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Jul 28, 2020

Ubah's Life Changing Surgeries

Ubah, a 13 year old girl, was born with Anorectal Malformations. On top of that, when she was young Ubah's hut was bombed by terrorists with her father and 5 sisters inside. No one survived. Since then she's dropped out of school and has become more and more withdrawn, spending most of her time alone watching TV. Her mother suffers with severe depression and spends most of her time the same way so Ubah's aunt takes care of them both. Ubah covers her face when others are around and only talks to her aunt. She and her mother were still hurting very much and struggling to cope with the loss of their family members, and her worstening health condition was neglected because of it. 

When Ubah arrived at the hospital an emergency colostomy was done. Throughout her care there the nurses and other staff learned about how much Ubah wanted to become part of her community again and was worried about the stigma around her condition.

After 3 different surgeries, Ubah has recovered fully and her digestion and bowel functions as it should!

By the time she left the hospital she no longer covered her face and even smiled! She talked about going back to school, growing up, and having a family of her own. She became excited about her life again! 

Her family could not afford any of these opperations but because of your support Ubah is healing in more ways than one. Thank you!


Jun 11, 2020

Arches are up and Final Supplies ordered!

Thankfully, construction has been allowed to continue on in the midst of the COVID-19 changes taking place and the arches for the third floor of Bonnie Memorial Children's Home went up at the end of May! The supplies for the roof have also been purchased to complete the top of the 3rd level. 

Supply breakdown:

$1900 - Roof Materials

$1600 - Timber and Nails

$250 - Labor

Construction in Sierra Leone is much slower paced than what we see here in the US because they have no machinery or pre-made bricks. They have been building molds and mixing cement to create the blocks and pillars you see. Even as we are nearing the end of the building process we are unsure of exactly how much time the workers will need to finish. It will likely be over a month. The children are excited for their new space as you can imagine!

Mar 23, 2020

14 Month Old Jawar Receives Pain Relieving Surgery

Jawar and his mom in the hospital compound
Jawar and his mom in the hospital compound

Jawar is a shy boy, the youngest of 6 children to a corn farmer. His family lives in a small hut made from grass, mud, and wood and the children go to the free, village school. They walk a long distance to get water every day and have no electricity or technology. Jawar's parents are very frugal with their funds, because they harvest their crops once a year and need to make the money last till the next year. 

When Jawar's parents noticed him crying and having bad pains when he went to the bathroom they sold some cows they had and took him to the hospital to find out what to do. The doctor at the hospital told them that Jawar would need an expensive procedure that had to be done in another town they would have to travel to. 

Jawar's mom said "After we sold our cattle and after we tried different health centers and hospitals we were told to go to the capital because the case is beyond the capacity of the hospital. I knew that the disease is a serious one. With our financial constraint I just lost all my hope at that time. Our family members and community was not willing to help us or even to mingle with us since we became christians. We face a lot of stigma and discrimination from them and we couldn't get the help we needed when we needed it most. I felt like my child couldn't get the treatment at all because we can't pay for it and there is no one besides us. I cried a lot. I prayed 'God please facilitate a way for our child to get a hospital to treat him without medical cost'. Right after that we heard of an organization called Missionaries of Charity and we went there. They told us that they can't provide the treatment but that they link us with one who can provide and they brought us here."

Once Jawar got to the Bethany Kids hospital he was admitted quickly and was operated on with no complications! He is now in good health and is relieved from his pain and difficulty. 

Jawar's mom said"Everything was more than our expectation. The hospital, the staff, the medical care, the food and everything is with a best quality. I am so thankful for this."

Jawar trying to hide in his mom's arm
Jawar trying to hide in his mom's arm
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