessment visits Joy Foundation organizes management committees in the areas which will help the Joy Foundation to organize peaceful distribution in the area among the children. During assessment visits our team observe that children have many hygiene problems in their lives which will create problems for health many of are sick because of that. Joy Foundation team decided that we help the children for better health through Hygiene kits and medical camps. Joy Foundation prepare request for Hygiene Kits for children and submit to GlobalGiving  for these children which also approve by GlobalGiving and with short time its will be funded by our support on global giving.

 Objects of the project:-

 Joy Foundation overall objective is to help the affected children in target communities to restore their living condition with hygienic practices.

 The specific objectives are:

  • To educate the affected children with hygiene by organizing hygiene sessions and providing hygiene kits.
  • To organize medical camps

Relief Team:-

 We have very good young team which works hard to help the children during this distribution. Some of the Volunteers also help the Joy Foundation during flood emergency work. This time for the medical camps Dominican sisters of Malta help us for the medical camps. Our teams were as under:

Relief Team

1:- Yaqoob Sadiq

2:- Shazia Jalal

3:- Kashif Pono

4:- Rashid Masih

5:- Naqash Gill

6:- Manaz Maqbool


Medical Team

  • Dr. Sr. Surria OP
  • Dr. Sr. Carmela Agius OP
  • Sr. Parveen OP
  • Shamoun Patras


Target areas:-

1:- Bela Chotra

2:- Mozza Dhabi Balochan

3:- Munday Sayedaan

4:- Chak No: - 192 Kotla

5:- Chak No: - 323 Kiampur


Hygiene Kits Distribution among Children:-

 After the assessment visits in the targeted areas and with the help of target area committees we prepares the lists of the children those are selected for the hygiene kits. After getting these lists our team prepares the hygiene kits for the children and start distribution. During our distributions among the children our medical teams also organize medical camps for the affected children and give them free medicines. We give hygiene kits packages to the children in 5 selected communities for the project. Our relief team work hard and complete this work in giving time. Children and their parents were happy after receiving these gifts and paid thanks to our team and our donors for taking care of the children.

 Free Medical Camp in affected area:

Successful medical camps were possible only with the support of our donor, doctors, helpers, local committee and volunteer team of Joy Foundation. Joy Foundation made awareness in flood affected area to enhance them with full information of the medical camp. Apart from limited time that it took to advertise, we were overwhelmed by the response, and managed to see a vast number of patients contrary to our expectations. Praise God for enabling us to successfully carry out all the medical camp and secondly we are grateful Dominican sisters of Malta and there team who came to the services in a good number with courage and dedication to render their services with one heart.

The organization's objective of setting up free medical campin affected areas was to assist the poor people who could not get proper medical services in the area. The outcome of the medical camp was extremely positive as over 371 patients of various ages were reviewed and treated for different types of ailments.

 Our health professional team

  • Dr. Sr. Surria OP
  • Dr. Sr. Carmela Agius OP
  • Sr. Parveen OP
  • Shamoun Patras



 Praise God the organization achieved its objective with the provision of free medical services to the needy Children to their expectations. In a medical camp of one day the following services was provided in five camps:




Number of patients


Chest Infection






Eyes and ear infection



Skin Allergy



Malaria fever






Dangi Fever



General Service






 Achievements of the project

a) Local committees and team of young volunteers and team of children also participate during the relief work. They also help the Joy Foundation team for the packing of goods and loading and unloading.

c) Joy Foundation organizes very successful free medical camp in the affected area in which we recover 371 patients and give them free medicines.

d) It’s also big achievement of Joy Foundation team that they organize the community and make the local committees which help Joy Foundation to organize peaceful distribution and free medical camps with children.


Challenges of the project

  1. Weather is big challenge during the project because it’s very cold sometime rainy and has lot of fog. It’s very difficult to travel and work in these days but our team work hard and complete all the activities successfully.
  2. Purchasing the goods packing is also big challenge for the Joy Foundation. Thanks God complete everything on time.
  3. Due to large number of patients the services of our medical camp were stretched to its limits.

 Word of Thanks

On behalf of all Joy Foundation team and people those got relief with your kind support I would like to say thanks GlobalGiving team and all their support and hope that GlobalGiving also trust and support Joy Foundation in their future work. Please continue to pray for us.

Sep 5, 2017

Solar system for the school children

Joy Foundation raised donation for provision of solar panels and water filter in the Joy Foundation School through crowd funding on GlobalGiving. Although we could not raise the required amount for the project but we raised enough for fulfilling the electricity needs of the school and provided 2 solar panels for the school. Through these 2 solar panels Joy Foundation provided electricity supply in 3 rooms of the school. Lights, fans, battery for the panels and wiring materials were all purchased and installed in the school. Now the children can study in classrooms which have enough light for them to study.

As the village has no electricity many parents refused to send their children to school before, which not only badly affected the schools strength but was also a great loss for children as it was affecting their education. After the provision of electricity in the school children are now regularly attending the classes. The teachers told that it is now much easy for them to teach the children in school as fans are a great facility in summers and it is also comfortable for children to study in properly lit classrooms, they also told that the parents are now sending the children to school regularly which is good for children and they can cover their school syllabus in the required time.

Joy Foundation would like to take the opportunity to thank all the friends and donors for supporting the project. Together we served for a good cause. Although we still couldn’t raise enough for providing the children with water filter facility but we are thankful to all who gave generous donations which fulfilled the electricity needs. We hope that the water needs will also be fulfilled soon. Thanks to all the donors for their support, keep supporting Joy Foundation for the good work and assist the deserving communities to fulfill their needs.

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