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Jan 15, 2020

Thanks for helping Mary!

Today it is a joy to introduce you to Mary. Mary and her husband live in the rural areas of northeastern Wisconsin. As they grow older, they are working to fix up their cabin to enjoy together.

 Except, Mary, a Veteran, has hit some health snags. She’s had recurrent bladder cancer for more than a year, which means the work on the cabin is now on a deadline – a bit unknown, the date being until she can’t do the work anymore. They are working tirelessly to get it into shape.

 Mary’s condition means she’s had urinary infections and has constant problems with holding urine. She’s tried to get assistance to buy adult briefs through her insurance and the VA to no avail. 

 Thankfully, Mary has found hope through Kingdom Come, a pantry in Oconto Falls that serves the unmet needs of low income, handicapped, elderly, and at-risk in the community through a food pantry and resale shop. Kingdom Come is one of Jake’s Diapers community partners and is able to provide Mary with adult care essentials because of your support. 

 “Starting a partnership with Jake’s in 2019 has meant reduced stress for these families.”

“Getting the disposable adult briefs from the pantry has helped relieve some of that stress with the cost of buying adult ‘diapers,’” said Belinda Chou of Kingdom Come. “Plus, she has not had an infection since she’s had the disposable briefs.”

 Oconto Falls and the surrounding area are often considered a bedroom community of Green Bay, Belinda said, and this means good jobs require reliable transportation and education. Poverty, health and emotional issues are common themes for people in the area. Low job skills and lack of -education prevent many from climbing out of the cycle.

 Starting a partnership with Jake’s in 2019 has meant reduced stress for these families as well as some education about products available to deal with incontinence, Belinda said. 

 “Consistency or reliability of products, variety of products, and the cost-saving are all great things that have come from Jake’s,” she said. “And about 50% of our food pantry clients are using some type of diaper or menstrual product. –That means a great impact for our clients! Thank you!”

 Thank you for helping Mary, and other adults we serve through Jake's A.C.E. Initiative


 Stephanie Bowers
Executive Director


Jan 13, 2020

Helping Australia

Tiny helpers with boxes of Aussie Nappies!
Tiny helpers with boxes of Aussie Nappies!

Thank you for rallying together to help our Aussie friends. We're excited to share with you that we are coming alongside a grassroots movement to solve diaper need with cloth diapers across Australia. This movement, Cloth Community Fund Australia, is working to get cloth diaper kits direct to families impacted by the bushfires, both immediately and long term. 

Jacinta is the Mom behind Cloth Community Fund Australia, and she shares this: 

"We are completely overwhelmed and blown away by the responses we’ve had for the Bush Fire appeal. Our Melbourne team has been working hard this week on donations to get them through to the victims. We want to say a big thank you!! "

With immediate needs being met, we are focusing on long term need- often overlooked in disaster response. We also know in times of crisis the most important need is cash, not random things.

We have a unique niche with cloth diapers - we are the largest cloth diaper bank in the world, leveraging powerful relationships with global manufacturers and donors to supply culturally appropriate solutions to meeting basic hygiene needs. This means we can really stretch donor dollars far, and get needed supplies- not random, mixed goods- direct to families in crisis. Our supply chain empowers responders, like Jacinta and her team, on the ground to move quickly, efficiently and effectively to meet hygiene needs of bushfire crisis survivors. 

As we prepare to work long term, your funds are a critical piece of the work we do and we are so thankful for your support. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!



Stephanie Bowers
Executive Director

About Our Disaster Relief Efforts: Jake’s Diapers recognizes that every person is one disaster away from living in a situation that restricts access to basic necessities. We respond when disaster strikes, understanding the need to be clean and healthy after displacement or destruction. Supporting people impacted in this way restores hope and dignity while creating opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life as they rebuild and recover.

Make your impact today! A donation of $25 distributes hope and dignity through diapers to bushfire survivors 

Jan 13, 2020

Thanks for helping Daylan!


It is a joy to introduce you to Daylan, one of the children who call our Diaper Drop Sarah's Covenant Homes home. Daylan just celebrated his 13th birthday!

Sarah's Covenant Homes shares this about Daylan:  "Daylan has a way about him that easily captivates every person he comes into contact with. Everyday for Daylan is marked with enthusiiasm for the big and small happenings, a contagious enthusiasm that is often marked with loud, joyful sounds. Although Daylan doesn't say many words, his communication is so loud and clear! He is a boy that knows what he wants! He has so much perseverance in learning new skills and working towards being independent in so many areas. This boy is joy and love and kindness and spunk and all that is wonderful and good."

Thank you for the joy you bring to Daylan, and the other children we are blessed to serve at Sarah's Covenant Homes! 

~ Stephanie

 About Our Global Efforts: Through a trusted network of community-based partners Jake’s Diapers provides predominantly reusable options to solving hygiene needs worldwide. We have a growing list of Diaper Drops all around the world, including India, Uganda, Puerto Rico and beyond. 

Make your impact today! A donation of $36 provides two appropriately sized cloth diapers for older children with special needs. 

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