Jan 13, 2020

Stop The Violence - Empathy

The recent events in Gilroy, El Paso, Santa Clarita, and Dayton are reminders of why we need to continue to cultivate a safe and caring environment for all of our children. 

San Jose Mercury News: A bomb-making suspect, arrested after police searched his home in connection with an explosive device found on the outskirts of Oak Grove High School last month, has been charged with several crimes but none are related to the scare that prompted a campus evacuation and bomb-squad response.

On Novenber 18, 2020 - This event electrified and shook the high school campus of Oak Grove High School: The device was rendered safe at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, police said. Students and staff at about 2 p.m. were evacuated from the school on Blossom Hill Road to nearby Coy Park.

Students and staff were advised to shelter in place in the morning when police received a report of a suspicious device at 11:26 a.m., police said.

When school returned in session, PARTI, used funds our wonderful supporters donated to provide refreshment and food to promote inclusion, self-care and community for the youth and the staff -faclutly who supported them. We served over 200 youth with the support of parents and staff. 

 PARTI also hosted an inclusion luncheon and several self care activities for 75 youth at Santa Clara High school on December 9, 2019. 

 PARTI coninued to provide activities such as 1 creative mixer at the Mayfair Community Center in San Jose, Ca. and now we are preparing to provide inclusion activities in spring 2020, for youth in Santa Clarita, Ca.


25 youth from 6 different schools in Santa Clara County and surrounding cities are organizing the 2020 Stop The Violence Safety Campaign for youth.

Self -Care and community
Self -Care and community
Opportunities for youth to lead and grow
Opportunities for youth to lead and grow
Youth coming together to speak their truth
Youth coming together to speak their truth
We are not so different after all
We are not so different after all
Preparing violence free -safe places for youth
Preparing violence free -safe places for youth
Oct 15, 2019

We have work to do - Making an Impact


The recent events in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton are reminders of why we need to continue to cultivate a safe and caring environment for all of our children. 

We are one of the few organizations that provides youth the opportunity to feel empowered, by providing them with youth led opportunities that are supported by caring adults, at their schools and in their community. What makes us unique, is that we provide services on weekends, after 5pm on weekdays, and during the summer.

During the summer, we supported 40+ students at James Logan High School with socio-emotional support activities. We met 4 time for 1.5 hours a session over a four week time period. We also provided a 1 hour session to 60 additional youth in a business training program in San Jose and followed up with participating in a one week, all day business training program at UC Berkeley.

When the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic festival took place, communities all over the Bay Area were chipping in to support and our youth did too. We had over 100 youth write letters of support to 500 k-12 school students and teamed up with Baskin Robins to serve each 1 of them with 1 scoop of ice cream each. That was 500 scoops of ice cream to support their socio-emotional wellness and cards to encourage them in the school year.

Now, a select group of teens are raising money to support over 3,000 youth in service. We have already begun by organizing a Charity Event with local radio and NFL alumni personalities.

We still need your help and we want to thank those who participated in giving. This school year, and quarter, we reached over 200 youth in programming, 140 youth in service, and have an active leadership team of 40+ youth in youth leadership training. We are keeping youth safe and stopping bullies by keeping youth in action!

On 9/11 day of service 2019, our youth reached 1,000 youth to provide cards of supports and notes of appreciation to our military and first responders.


Jul 17, 2019

Youth Voice - Making an Impact

SUpporting the youth
SUpporting the youth

First, the Pancake Breakfast. The Safe Summer Pancake Breakfast is aimed to support youth in the community to engage in safe and supported activities, that also allow them the opportunity to connect with civic and community leaders for the summer and fall. Several students, including , Moon Ashby, are organizing and promoting this event. They are raising money for the San Francisco AIDS Walk and are providing the opportunity for youth groups to raise money for their causes. Here is the link to the Pancake Breakfast : AppleBees Pancake Breakfast, and the link to the Prep2Prep article that discusses why Moon is participating : VC's Ashby working to benefit community

Our spring focus was based on the following scope of support:

  • Providing students with evidence based support for social-emotional support.
  • Providing students with evidence based support for conflict resolution skill building.
  • Providing students with services to assist them build empathy for each other through discussions of culture, privilege, socio-economical differences, etc.
  • Providing students with support to lead service projects on campus and in the community
  • Engaging topics where their family live and work.

In Los Angeles County:

We have hosted an event that brought us amazing young people who want to adocate for their peers and for youth. We launched their project this summer;


We are partnering with the Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact (PARTI) Program.  We want to establish a relationship with your corporation and want to inquire how can we position our self to engage your employees. PARTI, a 501 C 3 non-profit, serves youth throughout Los Angeles Clara County. We are getting a lot of recognition for the work we are doing to change the lives of youth from all backgrounds. We want to partner with your company to identify Champions for youth.  Our board and executive staff are drawn by our values to support this County’s youth and align with the desire for all children to:

• Feel like they have caring adults working with them
• Feel like their voice is being heard
• Feel like they are prepared to deal with conflict and challenging situations in their life
• Feel like they are connected to opportunities to help them thrive after high school


Total youth served April-July 

123 youth 


# youth put in leadership roles:



Partnerships created:


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