Mar 7, 2018



Because of your generous contribution, HiH EA has been able to change the lives of 64 youths in the Kiambu Rehabilitation Project. The training that included basic entrepreneurship and financial management skills aims to empower the youths to create jobs and enterprises hence improving their quality of life.

As you might be aware, currently Kenya faces a high rate of unemployment with a majority of those affected being youth under the age of 35. According to a recent report by United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) 2017, Kenya recorded 39.1 percent unemployment rate. The effects of unemployment on a young population is vast and at times includes drug abuse.

The Kiambu Rehabilitation Project thus aims at providing an alternative for the rehabilitated youths from the use of drugs. These youths are now able to create jobs for themselves and others and therefore find new ways of making money and living better lives.

Recently HiH EA began the recruitment of the second cohort of youth in Kiambu for this project. The new group expressed interest in entrepreneurial training and is currently undergoing rehabilitation in order to be on-boarded for the training by HiH EA. 

Once again we thank you for your support for the first cohort of the Kiambu Rehabilitation Project that has seen 64 youths gain a second chance at living a productive and fulfilling life. As we embark on the training of the second cohort your support will be highly appreciated.

Oct 11, 2017

Progress Report on Training of Rehabilitated Youth


Hand in Hand Eastern Africa has been taking youths in rehabilitation centers in Kiambu County through the enterprise development training and it has been such a success! There has been a noticeable impact and therefore improved change among the youths. “Without your generous donation, we wouldn’t have come this far” says one of the beneficiaries.  HiH EA therefore takes this early opportunity to reiterate their gratitude for your support as well plead that you do not tire from doing good.

Impact of the Training

We are happy to report that all the recruited 64 youths have completed the enterprise development training. Through your support, the youths have learnt basic entrepreneurship skills and financial management skills as well all the other HiH EA training modules and they have all graduated. This has greatly helped as we have witnessed some of them start and successfully run small businesses.  Some are still on the planning stages as they strive to decide on whether to initiate agri-businesses or venture into other socio-economic activities to help them earn decent living.

Once again we are very grateful to our valuable partners: PCEA (Beulah), NACADA and the County Government of Kiambu for the great support they have given us through this journey of bringing back our youths from drug abuse to a more engaged and active youth in the development of our country.

Seeking for more Help.

Once again, we seek for funds to continue supporting these very willing youths to avoid them falling back or disintegrating the group that has become so cohesive and a support system in itself!

We are humbled by your giving.

Jul 11, 2017

Progress Report on Training of Rehabilitated Youth

We are so grateful!

It has been nine months since your generous donation began to put Kiambu youths-Kenya, on the recovery path from drug and substance addiction to budding entrepreneurs.

The power of learning

Majority of the 64 members in Kiambu rehabilitation youth project left school at the young age of 15 or, in some cases, even younger. Due to high unemployment rate in the country, youths find it difficult to make ends meet hence engaging themselves in drug abuse and prostitution. Your support provides them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch-up on the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty and ensure their children (for the young mothers/fathers or single parents) have a better life than they’ve had.   

64 of the program members are in the process of completing the 'Training on Enterprise Development' module; even as you read this report, they are discovering how to earn money from the skills or assets they already have, leverage themselves from competition, and set their products' prices at the right market rate, prepared business plans and among other ways of putting them on a competitive edge.

Success story

Emma is 25 years old, a former heroin, addict has a success story to share after four months of rehabilitation and business training courtesy of Hand in Hand Eastern Africa.

Emma says “Entrepreneurship training has not only given me business skills, but has fully changed my mind- set in a country where white collar jobs are scarce, it’s important to create a job for yourself and for others”.

Emma, after learning different business ideas and how to spot a viable business opportunity, started making tomato sauce to sell in local kiosks (small shops) in kibera slum. She is working hard to get approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) which will enable her to penetrate the local supermarkets and therefore access a wider market.

Making Ends meet.

Currently she is earning about $5 per day; this a big milestone in her life since she has never earned that much before, leaving her motivated and giving a ray of hope, choice and dignity in her life. Now she can dress smartly, eat well, enjoy financial freedom and assist her parents to educate their siblings.

Looking ahead.

Emma is looking forward not only to expand her business but create jobs for vulnerable youths and to motivate other reformed youths.

What next.

33 Youths have just completed training and the remaining 31 others will finish their training in the next three months; we hope the community will receive the rehabilitated youths with both hands and involve them in social economic activities.

The PCEA Church - our key partner in implementing the project has secured a piece of land where these youths will settle and be engaged economically through agricultural and other socio-economic activities upon availability of funds to finish the necessary required structures.

Though the funds to continue with the training are running out, we hope that you shall be willing once again to partner with us by giving through this platform, just to ensure that this program continues to empower the rehabilitating youth which is our future generation and leaders to be.

Once again, thank you very much!

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