Aug 2, 2018

Movie Screening

Children watching movie
Children watching movie

The second session for the day was held at the Church within Building No. 17, put together for its residents by the B.A.S.S members of the both Wing A and B.The screening saw a huge number of children in attendance, close to 70 of them, apart from a couple of parents and the treasurer of the housing society.

The event began with the registration of the children, followed by the welcoming of the audience and the facilitation of the Treasurer, the parent attendees, and Mr. Vijay and the B.A.S.S. representatives. Mr. Prakash then gave a brief introduction with respect to the movie followed by the screening. Once the screening was over, Mr. Prakash welcomed Mr. Vijay to initiate a dialogue on the theme of the movie and to assist the children in understanding better about safe and unsafe touch in specific and child sexual abuse in general.

Soon after, the session ended with a vote of thanks and distribution of snacks for the attendees. Later on, in a feedback session, the B.A.S.S members who assisted in the screening were appreciated and suggestions and comments were discussed.

Vijay explaining about movie
Vijay explaining about movie
Jul 16, 2018

Movie Screening at Child resource centre

Children watching movie
Children watching movie


Movie Screening

Sunday, 8th July 2018

Screening I

3.00 PM- 4.30 PM Building No. 13- Wing A and B, Lallu Bhai Compound

The Bal Adhikar Sangrash Samiti (B.A.S.S.) members from Building No. 13- Wings A and B, organized a film screening session for the residents of their building on Sunday. Held at the Anganwadi centre, the entire session was an hour and a half long, where the children, parents and the society’s committee members were invited. The movie, an awareness-building animation film called Tinku and Tina, talks about child sexual abuse by distinguishing between good, bad and concealed touch.

The event began with the welcoming of the audience and registration of the children, followed by which Mr. Prakash, the YUVA-CRC staff and B.A.S.S in-charge introduced the entire organization and the team to the audience. He spoke about YUVA as an organization, about CRC and B.A.S.S and then spoke about the objective of the screening. Further, the movie- Tinku and Tina was screened; which was attended by approximately 45 children, a parent representative and few of the society’s committee members including the President, the Treasurer and the Vice-President.

Once the screening was over, Mr. Prakash welcome Mr. Vijay, the project coordinator- Children Protection Intervention at YUVA to initiate a dialogue on the theme of the movie and to assist the children in understanding better about safe and unsafe touch in specific and child sexual abuse in general. Mr. Vijay spoke about the increasing prevalence of CSA in the country, about how the perpetuator is most often someone known to the victim and then helped the children understand the difference between good, bad and concealed or inappropriate touch.

Soon after the discussion, those who had assisted in organizing of the screening were facilitated. The guests were welcomed to the front, including the President, Vice-President and the Treasurer of the housing society, Mr. Vijay, and one male and female representative from B.A.S.S. The society representatives were facilitated with flowers; posters related to child rights and protection as well as handouts talking about YUVA-CRC’s works were shared with them.

Mr. Prakash then spoke about how this screening was one of a kind and how something like this has never been done before and this was the first step in involving the community in ensuring child protection and putting into action the slogan of B.A.S.S “Hinsamukt Surakshit Basti Ke Liye Bacchon Ke Saath Hum Bhi…” He then sought support from the parent representative and members of the housing society committee for creating child-safe spaces and creating Child Protection Committee based on the Maharashtra Government’s Resolution. These guests then spoke for a few minutes each pledging their support. The session ended with a vote of thanks and distribution of snacks for the attendees.

Children watching movie
Children watching movie
May 14, 2018

Anti-Superstition (Awareness Session)

Showing tricks
Showing tricks

India is said to be one of the most superstitious countries in the world. Superstition is prevalent among all classes- rich and poor. Superstition is contrary to development and hence is also a sign of illiteracy, poverty and above all backwardness. Superstition is anything that is based on blind faith and mostly leads to some harmful consequence. In summary, it is opposite to rationality.

In order to fight the plague of superstition and superstitious beliefs among people, Andhshraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ANIS) was founded by the great mind Dr. Narendra Dabolkar. Dr. Dabolkar identified superstition as one of the biggest social evils in the Indian society and envisioned a society where each person could leave free of the shackles of baseless practices and beliefs. The organization therefore works towards spreading awareness among people.

Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (MANS) or (Maharashtra Blind faith Eradication Committee) is a voluntary organization working through 310 branches located in rural and urban Maharashtra, Belgaum in Karnataka and Goa. It does not receive foreign or government funding. It’s a People's movement working solely on support of the people and for the people.

Maharashtra has a long legacy of rationalist social reformers who always took an objective and informed stand against superstition. The constitution of India has stipulated adoption of scientific outlook as one of the responsibilities of every Indian and has included it as a value to be inculcated through education. MANS has resolved to further this rational legacy through purposeful activities and programmes. The eradication of blind faith can be achieved by these four main Aims and Objectives:-

1. To oppose and agitate against harmful superstitions and rituals which misguide and exploit.

2. To inculcate and propagate scientific outlook, scepticism, humanism and critical thinking.

3. To encourage constructive and critical analysis of religion, traditions and customs.

4. To associate and work with progressive social reform organizations.


In keeping with spreading awareness against superstition and introducing a scientific temper among children, session on Science and Magic was organized by ANIS. About 40 children attended the session. They were excited to see how camphor reacts with fire, knowing about chill-lemon superstition to prevent ghosts entering the house on the night of no-moon. They also learned about muhurat and how there is no impact from it. Children also said that hence forth they would avoid keeping unnecessary fasts, as nutrition for the body is extremely important and long fasts induce problems of acidity and dehydration.

As it is said by the Father of Economics, Adam Smith, said ‘Science is the antidote to the poisonous enthusiasm and superstition’; this is reflective in the awareness sessions and the need for a scientific temper among all classes and age groups.

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