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Feb 11, 2020

Next comes the roof!

BMCH Christmas party - new outfits and backpacks!
BMCH Christmas party - new outfits and backpacks!

Construction continues on the Bonnie Memorial Childrens Home in Sierra Leone. Touch the Nations sent funds at the end of January for the purchase of a bundle of half inch steel rods, 20 star rods, half a roll of binding wires, 1 box of nails, 20 boxes of steel nails, 500 pans of granites, and 20 bags of cement in addition to $21 for transportation. These supplies will be used to complete the walls and structural support for the roof of the 3rd floor. Once the workers complete the work these supplies provide for they'll be able to move on to the final step - the roof! 

Dec 23, 2019

Ezana, 4, Gets Overdue Surgery for Inguinal Hernia

Ezana playing before surgery
Ezana playing before surgery

Ezana was born with Inguinal Hernia causing difficulty of defecation, a birth defect caused by weakness in the abdominal wall. The hernia or bulge is usually only visible when a child is crying, coughing, or straining, and causes a child to have little to no appetite. A hernia like this should always be operated on to prevent incarceration but because Ezana is the child of a single 23 year old mother who makes a living selling potatoes on the street, he didn't have an oportunity to recieve treatment. Recently, however, Ezana's school noticed his scrotal swelling and because of the risks if Ezana were to fall they told his mother not to bring him back to school until he had been treated.

His mother, Yodit, didn't know what to do but she shared the situation with some youth in her community who raised money for Ezana to go to the local hospital and get an ultrasound. At the hospital she learned that he would need a very expensive surgery that she knew she couldn't afford. She said "When they told me this I got so confused and scared. I did not know what to do about his treatment. I told for people in my community and they suggested I go and ask for help in organization called Missionaries of Charity. They accepted me and the helped bring me to Bethany Kids."

Once Ezana and Yadit arrived at the Bethany Kids medical center they recieved treatment very quickly. Ezana has now gotten a successful hernia repair and recovered well! 

Yadit is so happy. She said "I like to thank our sponsors, doctors, and nurses who gave us a caring and good treatment. It is beyond what I expected when I come here. I'm so happy to see him recovering and getting well."

Thank you for supporting this project!

Ezana coloring in the recovery ward after surgery
Ezana coloring in the recovery ward after surgery
Nov 19, 2019

3rd Floor Construction Underway!

Construction for the 3rd floor addition of Bonnie Memorial Children's Home (BMCH) officially began at the beginning of August! Construction in Sierra Leone is a process as bricks must be made from bags of cement mix and water, but builders are working hard and have already finished the floor and walls up to the windows!

So far we've been able to raise enough to get this project going as it is urgent to expand the space in the home, but more funds will be needed to complete the construction process. 

We appreciate your past gifts and consideration of your continued support!

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