Feb 8, 2021

6th report on Computer Literacy


Thank you for your donations of USD 536. 

This project aims to improve the comuputer literacy among the unskilled and school and college drop out girls in the marginalized areas of faisalabad and muzaffargarh which is alarmingly low in 70% areas of the country. With rural areas having the computer literacy rate of just 1% only, AWARD wishes to make the women from marginalized strata as an agent of change to add themselves up into the national workforce.The project has alot potential to tranform the lives of the young girls and will be helpful to uplift them socially and economicaaly, to create better livlihood options in the era of technology.The computer literacy will open up number of opportunities for them  for future. 

Unfortunately, the project hasnt received the desired donations so far, the amount collected this far is not sufficient to initate any of the activities in the project areas.

However through some fundraising from other sources, AWARD Pakistan has managed to initiate its first Computer Literacy Center in Faisalabad and it has started working to improve the skill based learning among the poor marginalized girls in District Faisalabad and also seeking addtional donations to open up the computer literacy centers in the areas of Distrcit Muzaffargarh too.  Currently , there are 22 girls who have started getting the training. AWARD is aiming to train 100 girls during the next 2 quarters.

We would request you to support AWARD in improving the lives of the unskilled girls.

Jan 25, 2021

First Report on Relief for Flood Affected


Dear Friends ,


Thank you for your support during the emergency due to the flood in District Jhang. AWARD managed to help 100 families during the emergency through its partners support including GlobalGiving.


Assessment of the Flood Affected Area:


Assessment of the target areas was a crucial task as most of the areas were under water due to heavy rains and the rise in water level in rivers.From AWARD Head Office,  Mr. Perviaz (Emergency Coordinator),  Mrs. Christina (Executive Director) visited the flood affected areas of Chiniot, Jhang and Athara Hazari and gathered the data from, government offices, key persons, communities and other avaialable sources.The Emergency Coordinator formed a Committee of local people and coordinated with them. Mr. Muhammad Shoukat (Local Focal Person) headed the committee in Athara Hazari.He is a local leader and has been playing an activie for the up bringing of his community.

 After the assessment of the flood affected areas, 100 most deserving beneficiaries were selected from 10 pond areas and the areas nearby, by the AWARD team for distribution of food packages. These selected beneficiaires were the most vulnerable and marginalized as majority of them were in very poor condition due to heavy losses of their crops and livestock. Another reason to select these areas was, that their was very little or no access of government and other social workers to these areas as these are situated in deep and distant pond areas in between the rivers . After finalizing the list, the tokens were distributed among the 100 families to ensure the transparency.The community, volunteered themselves alongwith AWARD staff  to  load and unload the food items to/from the trucks and to/from the boat. They also helped to distribute the tokens. They cooperation from the community was very appreciative.


Distribution of Food Items among 100 Families:


AWARD team departed for the distribution of food packages  in Athara Hazari and its Pond Areas from Head Office Faisalabad at 6:30 am. 2 distribution ceremonies were organized by the AWARD staff and the Volunteers. At this occasion SOPs for COVID – 19 by the Govt. of  Pakistan were strictly followed. AWARD team distrubuted the Face Masks and Hand sanitizers to all the beneficiaries in the selected areas for the distribution.

 The distribution was started with one of the pond area of Athara Hazari as 50 families from the area received the food packages. Some renowned public figures of the area were also present during the ceremony. The team after completing the distribution in one area travelled to the other pond area where the beneficiaries were waiting for the team.AWARD staff had to travel about 12 KM in the river on the boat to reach the distribution point, where people were already waiting for them.  On the arrival, the team was warmly welcomed by the people. They appreciated AWARD for the efforts it made to reach the needy and the marginalized. The distribution was done with another 50 families  which were selected after the assessment in the rest of the pond areas.  

The food packages  distributed among the beneficiaries consisted of food items which were considered enough for the 15 days. All the families were very happy after getting the packages as no other Government and Private organization reached to them during this critical time. They thanked AWARD team for reaching to them.


We urge all of our supporters to help us in reaching the unreached as the need is still there. 


Jan 25, 2021

18th Report on Provision of Carbon Free Water

Dear Friends

Through your generous support , AWARD Pakistan has managed to raise USD19,358 to install hand pumps and water wells in Tehsil Balakot , District Mansehra.The COVID -19 crises as slowed down the donation process for few of our projects including this one. The project hasnt received any further donation . Therefore we request our supporters to help us reach the vulnerable and marginalized communities of District Mansehra.

Through this project, the children of Balakot were provided with the wells and the handpumps in 4 target areas as the children of the areas were suffereing from multiple diseases due to the contaminated water of the river which was the only source to drink water. In 2016, nearly 8000 inhabitants (includng women and children)  of Balakot were benefitted wih this project. 

According to Mr. Mustafa (our social mobilizer). The beneficiaries are satisfied with the provided facility and are using it with great responsibility.the disease ratio in these areas has been drastically reduced after the intervention. During the last quarter, the schools remained closed due to the lockdown by the Government. 

 Due to the COVID-19 lockdown , the social mobilizer was not able to visit the target areas but he stayed in communication with the target communities. There has been a serious decline in the donations for this project. Therefore we request all our donors and supporters to donate for this cause to provide children and women (living on the mountains), an access to safe drinking water.

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