Oct 4, 2016

A triumphant beginning

Dear Friends,

We’re really excited to let you know that so far, our project is a total success.

We unveiled the bus at the beginning of the summer in a refugee camp located in Zahle, in the east part of Lebanon. This camp is largely made up of Syrian families who can’t access most services and the humanitarian help.

Until now, we mostly focused on the psychosocial support with a team of psychologist, animator and social worker. In this way, we can have a better understanding of the situation and prepare the ground for the medical support.

To be efficient we tried to focus on only 30 kids per session. Unfortunately the needs are a lot, and the entertainment is so rare in this camp, that it’s merely impossible to keep the other children at a distance. We’re trying to solve this “problem” by including as much kids as possible in our program while working with smaller groups on the psychosocial issues.

Most of the children in this camp have experienced trauma and distress and have left their country of origin in fear. Many of them suffer from different troubles from psychosomatic disorders to a low self-esteem. Unfortunately, living in a refugee camp doesn’t help them in getting better. Each session allows us to have a better understanding of the scope of the problem and of the disastrous consequences of living in this environment.

We’re now well-known in this refugee camp and have the trust of the inhabitant, children and families. This confidence will help us to go deeper in the psychosocial support and to be more efficient. 

After this successful implementation in this camp we’re now entering an expansion phase. We already have some refugee camps in mind, from the north to the south of the country.

With your donation, Insan has been able to offer to more children an access to a psycho-social support and purchase needed equipment.
On behalf of the entire team, I sincerely thank you for your generosity, for your solidarity, and for your support.

We look forward to bring you more information about our project.

Warm regards,

Insan Team 

Aug 17, 2016

Project report May - August 2016

Dear Friends,

The school year ended in June with a highly positive assessment.

This academic year was a challenge for us because we worked with more kids and carry out more   activities during the year that we used to do. A challenge that we succeeded with very good results.

From the 110 children we had this year

-       100 came regularly

-       110 move up into the next class

-       10 of them will be able to integrate the Lebanese system in October.

-       We learnt that may of our former student pass their high school diploma exam

In July we started the summer school with 40 children from the neighborhood, mostly Iraqi and Syrian.

During this period, we focused on English lessons (during the morning) and activities (during the afternoon).

English classes were offered to all children, with 3 different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced classes.

We received the help of many volunteers which allowed us to start an English class for adult. Most of them are parents of the kids whom frequent our school and are preparing a departure in an Anglo-Saxon country.

For the children it was the opportunity to continue to learn but also to enjoy the summer and holidays.  They play some sport, made some music and art, watched some movies and cartoons (they’re big fan of sponge bob). We organized a visit in an aquarium and did all in our power to break their daily grind.

Most of the children who came to the Summer Camp are refugees, they have experienced trauma and distress and have left their country of origin in fear. Consequently, our social worker team offered psycho-social support to help girls and boys to express their feelings.

Since the 15 of august, we started a new project at the school, focusing on girl education. We are pursuing a dual objective with this project:

-       Continue to teach them and develop their skills

-       Rising awareness on the need to send girls to school

The girls we are working with are between 11 and 16, a common age for the family to decide to withdraw them to school, to work at the house or get a husband.

In this project we work with the girls, but also with their family. Unfortunately, it’s still too soon to make an evaluation.

With your donation, Insan has been able to offer to more children access to education, psycho-social support, purchase needed equipment, provide children free transportation to the school and serve a daily lunch.

On behalf of the entire team, I sincerely thank you for your generosity, for your solidarity with the children of Insan School, and for your support to Insan’s projects. See you soon at Insan School. 

Warm regards,

Insan Team

May 19, 2016

Provide Education for Refugee Children in Lebanon

May 2016

                                                                           Dear Friends,

After the success of our 2015 summer Camp, this provided daily activities for 40 kids, Our Insan School programs started again with 117children enrolled in October.

As in previous years, we continue to provide a wide range of classes, especially English, French, Arabic and mathematics. Our classes are tailored to the unique needs of our beneficiaries. Our goal is to help refugee and migrant children to get an adequate level of education that would eventually enable them to integrate into Lebanese schools. In addition to education, we also continue to provide different activities, including sports and art classes.

Our school is specifically targeted at refugee children. Most of the children we service have experienced traumas and distress as a result of fleeing the war in Syria and Iraq. Consequently, our team of social workers continually support boys and girls and help them express their feelings and overcome trauma. We continue to organize individual and groups sessions for the kids, the young and the parents.

As a result of the intensification of conflict in neighbouring countries, the refugee population in the school has changed. Today, Insan School receives increasing numbers of Iraqi refugee children.

We’re really proud that the school serves more kids this year. The school operate in two shifts; a morning shift and an afternoon shift to accommodate the maximum number of children.

With your support we were able to buy new equipment’s for the school, including textbooks for children, provide snacks for the children, provide remedial classes, and provide social and psychological support for them and their families and in addition to providing them with extracurricular activities.    

On behalf of the entire Insan team, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and your solidarity with the children of Insan School.

Warm regards,

Insan Team

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