Nov 27, 2019

Club de Ninos y Ninas November 2019

After our successful 2019 National Club de Niños y Niñas Convention, the boys and girls returned to the Club after the summer holidays to find new surprises in their Club. From colorful new furniture to new floors in the martial arts and dance spaces and an exciting new Teen Space called the Cubo, the Kids more than ever have a Club equiped to shape Great Futures.

Thanks to the generous donation of the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation, our members can enjoy a completely renovated and equipped Good Character and Citizenship classroom!

The conditioning of the Telcalipoca space means a new healthy and safe space for children to learn and develop their full potential in the Club. Equipped for the activities of the Good Character and Citizenship pillar, this program will focus on learning socio-emotional strengths, improvements in well-being and self-esteem, and the prevention of specific risks such as teenage pregnancies and drug addiction.

We are building a garden!

Based on our Healthy Life Style pillar, our children will soon enjoy vegetables and fruits, like tomato and broccoli, planted by themselves in the Club's garden.

Day of the Dead in the Club!

The night of October 31 we organised our incredibly special Halloween- Day of the Dead-party at the Club. The Kids were very creative in choosing their costumes. We had many fun activities to celebrate one of the most important and beautiful traditions of our country.

Kids and their families enjoyed an authentic feast of smells, colors and music while participating in plays and making their own offering. In addition, they learned about the origin of this tradition and asked for sweets in the company of their friends.

It was a very special and emotional evening for all and we are all looking forward to the next Dia de Los Muertos!


    Aug 29, 2019

    Summer at 2019 the Club de Ninos y Ninas CDMX

    We had a great summer at the Club de Niños y Niñas de Tecamac y Ecatepec!


    The last two months have been very productive and fun. We had our first summer course in which boys and girls used their time to perform different activities that allowed them to learn about different areas whilst forming new friendships. Our Boys and Girls were very active during the summer and are now motivated to return to school and their daily activities with great enthusiasm and energy.


    Summer Art Program

    Creativity is a skill that must be encouraged in the community. The innate talent of Boys and Girls surfaced in surprising ways in the workshops of Create & Express, and LiberArte, programs that through painting, handcrafts, drawing and dance allowed Boys and Girls to explore their imagination and express themselves through art.

    From crafts with recycled materials to plays, all participants were able to use their mind and body to recognize their emotions, feelings and desires. Everyone stood out in different workshops and we are proud to say that they boosted their social skills by being in constant contact with their classmates.


    Kids Kung Fu: Focus, Self-Defense, Goal-Setting, Confidence

    Kung fu has to do with the physical and mental skills, the Boys and Girls learned that this sport is based on Chinese philosophy and is about improving wisdom, so while they were doing the movements well, they also behaved respectfully with the space and other people. 

    The Boys and Girls registred in this workshop showed a great ability to learn quickly and they showed great interest in continueing to learn. Although fluid movements are complicated at first, all the Boys and Girls were interested in improving their skills and that helped them move forward during the workshop. Likewise, they were able to create a greater bond with their peers by performing group activities that involved following and guiding others.


    Green Classroom Ideas for Environmentally Conscious Learning

    By creating objects with recycled materials, Boys and Girls were able to develop their imagination and creativity by making things like lava lamps and robotic hands with cardboard. Everyone showed interest in exploring beyond the workshop and brought ideas from home to do at the Club, so they were always busy creating amazing things they could use in their daily lives.


    Annual Gala CAMEXA 2019

    The Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce is hosting its Annual Gala in order to promote high level networking. This year donations will be destined to the Club de Niños y Niñas de la Ciudad de México y Estado de México.We are very grateful with the partners' generosity and are sure that this will bring us a step closer to our goal, helping more kids from our community in fulfilling their dreams. If you want to be part of this gala and contribute a little more to our Club you can request information at:


    Jun 3, 2019


    Yoga time
    Yoga time


     We are so grateful to be able to share with all of you the great things that have been happening in our Club in the past 2 months.

    With the arrival of our full-time Clinical Psychologist we have finally completed our highly motivated and committed team of staff members and were able to increase the number of Kids attending to 250.

    Having attended the Club regularly since January we have seen an important and positive change in our Kids.



    Growing up in one of the most violent areas of Mexico our Kids have learnt to control their aggressive behaviour and are becoming more and more kind and caring individuals that treat their guides and fellow Club kids with more respect.

    Building a feeling of confidence and trust in their guides has enabled our Kids to open up more and more each day. They are finally able to share their problems and fears with staff members that are highly trained to help them as much as possible.



     Through programmes such as Yoga, Art and Theatre sessions they are able to connect to their emotions and learn to express themselves in a safe environment.

    Every day their horizon is broadened in the Club and the Kids are becoming more and more aware of the vast opportunities that lie ahead of them attending the Club.

    We are all very proud of one of our Girls that came second in the National Club de Niños y Niñas Art Competition with her beautiful drawing of “Why do I love my Club”.

    Our athletics team, in a very short period of time, has managed to increase their fitness levels and speed to such an extent that the team was invited to participate in a Fundraising Run next month raising money for their own Club in the process.



     On the 20th of May, 6 of our girls were invited to attend the National Forbes Conference for Powerful Women. They all got the chance to stand on the stage in front of hundreds of top female business leaders. The girls had all prepared wonderful speeches telling everyone attending the conference why they, coming out of one of the most dangerous communities in Mexico, are powerful girls ready to make a change in their community and country.

    These 6 girls represent the positive change that has taken place in the Club and the community. Suddenly these 250 kids have something to hope for in their lives.

    They can all become great at whatever they choose to become.

    And with your continuous generous help you can make it possible that in June we can accept the next 200 kids into our Club. To continue changing a community as a whole into one of hope and success.

    Forbes foro
    Forbes foro


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