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Nov 14, 2019

CReCE, Creando Redes Construyendo Emprendedoras

Women of the Advance for Equality (API) Juchitan
Women of the Advance for Equality (API) Juchitan

About the Project.

This project report that Crea Comunidades de Emprendedores Sociales A.C. presents is a continuity of “Women economic empowerment for earthquake relief” campaign through the Network Recovery Disaster on the GlobalGiving platform with the objective of reviving the economy of the areas affected by the 2017 earthquakes in Mexico City. 

The “Growing with Mexico” project funded by Global Giving, attended, accompanied and strengthened businesses and enterprises led by women who were affected by the 2017 earthquakes in Mexico City. We direct services to four city halls: Álvaro Obregón, Gustavo A. Madero, Cuauhtémoc and Coyoacán. In a period of four months we graduated 167 women.

Now, the project “Building capacities, building entrepreneurs” have as the main objective: training three local communitary organizations in the Crea´s methodology expecting that these organizations train 400 women in six municipalities in Oaxaca. 

In terms of specific objectives, the project have five key actions that Crea and the three local organizations should be develop as well.

1. Identify and select through a competitive process three local CSOs in Oaxaca that work in the municipalities of Reforma de Pineda, Huajuapan, Santa María del Mar, San Dionisio del Mar, San Mateo del Mar and San Pedro Huilotepec and that have the characteristics to join the training process and acquire the necessary skills to implement under the same institutional standards of Crea methodologies.

2. Train six to eight selected members of the three CSOs in Oaxaca participants to appropriate the methodology. The training to CSOs will allow them to understand the values, processes and methodologies of Crea (Personal Initiative methodology and Business Skills Development methodology).

3. Follow up on CSOs regarding content doubts and implementation of the methodology to reinforce the learning of local trainers so that they can successfully take the courses to women entrepreneurs with the quality that Crea creates.

4. Evaluate the collaboration with CSOs, through a general report of results that will allow us to know the scope, experience and performance of the trainers and the satisfaction of the trained women. This will identify good practices and key lessons learned to scale the program to other CSOs.

5. Deliver 3 reports of project progress and 1 report of final results to the funder as a mechanism for strengthening trust and accountability.


Project Progress.

As first step and report of the project, Crea launched on October 16 2019 the "kick off" process to determine the project start. We hope to cause a structural change in the communities of the municipalities where the program that allows women to enjoy conditions of substantive equality and have the capacity to develop economic development strategies for themselves such as support networks can be implemented.

Deliverables in the period.

1. Terms of reference.It was develop like a document that contains the general guidelines, the technical specifications, the objectives, scope, approach, methodology, activities to be carried out and in general a brief description about the structure of the project. 

2. Call Design. The intention to have a period of time, one month, is to difund the call to all local organizations, Inernational Non Governmental Organizations that work on some of the six municipalities selected by the project and to have the best organizations in terms of local performance verfing througt their results working with vulnerable people specially women. 

3. Definition of the action schedule. This internal action has an objective that all team members know each stage of the project and when they will participate to guarantee the success project.  


Next steps. 

a) Difund the Call in social networks, govern, national and local organizations (November- December)

b) Select, inform and have contact with the three organizations selected (December 2019-January 2020) 

c) Start training of the three organizations (6-8 person for each organization). 


Crea is very happy to be partner with Global Giving to work to improve the life of 400 entrepreneurs entrepreneurs woman in Oaxaca. Soon we are share with Global Giving the results of the first part of the project. Thank you Global Giving!


Nov 11, 2019

Que sigue sucediendo estos meses con el proyecto?

  ¿Qué sucedió estos meses con el proyecto?

Estos meses tuvimos el concurso Mi Pitch de negocio, una etapa del programa Mujeres Descubriendo su Potencial, en donde las mujeres compiten por un capital semilla para potenciar su negocio. En el pitch deben exponer de qué es su negocio, qué potencial le ven y qué harían con el dinero en caso de ganarlo.

Este programa también cuenta con el servicio de mentorías realizadas por especialistas para las ganadoras.

El concurso “Mi Pitch de negocio” se realizó en 4 sedes donde opera el programa: Toluca (Estado de México), Chilpancingo (Guerrero), Pachuca (Hidalgo y Mérida (Yucatán)

El objetivo de este programa es llegar a 1,800 mujeres en febrero de 2020. Para noviembre de 2019 llevamos 1033 mujeres graduadas.

      ¿Qué necesidades tenemos?

Con tu aporte podemos llegar a comunidades que tienen un acceso restringido a servicios de capacitación y profesionalización de sus negocios.

Cada mujer recibe 8 manuales en cada capacitación. Uno de Iniciativa Personal y 7 de Habilidades Empresariales: 1. Costos, 2. Precios, 3. Mercadotecnia, 4. Producción y Organización, 5. Estrategias de venta, 7. Plan de negocios.

