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Oct 13, 2016

Designing and touching your dreams !

Ceremony of graduation, exhibition products
Ceremony of graduation, exhibition products

Dear all,

Today is a good day for our project as every day is since we began working to empower the young but strong girls of the 2 centres we’re working with.

These young girls and women are brave, they went through hard times but are learning and enjoying every bit of our empowering workshops with a wide and bright smile on their faces.

Nothing could make us happier than seeing them developing their skills in sewing and in jewellery while including recycling of clothes and using recycled materials.

And that’s not all, those past months, they also developed their skills in marketing, micro projects building and business planning !

This is happening thanks to your support and our skilled local team. We’re very grateful!

They are able to speak up and they began thinking deeply about their professional future. At the end of the first workshops session we organised a graduation ceremony in which we handed them their diplomas over.

Some of the girls told us how proud they were for it was the first diploma they’ve ever gotten. Many of them never finished school. Their eyes were sparkling and they couldn’t wait to tell their family.

Here are some of the translated comments of the girls:

During the ceremony, N. told us "I want to give my young brothers the opportunities I didn’t have and make them proud of me. I want them to want the best for themselves".

M. said "I want to help my family by giving them some stability and resources so that they can be happier and less concerned by our day to day needs."

Unfortunately, some of them are going to turn 18 in a couple of months and they won’t be authorised to stay in the centres. We hope to be able to follow them after they leave to support them in their life choices.

We know for sure that the skills they learnt are going to be useful if not right away, some day.

Mostly because now they know deep down they CAN do great things and buid the life they want and that we will be there to support them.

Loads of energy from the Bolivian Team and our skilled and confident girls,

Graduation, jewels realised by the girls
Graduation, jewels realised by the girls
Marketing Workshop!
Marketing Workshop!
Sep 19, 2016

Women from Atta start individual IT classes

The women from Atta have asked us to start up the IT classes as a priority for their social mobility. Thanks to our volunteer and IT expert in Cameroon, M.Ndjeng, four ladies started individual classes last week and more shall be joining them shortly. 

The ladies have shown great motivation and enthusiasm for the classes, one lady particularly stated "if only I had had the chance to turn on a computer 10 years ago, I could have made it somewhere". 

Throught these classes the ladies are not only learning IT skills, but some of them are even learning to read and write through interactive learning methods. 

Good luck to you ladies ! 


Sep 6, 2016

15 Hate fighters in the streets!

Newsletter presenting the webtrotters
Newsletter presenting the webtrotters

Dear donors,

You've been a wonderful help to this project. Even though we didn't reach our goal, we managed to change the life of 15 youngsters that got deeply involved in recreating solidarity and link between people who didn't even know about each other !

They exchanged, they observed, told stories, their story, the Other story, they depicted a multicultural town with many fulfilling differences. They lead this project with their heart full of love and energy.

They worked and covered subjects such as :

Fraternity and solidarity in distressed neighbourhoods

Human rights in the European Union, a local comparison (Strasbourg-Kehl)

Citizenship: where and when?

Discrimination and employment

Addressing the local authorities: Working together on citizenship

Vox : Women and public places, Hatred and radicalisation, citizenship and religion!  

Violence against women: The symptom of an unequal society

Refugees welcome!! But how? (local actions)

More than one story : All different yet all the same

Around the world : a tool against ignorance

Vox: homophobia… xenophobia… sexism, together against hate speeches

Multiculturalism : The  rich society of our differences

Sustainable development and smart consumption

Urban culture and citizenship


A word from Ossama, webtrotter :

“the impact of hate speeches on young people is devastating. I myself used to be a victim of racist speeches and I really wanted to get involved in this project to fight against any kind of damaging speeches. You don’t fight hate with hate but by spreading love and understanding! This is what we're trying to do and I believe we're making a difference by gathering people ”


Know about their work by following them :

Their facebook page :

Their youtube channel:


Thank you for your support,

The webtrotters.

Newsletter presenting the webtrotters
Newsletter presenting the webtrotters
Newsletter presenting the webtrotters
Newsletter presenting the webtrotters
Human rights have no limits
Human rights have no limits
Evaluation : We will go further!
Evaluation : We will go further!
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