International Disaster Volunteers (IDV)

At IDV we believe that to provide meaningful relief and reconstruction assistance to disaster affected communities around the world we have to do more than reconstruct buildings. We need to understand and address the factors that made a community vulnerable to the disaster in the first place. Our work will be organised with these factors in mind so we can effect change that far outlives our presence.
Classrooms for Earthquake Survivors Like Ising
Ising is 6 and he's a survivor of two Nepal earthquakes. Ising is the youngest of 7 children and lives in the village of Kalangsa in the district of Sindhupalchok. Ising's school was destroyed in the first earthquake and Ising and his classmates now don't have anywhere to attend school and receive an education. This threatens their future by denying them an education. But with your help, we'll provide kids like Ising with a temporary classroom to get them back in school as quickly as possible.
Job Skills for Denis
This project will provide a year of English Education for Denis. Denis is an Elementary Student and he's learning English to help advance himself in his work as a civil engineer. His language skills help keep him in dignified, living wage employment - but he can't afford to pay for his own school. That's why he needs donors like you!
A safe home for Manoucheca
This project will provide a year of safe housing for fifteen year old Manoucheca. Manoucheca arrived at the HTDC orphanage in 2010 after her father died in the earthquake. Her mom couldn't afford to care for her, or her younger brother Nekfy, so she brought them to the orphanage. Despite her hardship, Manoucheca is a lovely, independent girl who takes very good care of her little brother. But without the orphanage to keep her safe, Manoucheca would be forced to fend for herself as a street-kid.
A Year of Meals for Paolo
This project will provide a year of nutritious food for Paolo. Paolo is 13 years old and used to live with his dad but their house was destroyed in the earthquake. His dad received a tent but the camp was not safe for Paolo and so his dad brought him to the HTDC orphanage and hasn't returned since. Paolo wants to become a doctor, or a hip-hop star!. But without nutritious meals to keep him growing, Paolo's future will be bleak.
School supplies for 700 kids including Anish
Anish is 6 and he's a survivor of two Nepal earthquakes. Anish lives with his family in Kalangsa village in Hagam, Sindhupalchok. Anish's school was destroyed in the first earthquake and Anish and his classmates also lost their school supplies and desks. This means they're struggling to learn. This threatens Anish's future by denying him an education. But with your help we'll provide Anish with school supplies to get him learning again as quickly as possible.
A Rescue Boat for Evacuees Like Antonio
Antonio is 74. He lives with his three grandchildren in a house made from a few sheets of tin and plywood perched on a riverbank. Antonio's family live in constant fear of heavy rains which cause the river to quickly burst its banks. When this happens Antonio's family can easily become trapped by the rising water. Without a rescue boat to evacuate them Antonio and his family could easily lose their lives in a major flood.
Hot Meals for Evacuees like Fe
Fe is 64 years old. She lives with her daughter and grandson just outside Manila, in the Philippines. Their house is made from bricks but it's dangerously close to a river. Every year there are floods, and Fe's house is often inundated. During floods Fe and her family have to spend days sleeping on the floor of an evacuation centre. With your help, we'll be there to provide hot meals and emergency supplies during those floods.
Kitchen utensils for Families Like Sajana's
Sajana is six and she's a survivor of two Nepal earthquakes. Sajana lives with her family in the Lamoshangu temporary settlement. Sajana's family's possessions were buried in the earthquake rubble and they now lack even basic kitchen utensils. This means that, even when Sajana's family have food, they struggle to prepare a meal. With your help, we'll provide cooking utensils to help keep Sajana's family healthy and happy.
School Furniture for Dumpsite Kids
This project will provide tables and chairs for kids rescued from the Tacloban city dumpsite. The kids have missed a lot of class but they're now enrolled in an Alternative Learning System (ALS) based out of a nearby high school. This allows them to re-integrate into a formal learning environment, at a pace adjusted to their previous level of education. But the ALS facility doesn't have enough furniture, and some of the kids are learning, and eating their lunch, on the floor.
Give Back Education to Tsum Valley's Young Nuns
During the devastating Nepal earthquake in April 2015, the Buddhist Nunneries in Tsum Valley, were all severely damaged. For the young nuns, aged 8 - 14, the nunnery is not just their home, it's also their school. The earthquake not only left the young nuns without shelter but also unable to continue their education. The young nuns are dedicated to their studies, religious and academic, and with your support, we can rebuild the nunnery's classroom and give these little nuns back their future.

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