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Mar 12, 2019

Thanks for helping families!

Our work in Mexico continues! We've been partnering with DeHart Ministries for over a year now. Thanks to you, we've sent over a thousand cloth diapers, and can continue sending many more. This week another shipment leaves, and also includes some beautiful pillowcase dresses sewn with love by a local church.  Communication is a little tricky, as diapers are shared with traveling pastors and missionaries to distribute to families in need. This Diaper Drop is certainly unique, and so impactful. 

We recently had a diaper recipient share with us 

Every time I change my daughter I feel so much love knowing so many people cared enough to help me put clean comfortable diapers on my daughter!!! 

Thanks for making moments like this possible. 

~ Stephanie

Mar 11, 2019

Helping Families Unlock the Poverty Cycle

Locked in generational poverty. 

That’s how Dawn Hicks of the Focus on Babies Diaper Resource Center of West Plains, Missouri, describes the majority of the families they serve.

“Over the years as manufacturing jobs have been lost, we have seen low-paying service jobs become the mainstay for the majority of low-skilled workers in the area, leading to the difficulty of earning a living wage,” she said. 

“Working multiple jobs to make ends meet is common,” she continued. “Affordable childcare is hard to find and maternity leave is almost nonexistent. Eighty percent of students in the West Plains Schools qualify for free and reduced lunch. There is little access to public transportation and owning and maintaining a vehicle is an expense beyond the means of many, especially those who are earning minimum wage.”

Dawn connected with Jake’s Diapers late in 2018 to join as a Diaper Drop partner and extend their ability to serve the local Missouri families. Dawn said they had received about 20 cloth diaper kits in early 2016, and have wanted to expand that program since – but have not had the funds or resources.

“As of October (2018) we have distributed over 86,000 disposable diapers and we would love to get more cloth diapers to families to reduce the monthly need and to help our environment,” Dawn said. ““Using cloth diapers helps our local families to redirect funds that would be spent on disposables, besides being more environment-friendly.”

We’re happy to add Focus on Babies Diaper Resource Center to our list of Diaper Drop Partners and have already shipped products to the organization. Dawn said it’s already made an impact, and shared one comment from a recipient.

“I am a grandma, I have my granddaughter 4 to 7 days and nights per week,” the recipient said. ”I am disabled. Her dad is not well and lives with me, and money is tight.  This will help.”


About Our Diaper Drop Partners

Focus on Babies Diaper Resource Center is just one of our many Diaper Drop partners Jake’s Diapers features regularly to shed light on the stories of the people we serve in order to increase awareness about the impact a donation of hygiene products can have on a single individual.

Thanks for helping babies! 

~ Stephanie

Mar 10, 2019

Distributing Dignity

Loraine, our Diaper Drop Liasion in Puerto Rico, shares the following experience from a recent Diaper Distribution to help furloughed government employees: 

In all the cases that presented themselves to receive a kit from Jake's Diapers in Puerto Rico only some captured my attention. You can see the line forming and some are talking to distract themselves but others are silent and with worried lines in their foreheads.

"Next" I called out and a woman of fifty something sat down.  I looked besides her or behind her to look directly at the young person I had to talk through and give them examples of how to use the diapers and so on.  There was only her.

She started fidgeting in the chair silently and kind of ashamed and while looking at her hands she said, "I don't know if you can help me and as a Federal employee we are considered to never have lack of anything because of our income but is hard and more so since the shut down"

I kept silent and respected her time to explain.  She took a deep breath, "My mom has Alzheimer and I have not been able to eat or sleep thinking of her diapers or everything"

I have to admit this is not rare for me to see,  the silent ones are the ones I always find to be yelling the hardest and needing help.  So I just gave her my biggest smile and said, "let's see how we can help you out". She nodded and rearranged her purse and told me her mom was already a size small on disposables.  I showed her the cloth Diapers from Jake's for special needs and asked her if she though it would fit her mom. A single tear slipped and she nodded "yes" while her chin was trembling.  Her stubbornness reminded me of my mom but the despair in her eyes followed by relief was all I needed to see.  She presented evidence of her mom and thanked every once in a while about the diapers.

Thank you for providing dignity and hope for families in Puerto Rico. I encourage you to reach me at with any questions you may have. I'd love to hear from you. 


~ Stephanie

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