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Oct 26, 2017

Workshop on Gender Justice

       Workshop on Gender Justice

Making playgrounds accessible and safe for girls is one of the major initiative taken up by the children in lallubhai Compound. At the same time their daily interactions are reflective of gendered stereotypes that are ingrained in them since childhood. Thus a workshop aiming at challenging these stereotypes was initiated with the members of the group leaders  

The session began with differentiating between sex and gender; one that is natural and the other that is acquired through socialisation. Making children comfortable about their body parts and to overcome the inhibitions around talking about one's body parts were done through an activity wherein the children were asked to draw male and female bodies.

Once the fact that attributes linked to masculinity and femininity were socially constructed the discussion around day to day interactions between male and female began. The discussion for the children was relatable because it was around relationships that they are in like that of a mother and child (both male and female), among friends, brother and sister and in romantic relationships.

Writing there views
Writing there views
Aug 30, 2017

My community Safe community

On 15th August 2017, India celebrated its 71st Independence Day. But the children in Lallubhai Compound questioned the very idea of freedom. On daily basis children face violations of their right to freedom due to unsafe surroundings and the insecurities arising from it.  Children do not have the freedom to play in the open spaces because most of these spaces are occupied by people engaging in substance abuse. In the name of maintaining discipline they are also stopped from playing in their houses, corridors and the society office that most of the times are kept locked.


With an objective to create “My Community Safe Community” the children stepped outside Community Resource Centre and claimed society office in their respective buildings. This opportunity was taken to inculcate the practise of allowing children to use society office, a space that is meant for all people living in the building, a sense of leadership and responsibility was inculcated among the group leaders by making them responsible for planning and executing the activities. Not only were the children taking responsibility of the activities, Community Child Protection Committee members and society members oversaw the entire process.

The group leaders took various activities like drawing, indoor games and outdoor activities. These activities were followed by a discussion on whether children have access to their rights after 70 years of Independence. The activity was carried out by 8 different groups with ten members each. They defined freedom for themselves as access to playground, freedom to roam around in the community without the feeling of insecurity and freedom to express their opinion. The children also discussed to take up activities to ensure these freedoms.  

Jul 28, 2017

CHILD RESOURCE CENTRE- (Oorja Sharma was interning with YUVA. she had to say about her experience)

Intern with Children & Office Staff
Intern with Children & Office Staff

Recently, I joined an NGO named YUVA (Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action) as an intern. Being in the second year of my Bachelors in management studies, I originally joined here because I needed work experience for my resume. YUVA has a lot of child resource centres (CRCs) located in various parts of Mumbai and actively works for the child rights. Lately I was given a responsibility to take an interview of the staff working for the CRC located in Lallubhai compound, one of the large slums in Mankhurd. 

The questions that I asked were related to the work that the staff had been doing, the facilities that they were providing the children, the difficulties that they faced and the change that they made. One of the most important topic was about the reason why the kids and especially girls of Lallubhai compound needed help and development.

The information and response that I got was a true eye opener and I could actually see the dark reality behind the glamourous and happening life of Mumbai. Me along with another intern, spent some time with children over there, talked to them and clicked pictures and selfies. It was surprising to know how intelligent these kids were but had lack of resources and a good lifestyle. There was absolutely no safety for the kids, especially girls who didn’t step out of the house after noon. We could see how difficult their lives were, but were still happier than most of the rich families. The kids loved coming to the CRC as they could learn more, spend time with their friends and most of all, because they felt safe and were given a large amount of freedom. We came to know a lot more about the problems of the children’s households and daily life problems. It was a really good initiative from YUVA’s side as helping the kids and the people was not an easy task and had a lot of challenges. After the interview, we became aware of all the provisions and activities that YUVA had been undertaking and they had actually made a huge impact.

Before that day, all I knew about Mumbai was the tall buildings and luxury. I did have some idea about the slums and the problems that the lower section of the society faced, but I never thought that I would get to see the harsh reality so closely and I’m thankful to YUVA for giving me this opportunity and letting me explore the inside of the city that I’ve been living in, since 12 years of my life. So yes, I had originally joined here because I needed work experience, but I have got to learn a lot more than I expected and this is the most insightful experience of my life.

Oorja Sharma

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