Una de nuestras necesidades particulares que podemos cubrir gracias a tu aporte es poder darle a cada mujer los 8 manuales para que complemente la adquisición de conocimientos durante la capacitación.

Estos manuales son muy importantes porque permiten a las mujeres incorporar el conocimiento que su entrenador comparte con ellas y convertirse en un compañero diario en su camino para implementar oportunidades en sus negocios.

                              / / +521 55 85253030


        What happened these months with the project?

These months we had the My Business Pitch contest, a stage of the Mujeres Descubriendo su Potencial program, where women compete for seed capital to boost their business. In the pitch they should expose what their business is, what potential they see and what they would do with the money if they win it.

This program also has the mentoring service carried out by specialists for the winners.

The “Mi Pitch de Negocio” contest was held at 4 locations where the program operates: Toluca (State of Mexico), Chilpancingo (Guerrero), Pachuca (Hidalgo and Mérida (Yucatán)

The objective of this program is to reach 1,800 women in February 2020. By November 2019 we have 1033 women graduates.

     What needs do we have?

With your contribution we can reach communities that have restricted access to training and professionalization services for their businesses.

Each woman is given 8 manuals in each training. One of Personal Initiative and 7 of Business Skills: 1. Costs, 2. Prices, 3. Marketing, 4. Production and Organization, 5. Sales strategies, 7. Business plan

One of our particular needs that we can meet thanks to your contribution is to be able to give each woman the 8 manuals to complement the acquisition of knowledge during their training.

These manuals are very important because they allow women to incorporate the knowledge that their trainer shares with them, and become a day to day companion in their path to implement chances in their business. / / +521 55 85253030


Aug 20, 2019

Networking support for earthquake relief. "Red de apoyo"

Mermelade artesanal in product fair.
Mermelade artesanal in product fair.

“Women economic empowerment for earthquake relief”

“Creciendo con México”, was a program developed to attend, accompany and strengthen businesses led by women that were affected by the 2017 earthquakes in Mexico City.  

 In the period of February to May of 2019, impacted to 167 women in three components:


  • Diagnostic
  • Training in the methodology of Personal Initiative and Development of Business Skill
  • Networking support (“Red de apoyo”)



These three components developed the thinking in the weak points of the women because they need to know the current situation of his business, training to strengthen her skills and finding new strategic allies that promote her growth. 

 This time we talk about the component “Red de apoyo” and links with institutions where commission us to look for and approach effective solutions to the women. 

The first element to know the needs of the businesswomen is and Comprehensive Diagnosis that allows us to know the, to) level of personal initiative, b) business skills, c) digital skills and d) business aptitudes of the businesswomen. 

The information that results of the diagnostic strengthens with the information that exchanges inside of the training; the women express of the punctual way the immediate needs of her businesses and the team of training leaders looks allies and generate group and individual workshops.

 We invite them to know two success cases about the "Red de apoyo":

Andrea Michelle is a founder of the mark "Bromelias conscious Diet”. It is 29 years old of age and initiated his business at the beginning of the year 2019. 

Bromelias is born like an alternative of diet to which her founder calls “conscious diet”. Bromelias Not only focuses on the care of the health, but also in the care of the environment since his packaging is ecological and reusable, and promotes the consumption of prime matters of Mexican producers.

These products are elaborated with a high standard of quality since they use products are 100% natural.

The training of CREA has allowed having an organization about the costs of the company and the inventories as well as update his prices about to the margin of gain that she needs.

Another benefit that Andrea has obtained through the training is that it has proposed goals, average and long term. 

One of his goals in the short term was to achieve the bromatological studio of his jams and with this promote the commercialization of his products. 

Andrea worked task to quote in different laboratories of the City of Mexico, at this moment the price was very high and pay the bill was very complicated.

The team of CREA contacted Andrea with the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training of Mexican state. We obtained a subsidy of the 50% percent of discount of the full cost. With the saving by the discount, Andrea invests in labels more specifics about the nutrimental contents of the products.

 Vanessa is 41 years old and at present, she is in front of the familiar company “Sayogava”, company with 30 years of experience in the production of accessories of skin for lady, knight, office, and home.

 "After taking the training, my family and I have made several actions to have a business model more organized"

 During the evaluation of the program Personal Initiative and Development of Business Skills, Vanessa attained to have better control of the finances of the business and identified that the company in spite of the time of operation did not have a plan of marketing. 

 Like part of the services of the “Red de apoyo” we link Vanessa with different institutions and one achievement was the workshop of “photography for social networks” given by the institution Fish a firm of consulting of digital marketing.  

In addition to this workshop, Vanessa received additional advice to improve the uses of social networks, taking of photography by-product and messages with impact to his customers.  The next goal for Vanessa creates a new digital catalog.

 "It would like to share with more women my vision that the entrepreneurship is a mental state that gives him to the people the power of maximizing his happiness"



Presentation product
Presentation product
Photography workshop for social networks
Photography workshop for social networks
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