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Dec 18, 2019

International Migrants Day - 18 December 2019

With the United Nations General Assembly proclaiming 18 December as International Migrants Day in year 2000, it was aimed for migrant rights to be known worldwide and for awareness to be raised on the problems experienced by migrants.

Due to conflicts, economic problems and political reasons in many regions of the world, millions of individuals all over the world have started seeking migration routes, leaving behind their families, homes, lives in pursuit of better conditions.

Presently, the number of persons living in a country other than their country of birth is greater than ever before. The number of migrants in the world has reached 272 million in 2019. The global population of forcibly displaced persons have nearly exceeded 70 million at the end of 2018. Approximately 26 million of this population consists of refugees, while 3.5 million consists of asylum seekers. Today, one out of every 33 persons in the world comes from a migrant background.

Unfortunately, negative opinions and statements concerning migrants is rising due to increasing intolerant statements about them throughout the world. However, the positive contributions of migrants on the community and country to which they migrate; in other words, the strong connection between migration and development should never be ignored and steps should be taken to further strengthen this connection.

In such a period, Turkey has set an example for the world with its works conducted in this regard and has always welcomed migrants and has never left those in need to deal with such a difficult situation on their own. It has fulfilled the responsibility of being aware that remaining indifferent to one of the most significant problems globally experienced by humanity means contributing to violations of human rights increasing and living conditions in poor countries worsening.

Based on our 25 years of experience as ASAM on migration and refugees, with the understanding that migration does not only mean arriving at someplace and should be addressed as a process, we focus on raising awareness on the challenges encountered by migrants and asylum seekers during migration and on providing assistance by coming up with solutions for the problems experienced.

Calling upon creating a world where human rights and human dignity are protected, we wish you a happy International Migrants Day.

Sep 23, 2019

A new school year has begun!

A new school year has begun!

In Turkey, schools start in September. Now, children have a lot to learn. Let's spend a year full of love, excitement, solidarity, and hope.

What did we do in the meantime? Wait for to schools to open? Of course not...

We gathered strength before school year begins, and prepared activities for all of our children.

ASAM Çorum Multi Service Support Center came together with children at the ''Back to School'' event. The faces were smiling, preparations were completed.

ASAM’s Yalova Sustainable Living Center, organized activities for improving the sensory and motor skills of children during the preparation for school events. Yalova Sustainable Living Center continues its efforts to strengthen the children's hand and eye coordination. On the other hand, playing games that improve Turkish language skills is the children's main source of amusement. 

Your donations are making these events possible.

On behalf of all of our organization.

Thank you.

Jun 25, 2019

World Refugee Day Statement

From the perspective of human history, migration has always been a concept that existed in the lives of societies, but in this historical process we have experienced, it has become a reality that all humanity has thought much more. World Refugee Day was designated by the UN General Assembly at the end of 2000 to be celebrated on June 20 of each year in order to draw attention to the problems of forcefully displaced people in the world.

Today, 70.8 million people have left their lands behind because of conflict, violence, persecution and had to move to the regions they think they would live in better conditions. That's twice the number of 20 years ago, 2.3 million more thanthe last year’s. Today, around 25 people per minute are being displaced by force all over the world. About 26 million of these people, who had to leave the land of their birth, were refugees. When compared to the world's population, this data shows that 1 in every 106 people has to leave her/his home. In Turkey, which hosts the largest refugee population in the world, 1 in every 20 people is a refugee.

In 2011, with the civil war that began in Syria, there was a period in which the largest mass population movements after World War II took place, and this difficult period was called as ''the age of migration''. In this process, While Syria has become the highest sending country in the World, according to June 2019 dated data of Directorate General of Migration Management, Turkey hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees in the world, with 3,613,644 people. Considering that the number of non-Syrian refugee population living in Turkey is approximately 500,000, today, it is known that there are more than 4 million refugees living in Turkey. Therefore, June 20, World Refugee Day is of much greater importance for Turkey,when compared to other countries.

Being the first to include the concept of ''Asylum Seeker'' in its name with the 24-year long history in the field of migration and refugees, as one of Turkey's largest and long-established non-governmental organizations, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) conducts activities aimed at informing the refugees in our country about psychosocial support, access to rights and services, and improving their social cohesion and life skills. ASAM General Coordinator Ibrahim Vurgun Kavlak said the following in the statement he made within the scope of World Refugee Day, on June 20: ''Our country has been carrying out a historical duty especially in the field of refugees since 2011. In our country, where the highest number of refugees in the world live, as ASAM, we carry out projects in the areas of protection, access to education and health services, employment and social cohesion in cooperation and coordination with our relevant public institutions and organizations in particular, the European Union and the United Nations organizations in order to produce solutions to the difficulties faced by refugees. Over the past two years, we have reached more than 1 million refugees as ASAM. About 500,000 of these refugees are children.”

As ASAM, by improving the living conditions and ensuring social cohesion of refugees in Turkey, we will continue to increase and contribute to the solidarity between Turkish and refugees. We believe that love, tolerance, reconciliation and peace will make the world beautiful.

Wishing for a world without wars, where people do not have to leave their land...

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